Sometimes I get very frustrated with my body because I have very tight hip flexors and my back isn’t very flexible either. I see so many other yogis doing splits and advanced backbends very easily and I’m thinking “whyyyy can’t I do that yet?”
Then I really start thinking and I understand that everyone is different. I am physically strong, even if I don’t bend as much. When compared to a year ago, I’ve made so much progress with splits and backbends. I was able to do Bakasana and pinchamayurasana within the fist couple of months of starting yoga. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. I’ve made so much progress and I appreciate my body so much for doing the things it does.That same yogi who can be super flexible is probably thinking ‘OMG WHYYY can’t I do arm balances and inversions!’ and I’m pouting about them 😂😅

Comparison can lead to destruction. It is such an easy way to become unhappy. You only need to be better than you were yesterday.