omggggg no stop

The sun rises, and it brightens everything, even my sadness. I believe in the future where we’ll come together as one.”


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mmmmm i don’t think you can “will yourself” to be bi, that’s not really how it works,,.,,,,’

I know. Maybe I’m repressed and if I will it I will discover I’m bi. Maybe there’s a word for what I am that hasn’t been discovered. Who knows? I can dream.

Oh and edit: if this sounds offensive or insensitive, I apologize. I can see why it would seem that way. Basically, I have horrible horrrrrible experiences with men and I love women but not in that way and I wish I did so I could just be in love and be loved by a woman. Cuz women are awesome.

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why do all the characters in every damn show have to be lgbt or non binary or whatever the hell are the terms you invent every single day ? can't you just control yourselves before assuming stuff about every aspect of every character's life before we are given concrete information ? it becomes annoying with time tbh

omggggg stop keeping the good stuff for yourself and give me the names of the shows you’re watching!!!!

mine mostly have cishet people in and it’s getting boring :(((

"Mark, take your shirt off!"

“Show us your abs!”
“Can we see your butt?”

Imagine he was a girl. Imagine these comments were targeted at a female streamer. Imagine how angry people would get.

This is no god damn different. Mark is a person, and this is sexual harassment. He is just a goofy guy on the Internet, he is not your boyfriend and he doesn’t owe you shit. You are not entitled to his body because you “love him so much omggggg”


Fawad Khan & Sonam Kapoor in Khoobsurat Trailer