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request: omg could you please do a one shot where you tease Thomas (tmr) all day and talk really dirty to him (daddy kink mybe) and he is fed up with you and takes you really hard and long with teasing and dirty talk and omg so dirty but between the dirty theyre really cute

A/N: Sorry it took me so long, also this turned out kind of shitty because I don’t know how to talk dirty because I’ve never talked dirty before and this is basically porn I’m sorry.

warnings: SMUT, don’t read if you have a soul, daddy kink, thomas not looking confused


3 months. It had been 3 months since Thomas and I had been intimate together. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I constantly wanted to have sex, but seriously I was just a teenager that discovered how good sex is with one helll of a boyfriend. Yead, you’d be the same. 

Just going for it? I tried, believe me I did. But Thomas was just so… polite. Yes, he was pretty sarcastic and sometimes I wanted to slap him, but whenever it was about something like that, he would become all nervous and didn’t dare to touch me without a direct permission. But how could I tell Thomas that I wanted to have sex with him without sounding like a slut? 

At some point, I stopped caring. At some point I was watching Thomas helping Newt in the gardens even though it was his free day, I was watching him sweating and the face of determination on his features, and god that was a turn on. Who cared about what I sounded like? He was my boyfriend and I wanted sex, nothing special. 

“Hey Tom.”, I smiled as I walked up to him with my tank top pulled down a little too much. I had made sure my breasts were more than just obvious, just like the shortness of my hot pants. There was no way he could not get distracted by that. 

“Hey Y/N. You need something?”, he asked and looked down to meet my Y/E/C eyes. How could this boy be so perfect? I felt the dampness between my legs just because of his stare, that should give you a little impression of how sensitive I was during our ‘love making’.

“Just wanted to say ‘hi’ to my favorite glader. I would ask why I haven’t seen you that often in the last few days but the reason is kind of obivous.”, I responded and actually forgot what I wanted for a second. A situation like ours wasn’t easy, especialley not for a teenager. I felt Thomas’ lips one mine before I could say anything else. The kiss was sweet and short, at least that was what he had in mind, but he found himself in a steamy make out session with myself, in the middle of the glade. 

“Y/N…”, he said in a voice that probably was suppose to sound annoyed and scolding, but the lust was easy to overhear.

“I’m sorry Tom… I just miss you, you know. I mean yes, we see each other everyday, but I really want to… be closer to you.”

Thomas continued to stare down at me as I playfully unbottoned the highest  button of his shirt before I met his with my cloudy eyes. 

“To be honest, I wanna get laid. I want you to fuck me mercilessly until I’m a writhing mess below you. I will even  enjoy your stupid teasing, but that’s really worth it right? I mean I don’t think I want to live a life without your cock in my mouth.”

He cleared his throat and blinked a few times before he grabbed the spade and pretended to ignore me. Although I could see a certain part of him standing straight. 

“Not here and not now Y/N.”

“Oh come on Tommy. Don’t you miss a good old blow job? I have this faint memory of you really enjoying fucking my throat. Do you know how good you feel inside me? Just thinking about your dick makes me want to come right now. Do you know how wet I am for you Tom?”

“Seriously. Stop it Y/N or I will…”, he growled and I could see on his tight grip around the spade that I already had him. 

“What? Spank me? Because I’d love that. Seriously all I want is your big fat cock deep inside me. Please. Please daddy.”, I continued, sighing the last part into his ear. He let out a noise and secured a hand around my waist, keeping me close.

“If you don’t stop right now, I will fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk tomorrow.”

“Then fuck me. Fuck me hard daddy. Show me who I belong to.”, I whispered, biting my lip, fully aware that it drove him crazy. I smirked satisfied when I saw him angrily drop his spade before he quickly guided me toward the homestead, still with his hand around my waist, too careful to hurt me. 

Once we were inside, he immediately pushed me against the door and kissed me deeply. His hands were all over me and I remembered how much I missed that feeling. When we had to break apart for air, he began to plant kisses on my neck, until he found my sweet spot, making sure to leave a mark on it. As he did so his hand quickly found their way into my panties. He quickly unbottoned my hot pants since they were nothing but a disturbance. I gasped when his fingers finally arrived where I wanted to be touched most, circling my sensitive area. He let out another deep groan that made me want to jump him. 

“Fuck you’re so wet.”

