omg. i can't believe this ahaha


Haechan teasing Mark with his own rap 😂 ❤️️❤️️



camila_cabello: STORYTIME- OK SO YOU KNOW HOW ON VINE they have those vines where you ask a stranger to take a selfie with you and you vine their reaction? We were at Ralph’s and these two dared me to do it so I did and it was really funny, the guy even did the duck face. suddenly this very infuriated woman comes up to me and she goes WHAT DID YOU JUST DO WHO WERE YOU JUST TALKING TO and i was like internally crapping myself i was so scared I’m not a confrontational person and I was like um nobody i don’t know and she was like WELL YOU BETTER THINK ABOUT IT AND SHE LOOKED LIKE SHE WAS ABOUT TO BEAT ME UP AND I WAS LIKE MA'AM IT WAS JUST A JOKE AND SHE WAS LIKE IT WASNT FUNNY DONT CALL ME MA'AM AND I WAS SCARED AND I LOOK BACK AND DINAH AND MANI ARE RUNNING FOR THE EXIT SO I RAN AWAY AND SHE CAME AFTER ME AND AND I JUMPED IN THE CAR AS QUICKLY AS I COULD THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS VINE CAN POTENTIALLY TRAUMATIZE YOU

@dinahjane97: The perfect time Bubba (Camila) got MODEd at Ralph’s and my Phone was dead to video tape it 😭😂!! Dang it lol next time I’ll jump her sis

@camilacabello97@dinahjane97 @NormaniKordei thanks for leaving me when that lady was about to beat me up u guys are true friends 5ever

@dinahjane97: @camilacabello97 @NormaniKordei Lmao!! It was just tooooo funny for us to help you fight her ratchet ess ahaha next time tho sis

@NormaniKordei: @camilacabello97 @dinahjane97 youu c what happened was I seriously believed in your inner gangsta , I just thought you would pounce on her

@NormaniKordei: @camilacabello97 @dinahjane97 lol your China & Moaney ran for that Ralph’s EXIT sign so fast !

@dinahjane97: Lesson Learned : Don’t “do it for the Vine” @NormaniKordei @camilacabello97