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you are my inspiration! I aspire to be as good as you are! Do you have any tips on drawing heads and on what programs are the best for drawing? :/

OMG- first of all, thank you sO much for the lovely message. Second, I’m not a pro nor have I EVER been in an art school/life drawing class/ any art class in my life so.. just gonna tell from my amateur experience..

Drawing heads

- Im no pro i think my head anatomy is still wonky, but it depends what style u want to go for, you can draw realistic, anime, stylized, slight-stylized but the base however remains the same for it- a circle. 

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not that circle goddamit random lion king references-

now what I have seen most people do (and naturally- i followed) was to make to lines to the side and get a base head- which is not correct way.

trust me when i look back at the sketchbooks from a year ago, thats what i notice (and sometimes i still do this, don’t chinshame me) , you wanna go with something else- a rectangle 

also also also, sketch a skull sometimes and notice- well, everything . The different perspective, the movement, the different bones…

and last not least, 

no, seriously, its not easy. I used to take those big ass calendars and fill their backs, entirely with faces. doesn’t matter how, who, what. just filled it up. 

you will see hose generic lifeless faces looking back at you and you will feel useless (I’ve been there), but it speeds up the style evolution quite nicely.

for life drawing lessons I recommend this lovely website, you can draw whatever you want in life. this tutorial nicely covers it up too!

for the drawing programs 

  • depends on what system you use, if u have windows, Painttool Sai is the only way to go (can u smell the bias?). Here’s a link to the free program because we all are broke here bruh (no virus^^) or you can download Ps too (no i haven’t got any links)
  • If you are Mac user, first of all- I share the pain of not being able to download pirated softwares. there is no Sai for mac sadly, there is Ps obv so try that? 
  • I have heard big deal abt Krita too (haven’t tried it) and its free and good!?!
  • I use FireAlpaca/MedibangPro (same software, same developers, same features, just different colors) and its.. good? no variety for brushes tho so get a Ps if u can because there are so many good brush kits out there in Psd files:’(

feel free to hmu again if u need anymore help :)

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the butterfly song episode where they flashback to ally in kindergarten is actually present day Austin and ally’s daughter in kindergarten playing a song her mother aka ally wrote. like all the episodes since the beginning were just flashbacks leading up to present day which is the ending episode of them all together and old but they were all just reminiscing the whole time and all those flashbacks in the show were actual present day things happening but we thought they were flashbacks when really it’s thEiR ChiLDReN


TWICE Birthdates

Nayeon: September 22, 1995 
Jeongyeon: November 1, 1996 
Momo: November 9, 1996 
Sana: December 29, 1996 
Jihyo:February 1, 1997 
Mina: March 24, 1997
Dahyun: May 28, 1998
Chaeyoung: April 23, 1999 
Tzuyu:  June 14, 1999 


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theherocomplex THIS IS ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT. I blame you Bee. <3

It came about in discussion that in GAVG, when Leo first meets Usagi he’d be hero-worshipy and turn into basically a Moe version of himself.

Naturally this led to me drawing Leo as a F@#*ing MOE PRINCESS. BECAUSE OF REASONS.