“No shit Sherlock.”, I shot back with raised eyebrows. He smirked, knowing I wouldn’t keep my cocky demeanor as he began stroking my clit, making it impossible for me to think straight. After such a long time of nothing, this felt like heaven. As he went back to kiss my neck I felt myself bucking my hips against his fingers, desperate for the touch. Everything felt so…intense. I was not prepared when he dipped two fingers into my heat, but I sure wasn’t complaining. In fact Thomas knew exactly what to do with his hands to please me, probably better than I. 

He pumped his fingers inside me with a strength that made me want to cry out, letting everboy know how good he made me feel. He noticed my slowly fading try to keep in the noises of pleasure, and grabbed my neck. 

“Don’t hold it back Y/N. I want to hear who you belong to. I want to hear who makes you feel that good.”, he whispered huskily in my ear, driving me crazy with lust.

“Thomas…”, I moaned as I felt myself nearly reaching my peak, incredibly sensitive for all his touches. I felt myself tightening around his fingers, intensifying the whole feeling but then he pulled out. I whined and looked up at him disapprovingly. 

“I forgot how fast you come.”, he chuckled. “That’s for giving me a boner in the middle of work.”

“Then this will be my redemption.”, I responded with a mischievious smirk before I got on  my knees, unbottoning his pants. After I had removed his underwear, I watched his hard dick slapping his stomach. Damn, he was bigger than I remembered. 

I let my tongue taste the precum on his tip, making me lick my lips for more. I begant to suck on the tip with delight, encouraged by his moans. I took more of him inside my mouth, but not much, making sure to tease him. I slowly started to bob my head, pleasuring him with my mouth. 

“No teasing babe.”, he growled and forced his cock deeper inside my mouth, causing me to gag. He at least let me time to adjust before he began fucking my throat in a steady rythm. I moaned at the intensity of the situation, enjoying our closeness. I knew he was close when his thrusts became faster and lost their rythm. 

“Y/N I’m gonna…”, he tried to warn me but I completely ignored him as I swallowed all of his warm liquid. I made sure to clean him up and saw him gazing down at me in awe. Thomas pulled me up and connected our lips softly. It was a nice contrast, the rough pleasuring which I really enjoyed, and the gentle proof of love in between those acts.

I didn’t know how long we were standing there, just enjoying the presence of each other, but I felt a smile creep up on my cheeks when I felt him getting hard again. 

“Eager are we?”, I asked with a smirk and massaged him lightly. He let out several noises of pleasure, hiding his face in the crook of my neck. He stopped me after a few seconds, wanting to give me back the pleasure he just felt. 

I sighed when he pushed me down on the bed, following right after. The cold fabric of the pillows greeted me, making me arch my back.Thomas’ hands roamed over my body, freeing me from my tank top and my bra. My niplles were already errected, due to the cold and the temptation of the moment. He embraced my left breast in his warm mouth, sucking on it lighty. He did the same to my right breast, sending shock waves of pleasure over me. 

“Do you want me to fuck you baby girl? Do you want me to make you cum?”, he asked teasingly and bit my earlobe. 

“Yes daddy. Yes please…please fuck me daddy.”, I begged and rolled my hips against his.

He inhaled sharply, not prepared for the way my words would affect him. We stayed like this for a few seconds, until the tension became too much to bear. I felt him enter me with a very deep thrust. The feeling of being completely full was incredibly gorgeous. He knew he had to give me a few moments to adjust, and yet it was hard for him to not thrust into my tight core. 

I slowly began rolling my hips once I was ready, and Thomas immediately got the clue. I somehow always forgot how strong he was. His thrusts were still at a slow pace and he already made me sink into the sheets and back against him. I crossed my legs around his waist, intensifying the feeling. He groaned and propped himself on his hands, so he could look at me during the sex. 

I felt myself getting closer to the edge again, making my breath hitch. He again, felt me becoming even more excited, but this time he didn’t stop. The power of his thrusts made the whole bed squeak and shake and that was everything it took to made me orgasm. My grip on his back got stronger as I tightened around  him, reaching my peak. 

Instead of stopping, Thomas put two fingers on my clit and put pressure on it. I was writhing below him, just the way I described it to him and I did not regret it. His dick twitched inside me and soon I felt him come inside me. He flipped us over so I could cuddle myself into his chest. He kissed the top of my head as our feet were tangled together. 

