omg..things i do instead of my homework

Phases of being a HP fan
  • me: loves harry potter, adores all things harry potter, judges people who pretend to be fans but aren't, reads fanfic instead of doing homework
  • me a few days later: am i an antisocial human being cooped up in my room wasting my life?..... Nah.
  • me: ok maybe
  • me: realizes that HP is one of the only things that define my personality... shuts down tumblr, dusts off old hobbie. LETS DO THIS.
  • me: feels sad. Okay back to harry potter
  • me: obssessively tumblring once again

So I now ship a thing thanks to following these two amazing blogs
@deads-on and @chibichibisha


So What’s It Gonna Be?

i. Champagne Kisses//Jessie Ware//whose fault is this that I’m crazy about you?
ii. First Choice//Gabe Bondoc//oh, i’m falling so fast
iii. Starving//Hailee Steinfeld//the more that i know you the more i want to
iv. Wildwood//Fleurie//no, i’ll never get over you
v. Into You//Ariana Grande//is this gonna happen? been waiting and waiting for you to make a move
vi. Girls Like Girls//Hayley Kiyoko//isn’t this why we came? tell me if you feel it too!
vii. Hold My Hand//Jess Glynne//i’m ready for this, there’s no denying
viii. What’s It Gonna Be?//Shura//i don’t wanna let you love somebody else but me



You think I’m just a pretty thing. You couldn’t be more wrong. (insp)