omg.. key look so good * *

a moment of appreciation for these girls <3

I just saw some pics with key from snl korea and I’m so fucking disgusted right now with the whole thing that happened. I don’t understand how people could laugh at that , it was so fucking degrading to see him bend over like that, cleaning that floor and the way that guy touched him just turned my stomach up side down and made me wanna puke. Is this the way they see girls in korea? do they think it’s okay to do those kind of things? or do they think it’s okay to do that just cause it was a guy dressed like a girl. And what made me even more angry where the fucking comments “ like omg key looked so good dressed like a girl” or “ how can i be so pretty as key as a girl” but no one said a damn thing about what happen. 

And another thing if it was a actually girl doing that I’m pretty sure the comments would have been different, something along the lines of “ look of how she acts like slut”.