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//omg I'm so happy to see mark is back and omg Crowley is gonna be this ass handed to him, I mean he's begging for it with what he's doing to Lucifer but omg. *random outburst is random*


I love love LOVE their dynamic. I mean, yeah… this probably won’t end well for Crowley, but until then, I am soaking up these snarky little moments between them. 

(I understand: My entire life is a series of random outbursts involving SPN at this point) 

Your first date with Newt Scamander would include

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Anonymous asked OMG I need more Newt fanfics in my life! Can you do what your first date with him would include?

  • Him shyly asking if you wanted to get dinner with him. And you ask if it’s a date, and he hesitates, but says (avoiding eye contact) yes.
  • You wearing a huge scarf that almost swamps you and he thinks it’s adorable.
  • Him picking you up from your apartment and the two of you walk to the restaurant.
  • The two of you talking softly about work, and Newt’s admiring how you look out of the corners of his eyes.
  • Him offering you the seat, all gentlemanly like, at the table.
  • Newt talks about his passion for animals, and you just sit there, smiling shyly at how adorable your date is.
  • Once you get your foods and are eating, you ask him if his food is good. He lifts his fork up and says “Open wide?” Blushing, you try his food and offer him some of yours.
  • Him asking you if you’d like dessert or not. As it turns out, both of you couldn’t really afford two of the fancy cakes, so you share one.
  • He lets you eat the last bite of cake, off his fork.
  • The two of you talk and take a stroll under the bright lights of New York.
  • You get a little chilly and scoot closer to Newt. He asks if you’re cold and before you can answer, swishes off his coat and gives it to you. And on top of that, he wraps his scarf around your neck, over the other one.
  • You notice his scarf smells slightly musky, like hay and dust.
  • Newt asks if he can hold your hand, and you say yes. He takes your hand and slips it into his pocket, keeping both of your hands warm.
  • Once you’re done with your walk, you make your way back to your house, still talking about animals.
  • Him sweetly asking if he can kiss you.
  • You standing on tip toes to kiss him.
  • He wraps his arms around your waist, and you gently pet his hair. His lips are warm and yours are cool.
  • The date ends with him asking if he can show you his animals tomorrow, and you say yes.
  • Newt watches you walk up to your apartment, smiling a bashful smile and rubbing his neck, thinking, “I think that first day went rather well indeed.”

I thought I was gonna die.
Not while I’m around.

Teen Wolf Ramblings

So, I have a trillion ideas and theories concerning season 6 right now and I have to spit them out so here you go! 

-I don’t think it’s a coincidence that there is a Polish family and a Nazi werewolf in Beacon Hills. I think this is actually extremely significant.

-It’s also significant that the alpha werewolf, aka Mr. Douglas, was badly burned before being taken by the dread doctors. It’s why he uses Helium to aid his breathing. It’s called Heliox therapy and is very effective in treating things like asthma. It’s also used to ease the respiratory system after someone has suffered severe burns and smoke inhalation, like Parrish says. 

-Elias Stilinski spent his time in the war quite literally “burning bridges.” His job was blow up any bridges to halt movement of any kind by the enemy. It’s quite possible that Mr. Douglas, a Nazi, could have been killed in an explosion set by Elias. Maybe?

-Most of the new intro features clips from season 3, particularly the second half which was very much centered around WWII. This could be a clue as to what we should be thinking about while watching this season.

-Eichen House used to be the remnants of a fictional internment camp called Oak Creek, which housed Japanese-Americans. This is yet another connection to WWII and the victimization of a very specific group of people.

-The two people that Lydia has seen in her visions have been an older woman, quite possibly old enough to be a first generation survivor of the Holocaust, and an Asian woman who could be a 2nd generation survivor of the Oak Creek internment camp. We’ve now seen a a young boy showing Lydia the entrance to Stiles’s room. Again, he could be another person of a group that was or still is ostracized. I’m not sure what the connecting factor is for all of the people who have been taken by the ghost riders. But, there has to be something that signals who should be taken. Everyone at Liam’s party saw the ghost rider, but will they all really be taken? Or will only certain ones be taken do to that mysterious connection that could possibly be related to the WWII storyline?

-In literature, trains are often used to symbolize a spiritual journey, a departure, or a journey to the afterlife. This would make the train station a sort of “in-between” state for the souls there. For example, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Kings Cross train station is used to symbolize the state between life and death. It’s the place you dwell in while your fate is decided. Will you take the train and move on? Or choose a different path?

