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omghgg is tsukki BLUSHING @ akaashi in that last drawing u did?? i love this ship sfm but practically no one else ships it OTL

AKAASHI is SUCH👏 A 👏CATCH👏 !!!! He’s confident but not obnoxious, calm/collected without appearing COLD, he’s seriously so generous and patient and kind, has great manners and is probably top of his class! Also, he’s so sexy! like, quietly sexxxy! How could anyone not fall for that! I bet Tsukki looked straight past catbro & hootdude’s bs (notthatidontshipthattoolol) to this diamond and straight up fellllllll.


Okay, so this is what Aki/Sasuke says about Haru/Naruto: “Haru/Naruto is life personified. He is vivid, bright, and warm. He shines as if he has the sun on his back. (…) Going home, having someone to greet you, worry about you, sometimes get mad at you, or laugh with you, the two of us who both have no family left, finally having a family again is definitely not bad.” 

If this is not what Sasuke fucking Uchiha legitimately thinks about Naruto Uzumaki… I’m going to freakING DIE OMGHGG HE LOVES HIM SO MUCH BLESS THIS CD I’M GONNA CRY AGAIN OUR SHIP WON’T SINK