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can you imagine what cheeky little monkeys niall's kids are gonna grow up to be with a dad like him?

omgggg lil Nialls running around I’m so sad

Mythical Recap | GMCL #38
  • i’ve seen this one a lot haha i love oldsmobile omegas they’re cute if i found one i’d buy it for my first car
  • OMG link said moving at the speed of conversation again I LOVE THAT PHRASE SO MUCH
  • “rhett we’ve known each other for a long time and we have a lot of shared experiences together” *queue adorable smile* omgggG I can’t believe i’m being brutally murdered in my own home
  • ‘that night in jail?’ ….'i don’t remember that.’ 'yeah you were knocked out the whole time’ LOL OMG RHETT NO XD
  • it’s interesting how rhetts just like yeah when i was 15 i couldnt WAIT to be 16 so i could get my first car
  • bc i’m gonna be 17 in like 2 months and i don’t have a car lol bc i have to buy it myself bc, i mean my parents sure don’t have the money (and of course i don’t either). so i’m just….saving for one i guess lol
  • the oldsmobile omega is olds’ version of the chevy nova, fun fact. the body is exactly the same, the only thing different is the grille. as you may imagine, the nova sold way better than the omega XD
  • i like how rhetts like soO link and i were in this band and then links like dude. this has nothing to do with the band but thanks for the plug LOL
  • ah yes the video store haha
  • we used to have one in town and last year on new year’s eve we rented a bunch of movies and binged them but they went out of business lol
  • OMG something was so fricken wrong with the car LOL
  • 'or is their car just about to explode’ XD
  • LOL OMG and rhett decided to murder the omega
  • “people are coming out of their houses, people are pulling over thinking it’s a new type of emergency vehicle” LOL
  • can we talk about how cute and giggly link is in this ep and how he keeps making rhett laugh and its cute ah
  • wowzers if my parents DID buy me a car i would NEVER kill it XDXD bc it would be the only one they would get me :p
  • honestly why are we checking in with chia lincoln at this point hes……dead….


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hi! i love exo too! my ultimate bias is Luhan although he's not in EXO anymore. I know it is really hard too choice your bias (i spent ages finding my 2pm bias) hahah. All of the EXO members are precious, especially Chondae and Yixing omgggg

LUHAN WOW i wasn’t v into exo back then, but i was feeling that good good when it came out LOL (i still feel it. i had it on repeat a few days ago lmao))

maybe i won’t even have a bias and i’ll just stan all of them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ hahhahahha FRICK

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I READ ARISTOTLE AND DANTE TODAY. like the whole thing today while i was at work. and at first i wasn't feeling it cause i'm not an angry 15 year old boy but like oh man oh man i got into it so fast AND I LOOOOVED IT. it was so cute and touching and just my heart was so full. AH.

everytime i get messages like this i cant help but laugh bc im that guy and i love it and im soooo glad you warmed up to it omgggg 

ya it left my heart so full at the end of the night i was so happyyyy



Credit : QOO_jb