omggg i love her



went back to her natural hair color

concept: you and i, wrapped in blankets watching our favorite movie. i keep getting distracted because i have to watch your eyes light up when you laugh at the funny parts. you keep getting distracted because you look to me to see if i think theyre funny too. but every time we look at each other we cant help but kiss and the movie goes on unnoticed, the two of us blissful in each others company


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  • ♡ Arsène Lupin & Cardia Beckford ♡

Luísa Sobral - Amar Pelos Dois 

Meu bem
Ouve as minhas preces
Peço que regresses
Que me voltes a querer

Eu sei
Que não se ama sozinho
Talvez devagarinho
Possas voltar a aprender

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Yooooo Moira's not even out a week and she just does stuff to me 😫😫 Can you please do some nsfw headcanons (if thats not okay, then sfw is fine 😊) for Moira who has finally managed to 'contain' her obsession? I love your blog omggg ❤❤❤


- She quite literally treats you like a pet, affectionate and doting because you don’t know any better. 

- Moira will pinch your cheeks and coo at you when you act out against her, even when you cuss and yell and try to hit her. She hates doing it but she’ll use her biotic orbs to hurt you enough to get you to calm down. 

- Completely into pet play, makes you into her little bunny and plans on making you as quiet as one after you’ve been settled in long enough. 

- She’d never do it but she does threaten you with experimentation when you’re being particularly horrible.