-Historically, trains were used to transport the Nazi Regime’s victims during WWII. Anyone and everyone outside their strict ideal of perfection was transported to concentration camps by train. Many 1st and 2nd generation survivors cannot stand to be inside a railway car or confined space for this very reason. It’s interesting that they specifically chose a train station paired with the rest of the storyline. The writers tend to make these choices very deliberately and the connections are there!

-There’s been a recurring theme concerning the human soul. Mr. Douglas is taking the pineal gland from the brain of his victims. As Chris said, it’s considered the seat of the soul. Therefore he’s stealing souls. In mythology The Wild Hunt sweeps through towns taking the souls of all those they come across. Two separate entities in Beacon Hills stealing souls? What’s the connection? Is it possible that they’re working together? Or are they competitors of some sort?

-The Germans have their own version of The Wild Hunt as well, which I think could be important to note. It’s very similar to the Welsh/Irish one, but there are variations as to who the leader of The Wild Hunt truly is.

-Theories concerning the Sluagh have been very popular this season and I’m so on board with that. The Sluagh is very much associated with The Wild Hunt and would easily fit into the storyline. The security system for the supernatural unit of Eichen House was compromised in season 5 when Stiles and Lydia visited Valyk in his cell. The Dread Doctors were able to enter, therefore it’s very possible that the Sluagh could have escaped, especially as it can disguise itself through the use of the faces of lost or damaged souls.

-It’s very possible that fake-Claudia (I do not believe that she’s really Claudia), is the Sluagh. Claudia suffered from frontotemporal dementia, which destroyed her memories and her reality. It’s possible that her soul constitutes as as a lost or damaged soul because of the state of her mind when she passed away. Plus, remember how the pineal gland is the seat of the soul? Is it possible that her pineal gland was affected by the deterioration of her brain, therefore damaging her soul? The pineal gland releases melatonin into the body, regulating sleep and wakefulness. Dementia is known to decrease the amount of melatonin released in your body because of the damage to the pineal gland. 

-It’s also important to note that over the duration of the series, dreams and waking dreams have been a recurring theme. As we’ve seen so far in season 6, they can be a tool for remembering. Sometimes it’s difficult to discern reality from dreams. I think this will factor in somehow as the season continues. 

-Claudia loved her son. We don’t know much about Noah and Claudia’s life together prior to her death, but I do believe that she wanted and loved Stiles. If Noah’s memory/dream is anything to go by, then we know that she wanted kids. The “Claudia” we’ve seen in season 6 doesn’t fit the picture of Claudia that Stiles and the writers have painted for us. This Claudia seems possessive of Noah and somewhat aggressive towards all of the others. When Noah gets to the station and is told his wife is there to see him in 6x02, he seems surprised for a moment, even confused. The Wild Hunt may be able to remove people from reality, but they can’t bring people back to life. I think the Sluagh is using Claudia’s figure as a tool to halt the search for Stiles and the other victims.

-Finally, I have a theory about Claudia that I haven’t seen yet and although it doesn’t necessarily relate to the storyline right now, it could factor in later. Stiles has always blamed himself for his mother’s death. But, why would he blame himself if it was the dementia that killed her? In season 5, in Stiles’s memory/vision/dream from his past, his mother appears to be suffering from what Lydia would call “sundowning.” She has difficulty separating reality from the affects of the disease, leaving her vulnerable and lost. Before Stiles’s dad appears on the roof, Claudia attempts to hurt Stiles and then accuses him of wanting her dead. During that moment, she’s standing on the edge of the roof as if she intends to jump. I’ve always wondered if Claudia committed suicide somehow while in the hospital. It would explain why Stiles feels guilty despite her death not being his fault at all. But, I could see Stiles blaming himself for being present in the hospital when her death occurred and I could understand his fears that his father would blame him as well. If that were true, it would be even more reason for the Sluagh to take her form. A weakened or darkened mind is easier to take than a sound one.

These are just my ramblings and thoughts on season 6 of Teen Wolf. I’m a nutter, I know lol I literally just vomited my thoughts onto paper without even editing or reading over it, so hopefully this makes sense. If you have any thoughts on what I’ve said or just other theories and ideas, please send them my way! I’d love to see what other people are thinking.


signs from the universe
  • the universe: *sends a sign*
  • me: omg, it's a sign that i'm on the wrong path and need to stop and think about my life choices before i cause myself and my loved ones irreparable damage. or maybe it's a sign that i'm finally doing everything i need to in order to move forward in life and succeed, and should keep doing what i'm doing.
  • the universe: no, dude, listen, just make your dentist appointment.

Please tell me explicitly when/if you want me to kiss you because even if we kissed 548145 times before I’ll still be too shy to do it and also I’m always the one being put in the “make the first step” situation and I am very stressed because of it so just be kind and use simple words I’m a fragile gay

A Green and Yellow Basket

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This is for @katchyalater because she is amazing and I’ve been bothering her with my Gilmore Girls marathoning for literally months.

