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Bellward + New Moon.

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tag yourself im the camera man taking a step back so he can take pics of sehun smiling cause kai mentioned them learning calligraphy together 

NCT Taeyong Expectations: Sleeping/Cuddling

Sleeping/Cuddling with Taeyong: 

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  • in his bed with tons of snacks
  • including a tub of ice cream
  • you wouldn’t want to get up to throw the trash away
  • just putting it on the floor
  • him nervously sweating, trying not to get up and clean it
  • hugging him tightly
  • legs intertwined and all
  • so that he won’t get up
  • burying you head into his chest
  • because he smells good oml
  • him wrapping his arms around you
  • “you’re so warm”
  • “Thanks…?”
  • slowly placing kisses from his jawline to his lips
  • playing with your hair
  • pulling it a little *hinting*
  • but fails to get intimate
  • because you start laughing
  • when he slides his cold hand up your shirt
  • giggling at him being flustered
  • “maybe next time babe”
  • going through your couple pictures
  • him falling asleep after kissing your cheek
  • as you are retelling the story behind every picture
  • you decide to sleep when your phone dies
  • which is at like 1 in the morning


this was long too wow. taeyong aint even my bias lol, anyways i hope you enjoy it! btw this took me awhile to post because i’ve been binge watching Strong Women Do Bong Soon. its so good omggg

@beardysteve @gryzmoly @inediblesushi and I were looking at this vid We were saying it would be cute if Bucky and Steve is doing this lol. This is how Bucky gets tiny Steve to exercise with him :D

thanks lucii for suggesting putting it up as a gif, it’s so cute nowww

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hey rbuna, u probs dont rememeber since u get 3 million asks a day but i sent an asks a couple weeks ago abt how supercorp opened a dialouge w/ me and my mom. ANYWAY so its rly working? i got her 2 go to therapy with me and it was SO good? and today she said: 'if u need help w/ transition stuff u can ask me' and now shes driving me to the gender clinic next week im literally shaking? im probs gonna start hormones like just after im 18 now,,, how_far_we've_come mp3 . i owe it all to supercorp,

omggg i just saw this but yesss i do remember u!! Omggg thats so good im so happy!!! Thats amazing im rly rly happy for u omg good luck boo keep me updated!! 💖💖💖💖💖

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Have you seen Wonder Woman yet?


I saw it in IMAX 3D and it was totally worth it. The action scenes were super epic and it felt so much more immersive with the larger screen but omggg it was so good!

Gal gadot was amazing as wonder woman and she pulled off both the badass and comedic scenes so well.

I need to see it again