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Zimbits single parent au

re: hit me with zimbits+whatever tropes and i’ll talk through them abt how i see it/would write it!!

Right now, I’m feeling a single parents au wherein bitty and jack are already friends who aren’t dating, but bitty suddenly takes responsibility of his recently orphaned sister (and he is therefore, also recently orphaned). and jack is helping out left and right, and falling in love with little marilyn, and also falling in love with his best friend.

bitty: “i don’t want to feel beholden to you!” 

jack: “don’t! i want to be a part of this family! you’re not beholden to family.”  

Several years after Bitty graduates, he has a successful cooking show and line of cook books. His instagram is very popular, usually posting pics of his latest recipes and little pieces of his home life.

He teases his latest project, posting that something big is in the works. Then one day he posts a picture of him and Jack with a sign proclaiming “We’re Adopting” with a note that Baby Bittlemann would soon make 3.

Drawing Requests

I’m feeling like some loose sketchy drawing requests :D

So if you have ideas for:

  • Detroit Become Human
  • hunter x hunter
  • zimbits
  • ladies (any and all)
  • idk surprise me??

I’m feeling vaguely nsfw-ish about it. I’ll try to do as many as I can :-) 

I’ll tag #RPPTdraws

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zimbits + bitty calling jack daddy

re: hit me with zimbits+whatever tropes and i’ll talk through them abt how i see it/would write it!!

So. This would start with a redfaced Jack, sitting Bitty down with a cup of pumpkin spice latte. 

“Bitty,” Jack starts. “There’s something I want to discuss with you.”

“Sure thing, hon! What is it?” Bitty places a hand on Jack’s reassuringly, and motions for him to continue.

“When we’re in bed, can you. Um. Call me daddy sometimes?” Jack asks, completely red now. 

“Oh!” Bitty’s eyebrows fly up. “Oh.” He grins. “Sure, daddy.”


So I can’t stop thinking about the falcs making a video after that press conference and it’s full of intentionally bad acting and starts with one of the falcs pretending to read and then doing that whole “Oh, i didn’t see you there” thing to the camera. He says something like “many people have been asking how Jack Zimmermann fits in the locker room, so we’ve decided to clear a few things up”

He’s holding a measuring tape

“It’s quite a large locker room. Here are a number of other things that fit in it”, and then its a whole series of shots from the same angle showing different things while snowy or someone gives a voice over:

  • “Zimmboni”, Jack’s standing there, waving awkwardly at the camera
  • “A zamboni”
  • “Zimmboni on a zamboni” (Jack, sitting on the zamboni, “how did you guys even get this in here”)
  • “Two cowboys” it’s Ransom and Holster in cowboy costumes
    • Ransom: this locker room is big enough for the two of us
    • Holster: *thumbs up*
  • “Lord Stanley’s cup”
  • “Lord Stanley’s ghost”, accompanying a shot of an apparently empty locker room
  • “At least three of Bitty’s homemade pies”
    • Jack, Bitty, and Tater are holding a pie each
    • Tater is rapidly eating his
    • Tater: “two and a half”
  • “three hundred pounds of potatoes”: Tater posing with a sack of potatoes
  • “three hundred kilos of potatoes”: Tater posing with several sacks of potatoes”
  • “three hundred tonnes-” “no.”
  • “All of these current, past, and honourary members of Samwell Men’s Hockey”
    • Ransom and Holster are still dressed as cowboys
    • Jack is looking adoringly at Bitty
    • Tater, the honourary member, is holding an empty pie dish and using Jack’s distraction to steal some of his

Now all the falcs are standing in front of the camera, and the introduction is, “but there are some things that don’t fit in the locker room” and they each take turns to list an item:

  • “The Titanic”
  • “A blue whale”
  • “The Clyde river”
  • “Three hundred tonnes of potatoes”
    • “you never know until you try-”
    • “No.”
  • “Zdeno Chara on stilts, unless you… sort of… tilt him sideways”
  • “Woodstock”
  • “A goose”
    • “Actually, I’m pretty sure we could get a goose in here”
    • “That’s what I thought, but George was adamant that we couldn’t”
  • “And bigotry”

And then it ends with a graphic of a giant X next to the word “bigotry”, and a giant tick next to the word “pie”

You might think he looks awkward because he just said my boyfriend to the press and nation, but really this is he face of a man having to bite his tongue from sharing his 64 slide power point presentation about Eric Richard Bittle.

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Okay??? This might be a lil sad and tw-ish so feel free not to response but lately I’ve been wondering abt what would happen if jack relapsed with the pills??? Like how bitty would find out, how jack would keep it a secret, what the reactions would be, what would happen afterwards??? Idk I’ve just been thinking abt it and it makes me a lil sad but idk??? Just wanna know someone else’s input. Again, no pressure to respond if this is too heavy!

re: hit me with zimbits+whatever tropes and i’ll talk through them abt how i see it/would write it!!

by relapsing with pills, i’m assuming you meant that he’s relapsed in terms of taking the ones that he’s been prescribed irresponsibly, instead of buying oxycodone off of some florida teen. hmm if that’s the case then he’ll definitely try to hide the fact that he’s taking more and more of them away from bitty and the rest of his friends. 

bitty will probably find out by noticing tiny differences in when/where/the amount of pills that jack is taking, and of course by the mood shifts and unexplained changes in jack. i’m not sure what he’d do, other than call bob and alicia for help, but first he’ll try to talk to jack about it. and then maybe….jack lies about the usage, or jack confesses and bitty tries to talk to him about therapy again. 

ngozi ukazu is honestly so iconic, like imagine still making your comic available online for free when you’re literally going to be selling it and she always provides us with extra information, like the notes and tidbits on her twitter and on bitty’s twitter, while still creating a very meaningful and enjoyable comic??? That’s iconic behaviour and i, for one, will say how grateful i am for her

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zimbits + grinding in the club

re: hit me with zimbits+whatever tropes and i’ll talk through them abt how i see it/would write it!!

hmmm…..they do dance awfully close to each other in the club. Jack can’t keep his hands off the bitty booty. It’s the law of physics, not possible. His hands migrate. He needs to Cup the Butt. The Booty. Although also they don’t go out to club together often, but Bitty does go with his friends. He sends cute pictures of himself back to Jack