@omgbroady said: for Durham, I’d have said Chris Rushworth, but he definitely gets a bit more credit these days than he used to. At Durham I think it’s more ines to watch than underrated players as we often have a lot of youth coming through - there’s currently a lot being said about Paul Coughlin, and for good reason (and if you’re going even younger, his brother Josh too), Brydon Carse is worth a look as well (though he’s Sourh African)

@abbcce said: I can’t think of any in Lancashire’s current team but definitely Tom Smith and Kyle Hogg before they retired. In other teams I can think of a few that don’t receive as much attention as their teammates. John Simpson, Ben Brown and Ben Cox are a few examples. All quality wicketkeepers but it’s their batting that is most underrated.

@bibliolicious For Lancs: Jordan Clark! Also, looking beyond my own team, playing fantasy county cricket for several years has given me a bunch of county faves: Hogan of Glamorgan, Shantry of Worcestershire, Murtagh of Middlesex. (I am a bowling fan.)

Thanks guys! So it looks like we love our quicks and our keepers :D Also want to throw Keith Barker from Warks in there as well, always surprised me England haven’t had a closer look.

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what VIRAT what

Quite legiterally he was standing there and I spotted him and went to find thelegendarypinksylure in the bathroom and said to her ‘If it’s not, I’m going to sound like I’m just making racist stereotypes but I swear Virat Kohli is standing outside’ and so we walked out and he was there and she took a selfie with him. My mum spotted him too and recognised him but didn’t actually recognise who he was straight away and now I’ve stolen the story off Syl (but she’s got the photo so she can still post that).

aloha cricket fam !!

amy here, and re. a recent ask I received on omgbroady, I have decided to set up this cricket confessions tumblr with sixhundredandfiftyfive and thesturridge as co owners. whoever suggested this, I hope this pleases you !! the only thing I’m going to say is that in no way shape or form will we tolerate confessions in which anons talk negatively about anyone in the cricket fam - we are a family, we stick together. any negative messages about other blogs on tumblr will be deleted - cdon’t send them. so that in mind, any confessions about teams, players, tactics, coaches, scandals, ships, whatever, are completely welcome, confess away cricket fam !!

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Once you get this you have to say 5 things about yourself, publicly, then send it to 10 of your favourite followers! :)

Thank you Amy dearest! And also to the lovely lovingcricket. I shall post ten facts but won’t be tagging anyone because pretty sure I’ll just be spamming inboxes. JUST KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU ALL. 

  1. I bought new glasses in Japan and I really, really like them. XD
  2. I am contemplating reading The Wheel of Time series for what would be the third time this year (*pinguu rolls her eyes*).
  3. Against my better judgement, I have started reading other books instead and am currently working through the Mistborn series and the Kingkiller Chronicle.
  5. Despite what I say in fact four, I thoroughly enjoy family holidays. 
  6. I am currently looking for a part time job. Someone please just give me money. 
  7. I desperately want to go to the Ashes in England next year but don’t think I will be able to make it after all. Meow. :(  
  8. I just started watching The Musketeers whoooop!
  9. The last movie I watched was Big Hero 6 soooo adorable zomg + the animation is amazing.
  10. I want to lose my holiday weight but Dad just went and bought five boxes of Weis bars ughhhh I AM ADDICTED TO WEIS BARS GUYS YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND.