omgg this is what my mind thought of when i saw the pictures


How I met Taylor Swift…

The squad and I had finally gotten inside the arena in Montreal, we ran to the Taylornation booth to see Kevin, since he was the only one there. We did our round at the booth and then we went to our seats. All of us were in groups of two/three because we couldn’t get seats together.

Naomi and I went to our seats behind the B-Stage and we got ourselves ready in our lights and glow sticks.

From that point on we just started dancing. We had already seen the show twice so we wanted to really enjoy it. Vance started his set and honestly IT WAS SO GREAT. You really don’t realize how much you enjoy it when you are off your phone and just paying attention to the show.
Then Taylor comes on, we are going insane and just dancing like we haven’t really danced before. Throughout the show there were these six girls in front of us who were all decked out in lights and they got Loft around the third song. Since they were in front of us Nay and I just figured our chance was gone so we just continued to watch the show.

Not long after we see these young girls in the corner of our eye on the other side of the arena get loft and we got so excited because they had been going insane all night. After they got loft we saw Stephanie go up the stairs and we didn’t see her for about 15 minutes. During Enchanted/Wildest Dreams I hear Nay talking to someone, and I’m like who the heck is she talking too?! Are we getting in trouble??? I look over and she’s talking to Stephanie!!! Stephanie asked us if we met Taylor. Naomi said she had and I said I hadn’t. Stephanie really wanted to give Nay Loft but knew she couldn’t. At this point I was freaking out! I couldn’t believe this was happening to me! After all these years my dreams were coming true. This is why those pictures of me sobbing exist! LOL After Stephanie left I yelled at Nay saying OMGG OMG OMG I NEED TO DRY OFF (We were sweating so bad because we were dancing so much!! Those squad hats do NOTHING for your hair too HA).

So I run up the stairs and I run into the hallway and Im sobbing, so happy this is happening and then when it finally hits me I run to the washroom to dry off (Thank you hand driers). I decide to fix my lipstick and my hair because I gotta look decent for Taylor Swift.

Once I feel better Nay and I go back to our seats and finish watching the show. Honestly I cannot believe I have seen it 5 times and it just gets better and better!

As soon as Shake it Off is over I run up the stairs and go to the section. Nay gets a text from the Squad and they ask me to wait for them! This is when they come charging at me. It really is the best day, I have the best friends and they were all there to celebrate it with me. We were hanging with these two girls that had gotten loft too, (the ones we saw get it on the other side of the arena). They borrowed my makeup and mirror to touch up their face too! LOL.

We go down and sit in the seats for Loft and thats when I saw the other Canadian girls. Everyone was so happy for me, I realized that I am apart of this wonderful community. I am so blessed.

Kevin takes all of our information and the crew is taking down the set. I get to chat with Stephanie for a bit as we wait to be taken into Loft. As the crew is cleaning up and since I was alone, one of the members found a used guitar pick on the floor and gave it to me!

Its finally time to go into Loft. We walk in, take pictures and get to have pizza, cookies and pop. I couldn’t eat so I grabbed a diet coke (of course) and then a mint. They ask us to put our phones away as Taylor is coming. I sit down on the couch beside the two guys who were wearing the Shake It Off Tutus. Taylor comes in and says “HEY EVERYONE!” and does her cute little jig. At this point in my mind all I am thinking is, I cannot believe I am here.

Taylor talks to the guys first, compliments them on their costumes and hugs them. Then she sees someone in white out of the corner of her eye which is me and thinks I am with them. She bends over to hug me and I stand up and she yells… “OMG HEY BUDDY!!!!” In that moment I was dying inside. She recognized me. We hug (I think I cannot remember as I am so in shock that she remembered my face) (Tay if you remember fill me in here! LOL). She then says to me “Haven’t we met before!?!?” and I say “No actually we haven’t and there are 3 more of my squad members you haven’t met before!” Taylor then says “Damn I spend way to much time on tumblr!” LOL I thought that was the cutest thing so I said no we really appreciate it!
She then asked me if Taylornation came to find me and I said no Stephanie picked me out of the audience, because I was dancing so much!“. After that part she went back to the guys in the tutus and took pictures with them. She came back to me at this point and asked me what picture I wanted to do. This is when I said “Well the squad and I would like you to wear this hat for our picture and we normally do this pose called squad pose” (and I give her the hat which is strung onto my purse).

So Taylor puts the hat on and her arms around me and we do the Squad pose. As you can tell with my hand around her waist I was scared to touch her LOL hence the lobster claw.

So we take the picture and she says "I can’t wait to see this online later tonight!”
After our picture was taken, I get my phone back and Taylor says to me “You and the squad are so influential, you guys and the Boston squad (not sure who that is but okay HA), and I said well they are my best friends and we do everything together. I told her we did Ottawa last night, Montreal tonight and then Metlife at the end of the week. This is when she told me that Metlife was going to be huge! Let me tell you she wasn’t kidding! I also told her that I was going to be making a trip to LA with Kayla, Lauren, Britny and Katelyn. As I was telling her this, she just stared at me and all I could think was OMG your lipstick is perfect. When they say Taylor really focuses on just you in that moment, they are not wrong.

After Taylor asked me what I would like signed. At this point I knew Nay really wanted this tattoo written out for her and me getting to meet Taylor and having a picture was really enough. So I said to Taylor, Nay Nay asked me to get this signed for her, and Taylor responds “AWW I LOVE HER!” So as she is writing this quote out I mention that our road trip so far has been so much fun and that I guess she saw Mary in Detroit and she said yeah! and then I said and you saw Lauren too! This is when Taylor looks up at me and says…”Was that her on the…….” (making catwalk gestures) and I say “YEAH! the Catwalk! That was Lauren!” And she told me to tell Lauren that she saw her. (Note: She does look into the audience and recognize fans, it’s just so wonderful.) At this point I decided to shut up and let her write out the quote and she asked me if it was okay and I said "YES ITS GREAT!”
And thats when I said thank you so much. She then moved onto others in the room.

Right before she left, I asked “Hey Taylor, before you go, would you please do that thing with your arms where you control the crowds cheers?” and she goes “WASNT THAT AWESOME!?” and I said YAS! She seemed really excited about it and so was I. I hope she continues to do this throughout the whole tour. So far she has and it has worked really well!

After that she said bye and loft was over. Let me tell you that night was so magical and I am so lucky to have finally been able to meet Taylor. I have been such a fan for so long and my dreams were made. I want to thank Stephanie for being so wonderful to me in there and Kevin as well.

Sorry for the long novel…….

Taylor if you read this…THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE YOU.


(Ps. I hope I didn’t make any grammar mistakes 😂)