omg... staff


He kissed Kimi! 👀😍😍😍❤

skyfall doodles because i’m obsessed (also i just realised they could pass as the golden trio?? omg imagine the halloween staff party where they dress up and q insists on being super accurate to the books, everyone thinks eve is the best hermione ever and she 1000% agrees, and bond spends the entire night fighting the owl that q somehow smuggled in)

bonus: tanner 

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Exo on variety shows
  • Sehun: cutie bear who can't explain that his power is wind
  • Chen: sings all the time
  • Xiumin: adorable hyung that listens to what his members have to say
  • Kai: dances every goddamn chance he gets
  • Chanyeol: dORK OMG
  • Kyungsoo: glares at staff for no reason wtf
  • Lay: innocent unicorn who bows for everything
  • Baekhyun: "we shower together sometimes"
  • Suho: *wtf*
  • Baekhyun: "oh yeah sehun got a big dick"
  • Suho: "oH MY GOD-"
  • Baekhyun: they also let me shit-
  • Suho: "STOp-"
  • Baekhyun: "yo we had this orgy the other day-"
  • Suho: "CUT CUT CUT"

Seventeen in OFD Japan Ep.3

  • Me, before watching the Special Episode: Karamatsu is so pure.
  • Me, after watching the Special Episode: Oop, nevermind.