collab with @sproutson!! 000; they did the amazing lines and i colored! please go check out their end because it’s,, so amazing and so are they

Original lineart cuz it’s (;

I had a horrible idea

Someone please smack it away bc it’s scary but

Is it just me or are there a few hints at Victor being terminally ill?

My first thought while watching this episode was cancer. Partially because I’m currently working on a class presentation about it, but also because what in the world is Yuri seeing in his hair? And why is his response to that little poke “Is it getting that thin?”??????

He is only 27 and he shouldn’t be that out of breath, being such an big sports figure, or is it just me? Yuri has good stamina, and I get that it could be to emphasize that, though. (I think we all enjoyed the subtext on that scene, hair poking or not)

Also, Victor has retired without telling no one why, there were hints even in the last skating season that he’d retire. And the last scene this chapter “Dear God, let me have Victor’s time” had me thinking it kinda could mean “Let Victor have enough time”. Yuri also said, “I’m not sure for how long Victor will stay” and “This is Victor and I’s last season” and I can’t get the idea out of my head?????

Is yoi going to break both the “no canon gays in sport anime” stereotype AND the “no one dies in sport anime” stereotype????? My heart can’t take it okay????????