omg. it would be so fun to be his character though

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If you're still doing those spones prompts: spones + dancing the tango (or just dancing). Thanks!

I need to get my writing mojo going and kill some time! Send me a ship or a character, and a word (or an au) and I’ll write a 500-1000 word drabble for it.

OMG Nonnie! Thank you so much for this! I kind of got carried away with setting the scene, but this has conjured the most wonderful images! For reference, I was listening to/watching this video, which is where the opening moves come from. I also imagine the last pose they’re holding is like the one from the tango scene in The Mask of Zorro. Enjoy some dancing Spones!

“Just once,” Leonard mutters under his breath, then promptly raises his hands higher over his head to indicate that the fucking surrenders already! Muttering is not a weapon, though sometimes he wished it was, it would make his life so much easier. “Just once, it’d be nice if an uninhabited planets was actually uninhabited.”

Though honestly, he would settle for an away mission that didn’t include them running for their lives, exposed to some sort of virus that no one’s heard of before, being captured, insulting an entire race of people, or doing something so stupid that the entire team ends up in his sick bay. So far on this mission, they’re at three out of five, and Leonard isn’t holding out much hope for the last two.

“Do you realize,” Leonard grumbles as the bars to their newest luxury prison close behind them. “How often the three most senior officers have been ambushed, kidnapped, imprisoned or otherwise detained and/or been in some kind of mortal peril? Cause let me tell you, it’s a whole damn lot.”

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At first glance the fandom would think you're the generic bully. By episode two though everyone would be shipping you with every conceivable character possible, and by episode three people would be theorising you DRAMATIC AND ANGSTY BACKSTORY

“Combel grew up on the streets and used to cover himself with trash to keep himself warm during the cold nights! That’s why his jacket has so many random things on it!”

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PFFFT! omg I would totally be misinterpreted as some angsty punk with a passion for chaos! When in reality I’m just a dumb dork with a weird taste for fashion. 

The shipping tho…you know what? Young fans of things do seem to be drawn to rebels so that makes sense!