“Here, look at this,” Raven says as she flips her laptop around. “What do you think?”

Clarke had just sat back down in her chair at the small table in Raven’s kitchen after refilling their snack bowl. They got together every Wednesday night for a “girl’s night” which usually consisted of Raven shit talking about her customers at the garage and Clarke shit talking about her patients at the clinic. Occasionally they’d pop in a movie with some eye candy but that just led to shit talking about sexism in Hollywood. All while eating junk food of course. Girl’s night really was a hump day treat.

Now, Clarke glances at the computer screen and zeros in on the picture of… her? Which looks an awful lot like it’s from the town New Year’s party. “I think that picture is 4 months old,” is her first response before her eyes narrow as she takes in the rest of the page. “Is that a dating profile?”

“It might be,” Raven answers, not even sounding the least bit guilty about it.

Clarke waits a beat, staring at her friend across the table to see if she will elaborate but, as usual, it doesn’t look like she is. “And why do you have a dating profile for me on your computer.”

Raven just rolls her eyes as she turns the computer back around to face her, “Because I set it up, duh.” She finishes off her beer and stands up to get another out of the fridge.

“Raven!” Clarke scrambles for the computer and drags it closer to her.

“Hey,” Raven says as she pops the top off her new bottle, “even your mom thought it was a good idea.”

That makes Clarke pause and tear her eyes away from the screen to stare, wide-eyed, at her friend, “What?”

“Your mom and I were discussing-”

“Ok, for the record it weirds me out that you’re friends with my mom but it weirds me out even more that you guys discuss me and my love life.”

“Or lack thereof,” Raven mumbles into her bottle.

“What was that?” Clarke snapped.

Raven clears her throat and straightens up from her leaning position against the counter, “Like I was saying, your mom and I think it’s been far too long since you’ve been interested in someone let alone out on a date.”

“Completely my business but sure,” Clarke grumbles as she takes a swig of her own beer. She is definitely going to need more alcohol if she’s going to be able to deal with this.

“And we think this would be a good way to meet people,” Raven continues as if Clarke hadn’t interrupted. “Jump into the 21st century of dating.”

“I meet plenty of people.” Clarke has taken to glaring at the computer screen now. The cursor is hovering over the messages link on her profile which, according to the “Joined!” date, looks like it was set up three weeks ago. Her profile has 500 likes and close to 100 messages.

“When? You’re either working, hanging out with me, or hanging out with Bellamy,” Raven counters, raising a perfectly sculpted eyebrow.

“And the opportunity to meet people has presented itself in all of those circumstances,” Clarke shrugs and gets up from the table to go sit in the couch. Ok fine, she’s mildly curious about her matches and staring at the cursor wasn’t helping. But meeting people this way just seems unnatural. Sure it works for some people but it doesn’t feel like something that would work for her. Plus she doesn’t want to give Raven the satisfaction.

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The Best Prank

OMG THIS BLOG IS SO CUTE~ i came here bc smolmarkhyuk reblogged one of your posts and I just !!!! so cute 💕 oh and I also have a question, what’s the best prank hae has ever done to mark? - Anon

~ He uses travel shampoo because it’s easier to take with him between groups… ~

~ Unless it’s milk. ~

~ *rolls eyes* My bad. Continue. ~

~ And that is why we now store the neet-aid packets far out of your reach… ~

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wow 3 years is a long time! I was brought up to believe the opposite! My dad and a lot of my teachers (I'm doing history btw lmao) always had an romantic idea of doing what you love and etc so even tho a lot of ppl told me i wouldnt make a lot of money I just applied for a thing im passionate about. But nobody know the future so yea I think the people in ur life matter more than your future job or anything like that. OMG YULECHKA IS THE CUTEST NICKNAME I LOVE IT I ACTUALLY BLUSHED

aaaaaa kat u r so cool I hope we can actually be friends and everything lmao <3333 - yulechka

i wanted to study languages but i was told i’m not going to make a lot of money and it discouraged me lmao i regret listening to anyone now so it’s good that you didn’t let anyone affect your decision

a cute nickname for an equally cute person


TWICE Birthdates

Nayeon: September 22, 1995 
Jeongyeon: November 1, 1996 
Momo: November 9, 1996 
Sana: December 29, 1996 
Jihyo:February 1, 1997 
Mina: March 24, 1997
Dahyun: May 28, 1998
Chaeyoung: April 23, 1999 
Tzuyu:  June 14, 1999