omgggg the feels!!

i just watched episode 14 of the legend of the blue sea, after waiting for how many daaaaaays, finally!!! I missed heo joon jae and sim cheong :(( and btw, the episode was such a cliff-hanger, i am expecting hugs from heo joon jae while he’s whispering to her “you cant die” ugh look how i am fascinated by romantic gestures. come & join me wait for episode 15

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oMG im SO late, but i missed ur blog omgggg. i hope you're feeling better, because i dont want you to be feeling annoyed and sad... don't worry about it too much, because i love you so much and i hope you know that <33 :)) cheer up guin !!!

ncts-colorfest said to chokemewinwin:                                                             relationships will have some ups and downs, but if the downs get so bad, to the point where you don’t feel very comfortable and unsafe, you should consider a break up. DONT GET ME WRONG I WAS SO HAPPY FOR YOU. im just worried that you would feel uncomfortable and unhappy. IF YOU STILL LOVE HIM, IGNORE THIS MESSAGE, BECAUSE I WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY. OKK, I SUPPORT YOU SO MUCH.        

i miss u!! and dw when im with shane all i feel is annoyed nowadays lmao kms i still love him but i cant be with someone who treats me the way he does lmao

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my cat is the most beautiful cat in the whole world and i love him with all of my heart

Omgggg I feel the same way about my dog so you can have the best cat, and I can have the best dog, and we can be happy owners of the best pets in the world

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Wait. If it was Octavia faking her death and Bellamy screaming because he thinks she's dead... then just imagine Clarke being with him and trying to comfort him while she's about to cry because seeing Bellamy that way fucking hurts??? My Bellarke feels omgggg

Sorry my friend. I think Octavia is standing behind him in that scene. Look over his left shoulder. A slender figure with a sword on their back.

I’m just saying, people are speculating and deciding about what everything means, and I just don’t think it does. Too many jumps to reach conclusions. 

I just caught up with ED and omgggg I feel so bad for both Aaron and Robert but holy shitttt Robert is the most romantic person ever his surprise was so sweet!!!

What’s the betting they don’t get to go to Vegas after everything kicks off in a couple of weeks dhjsfjkkvcb

hii I was thinking about how Zayn would be the biggest bad boy in the hole high school, how girls would be all over him and how boys would be so jealous. and he would reject every cheerleader just because he was madly in love with y/n, a slightly overweight and not so popular girl. and how he would get all shy and cute when he’s making courage to talk to her omgggg the feels are killing me and I’m writing this to you because the stuff you write is the most amazing thing on tumblr I promise ily

If you would like to read the previous parts you can find them here: Part One and Part Two

Zayn had your note in his hand as he sat down in the chair. He closed his eyes, holding his arm out waiting for the needle. His heart slowed and he took deep breaths in and out of his nose as the artist marked Zayn’s forearm. At the end of the hour Zayn smirked down at the words written on his skin.

It can’t be a story…stories have endings. I don’t want this to end. <3 And a small little bird flying away from the words.

He sighed heavily as he paid his friend for his work and then started to walk to the café down the road. He put a piece of gum in his mouth, the one that helps him stop craving cigarettes. It’s getting easier he can tell because the gum is starting to taste bad but he doesn’t mind because he’s not craving cigarettes either.

Of course he has a new addiction.

He slipped out of the cold and into the warm café. He ordered coffee and a bit of coffee cake. The cashier eyed him a bit nervously. Zayn’s arm fresh with a tattoo (though if anyone read his arm they might see that he was truly harmless). But still adorned with his old tattoos. Zayn smiled politely and then walked back out into the December air. He rubbed his face against the collar of his jacket as he continued further down the road. He slid into the stationery store. He shivered against the change in air temperature again and there were a few little ones who hurried behind their mother’s legs at the sight of the dark-haired boy.

Zayn smiled politely at them and then headed to the checkout counter where you were reading while people flitted around the store.

“Hi,” he whispered to you.

You looked up and grinned at him. “Hey,” you replied. “You okay? You look cold,” you pouted.

“Mm…” he shrugged. Zayn was a tough boy. If he was cold he didn’t mind it. It wasn’t so bad. “Missed you,” he said quietly.

