omg. crying

Omg so okay first of all the hallucination nuts are back from season 1 then pretty blonde (basically same hairstyle/look as clarke) makes an appearance…. Hallucination + pretty blonde girl = clarke fantasy?? I dont know im just guessing BUT OMG I WANT THAT PLEASE HONESTLY THE WHOLE TIME JASPER WAS TALKING BEFORE HE GOT THE NUTS I THOUGHT HE WAS GONNA TELL BELLAMY TO LIKE JUST ANNOUNCE HIS LOVE FOR CLARKE OVER LIKE A PA SYSTEM BECAUSE YES PLEASE BUT THEN NOPE HE JUST WANTS TO BE FETUS JASPER WITH A GROUNDER STICK AGAIN….
Then again i am just a crazy bellarke shipper that has no self control what so ever so yeah


I changed my mind about the whole glitter soundtrack because this song made me cry omg I thought it was meant to be autobiographical but apparently it’s about this stylist who committed suicide. At the same time i think it probably is self reflective to an extent (“she had a lot to grapple with/but basically she kept It all inside/Childlike and effervescent/With a well of pain” a la “Looking In”)

The last minute is so pretty. and the background layered vocals are also beautiful and haunting like ghost whispers. I think if the album cover looked lesslike um It does it would have been much easier to take it seriously. Like There is one song on this album where the bridge is like “I wish I had been aborted”

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Omg Lexa crying when Abby says "no"!!! And shes all "WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO PROVE MY WORTH DO YOU WANT ALL MY MONEY", and Abbys like "ohhh nooo bby no dw" and has to hug her


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Making Sidon and revali cry in tears of joy headcannon!

You got it! ~skeleton


-honestly this is an easy thing to do

-dude probably cries when he sees flowers just “yes you made it little buddy” (At a snail “You can do it buddy, i believe in you” cries “I am so proud”)

-prone to randomly crying like “omg I love you I am so glad you love me too i am truly blessed”

-almost anytime his s/o does something special for him


-in contrast, this is the  hardest thing in the universe to enact with revali

-this doesn’t cry when cutting onions, hardcore

-I can see him sobbing with relief at seeing his s/o alive after they get severely hurt however

-nobody points it out, he doesn’t do this often, let the man cry in peace

-his fellow champions are touched at the display

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a false ciri is /exactly/ what the world needed?? bless u for holding on to what you love

*stands up*
*sits down*
*stands up*
*weeps softly*

asDfgHJKLKJHGFsaasdf u make me cry omg thank you so much. <3 it’s so great that there are still so much lovely people pulling me back into writing my smol baby. i remember meeting so many amazing people through rping and i hope to get to know even more.

ur so lovely omg. c: and i’m so happy there are more nilfgaardian characters (although if i read correctly last night he’s vicovarian?) and i’m so tuned for all the new muses and muns.