omg..things i do instead of my homework


So What’s It Gonna Be?

i. Champagne Kisses//Jessie Ware//whose fault is this that I’m crazy about you?
ii. First Choice//Gabe Bondoc//oh, i’m falling so fast
iii. Starving//Hailee Steinfeld//the more that i know you the more i want to
iv. Wildwood//Fleurie//no, i’ll never get over you
v. Into You//Ariana Grande//is this gonna happen? been waiting and waiting for you to make a move
vi. Girls Like Girls//Hayley Kiyoko//isn’t this why we came? tell me if you feel it too!
vii. Hold My Hand//Jess Glynne//i’m ready for this, there’s no denying
viii. What’s It Gonna Be?//Shura//i don’t wanna let you love somebody else but me



You think I’m just a pretty thing. You couldn’t be more wrong. (insp)

imadethisjusttotalktojessie  asked:

well basically i was trying to sneak past charleighs ancient history class and then they were all staring at me through the window (i think angela talks to them about me?) so angela noticed and the first thing i thought to do instead of get my homework out of my bag was run so i like sprinted down the corridor and she came after me. it was highly entertaining but also a little scary.

and usually shes pretty chill but its only when u dont do ur homework or dont try on something that she gets mad usually

OMG SHE LEFT A CLASS TO CHASE YOU THAT IS SO INTENSE :’’’D Angela is my fav and I don’t even know her omfg :’’’D