Your chest constricted slightly a smile pinching your cheeks. “I missed you too, Zaynie,” you whispered back. “Did you have a nice day?”

He nodded and held his arm out taking a deep breath. “I got a tattoo.”

“Another one?” You questioned. Mom wasn’t going to like that.

“Yeah,” he smirked. “Look,” he said inclining his head toward his arm.

You looked down and your lips parted and you thought you might melt into a puddle on the floor. “Wow,” you whispered. “Zayn,” you gently hovered your hand over the plastic-wrapped skin. He felt the heat from your hand roll off you in waves over the inked skin.

“Excuse me,” an old lady sneered. “I’m trying to purchase something.”

“Pardon me, ma’am,” Zayn said politely stepping to the side. She eyed Zayn suspiciously and he smirked to himself as he imagined she was cursing the hooligan who was in her way. Zayn busied himself looking at the different trinkets and things that were on the shelves by the counter. You did your very best to not look distracted by your sweet boy.

The elderly woman left and you smiled gently at Zayn. “You’re very rude looking,” you said knowingly.

He shrugged. “Oh well.” People looked at Zayn—as if he was about to rob the place—and scurried along. Zayn would have killed someone if they even attempted to harm you. But Zayn was in awe of you. How amazing you were how you handled the stares the two of you got; classic bad boy and beauty queen. Of course you always argued with Zayn that there was no beauty queen in this relationship. “Does your dad like me anymore this week?” He wondered.

You smiled. “No, not really. But he’s getting used to the idea of you. He doesn’t say anything too, too snide now that he’s met you and not just seen pictures and heard the gossip.” He smiled gently and rubbed his hands together. “Well, I don’t want to keep you from your pens and paper,” he said and leaned across the counter to softly press a kiss to your lips. The kiss was as good as the first. It felt like heaven and tasted like his gum.

Softly he pulled away and winked at you as you blushed breathlessly at his taste and the sight of his sweet eyes. “See you later,” you murmured as your lips tingled.

“Later, bird,” he whispered.


Bird. It was the only thing written on the envelope. You were quite annoyed because it had been about a million years since you’d seen Zayn and for it to come down to this stupid envelope, you wanted to kill him.

It hadn’t been a million years. A few hours of a scavenger hunt—one that was really well thought out and sweet and you didn’t understand why. It had all your favorite things made references to chemistry, English, made you circle back to the school and the stationery store. It wasn’t your birthday for another three weeks and this was just so strange. Even for Zayn.

You knew your mom and dad knew something because they hadn’t spoken to you today even though you called them with how annoyed you were with your boyfriend of five years.

You opened the envelope and pulled the letter out.

I know how much you love paper and pens, bird

That didn’t make any sense. You turned around and found a box in the middle of the pathway you had just walked up so you glanced around wondering where on earth this child was. You pressed your lips together as you sat on the ground. You pulled the bow off, tugged the paper away and lifted the lid off.

You gazed into the box. Staring at the many different pens and the imported paper made of all kinds of things all with this strange circular white wash on it. What Zayn expected you to write on it? You had no idea…

But you should have been prepared for that because there was writing on the top sheet. You pulled the sheet out and read it.

I know you said stories end…so you don’t want to write ours. But I want you to write about us. I think we have an instant classic. I think our story…or whatever this is, would be the greatest story ever told. A girl who likes writing and a boy who doesn’t have the best reputation with adults. A boy who fell for the most beautiful, the quietest, the sweetest girl in the entire world. I don’t think our story has an end…and I want you to write it for years to come. Because you’re right—it won’t end and it’s because we’ll have something as proof that it will never end. A symbol of never ending love and trust and all that we hope to be together.

A circle.

You were very tired of this scavenger hunt. You put the paper down in a huff and found Zayn kneeling in front of you. He held a ring in his fingers and smiled gently at you. “Circles never end…neither will this story,” he promised. “My beautiful bird, please marry me,” he whispered.

You could hardly speak. You didn’t know why today of all days was the day but you were so happy. So you just nodded and sighed heavily as you whispered the one word he was happy to hear.

“Yes,” you nodded.

Zayn’s smile was so bright. It was unreal. This whole…your whole relationship was just unbelievably amazing. He slid the ring onto your finger and pulled you to him for a kiss that would be written a million times into your story.

An instant classic.