Sole Survivor Outfit Meme

I wasn’t tagged in this but I’m not about to let that stop me. Excuse the quality of the pics, Hancock had the camera (or some setting on the PS4′s gone wonky, one or the other). 

Rules: show off four pictures of four separate outfits that your Sole Survivor wears the most (and explain them if you want to), then tag four friends!

1. Greaser jacket and jeans and red bandanna. This is Corinna May’s standard outfit, chosen for comfort and safety, what with the ability to strap on leg armor. The scarf is her lucky scarf, wrested from the claws of a yao guai that only just failed to kill her.

2. Kellogg’s outfit for when she’s feeling particularly vengeful and/or wants to intimidate someone. The shoulderpiece is good for that, plus the gloves are infused with metal or something and so pack a decent punch. The scarf sometimes makes an outing with this, too, for extra don’t mess with me vibes.

3. Just a nice casual laundered cream dress for relaxing about town (because that happens so often) or when she needs to be somewhat persuasive. Somewhere around there’s a pair of fashionable sunglasses that she pulls out if she needs to be extra-persuasive, or shade herself from a particularly lovely pair of eyes.

4. And finally, a certain red dress that she just picked up from Daisy, complete with the shoes that go tip-tap as she walks. She hasn’t worn this yet, at least not in the playthrough. She’s saving it for a… special occasion, you might say.

I don’t know who’s done this or not or who would want to… so consider this an open invite and tag me in so I can see. :)