“Why the hell haven’t we done this in 3 months?”, he asked breathlessly. 

“You’ve been counting?”

“Don’t act like you didn’t.”

“I love you, Thomas.”

“I love you more Y/N.”


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To your last Mchanzo-Oneshot: OMG that was so perfect an cute and everything I could ever wish for! What about a Reverse ? With pinning Mccree? I really Love to know how heute would imagine their home :3

Omg you are so sweet THANK YOU! I might have been low-key hoping someone would ask and already writing it right after Hanzo’s but just couldn’t get it to feel “right” and it took me darn near forever to finish. Anyway:

Note: a few “bad words”, a very mild innuendo?
Also read Hanzo’s pov first for full angst affect, HERE.

McCree felt Hanzo’s gaze on him -heavy and charged, like a buzzard on a carcass. That sonofabitch better be lookin’. He’d gotten all fancied up for him after all. Well, if fancied up meant he’d spent an extra ten minutes in the shower, trimmed his beard a little neater and made sure his hair wasn’t sticking up too wild. Subtleties, ya know. He couldn’t make it too obvious. It’s not like tonight was anything particularly worth fussin’ over so much, just a casual little after mission get together. His nerves hadn’t gotten that memo, and he’d also spent a great deal more time making the decision between the blue plaid and the brown shirt than he’d care to admit, before pulling the latter over his head at the last minute. He’d caught Hanzo staring at him in both, so he figured he couldn’t lose. The other man had showed up to the rec room surprisingly casual. Jeans that fit too well not to have been tailored (could you even get jeans tailored? Hanzo Shimada probably could.) a soft grey v-neck t-shirt which conformed to muscle like a second skin and dipped just low enough to show off that down-right tantalizing collar bone. His hair swept up in a top knot with sides freshly shaven. Damn. If haircuts could kill a man… Hanzo’s undercut could be the death of Jesse McCree.

Reinhardt’s roaring laugh distracted his thoughts for a moment. He’d only been paying about half attention to the conversation he’d been stuck in the middle of, some old rehashing of the ‘glory days’. After tossing back a convincing enough chuckle, his focus returned to the elder Shimada brother. Who looked so damn good standing there, even from the corner of his eye. leaning on the counter at the other side of the room, quiet but comfortable. A sight that was slowly becoming more frequent these days. Jesse knew Hanzo would never really settle in, he was too good at what he did –had too many ghosts that haunted him. Still, it was a pretty picture. Settled. He hummed against his glass as the word lingered warmly in his mind like the whiskey on his tongue.

The Great Hanzo Shimada settled down. Where would he go? Jesse wondered. As often as the archer spoke fondly of cherry blossoms he doubted he’d live anywhere other than Japan. But would he go back to his family home, or hang his hat up somewhere new? Hanzo seemed like a ‘in the mountains’ kind of guy, with the peace and solace they bring. He could picture the man sitting cross-legged on a great balcony overlooking a snow-capped mountain range, a crisp breeze blowing wisps of  graying hair from his face. The scent of  jasmine tea and incense mingling with pine. Then again, he’d spent so long in seclusion maybe a little night life would be just what the doctor ordered? A quite village maybe, that held yearly festivals with fireworks and taiyaki -all those simple things he and Genji talked about from their childhoods. If nothing else, Hanzo would have a traditional house or he’d eat his boot. With shoji panel walls and all hardwood floors. A big library he’d have to keep adding shelves to, and a small garden with a koi pond and his own personal Sakura trees. He wondered if Hanzo would let him add a cactus or two? Or maybe they’d have a big garden with space to grow vegetables, herbs and what not. Since they’d found a mutual fondness for cooking disasters together (ever since Genji and Hana’s intervention cooking classes), they might as well do it with home grown ingredients. He supposed they’d need permanent guest rooms for those rascals. Jesse could almost hear Hana convincing Hanzo to set up a nursery for the dragons too. That is absurd! Hanzo would huff before caving in and doing it.
Jesse knew he and Hanzo were about as different as you could get when it came to styles and habits but that hadn’t stopped them so far from finding common ground. Like the movie nights they’d recently started! That brought a vivid picture of curling up on a probably very white couch in front of a warm and well used but well kept fireplace, beside a snuggly Hanzo. the dragons curled up at their feet, with Mulan or The Good The Bad & The Ugly on for the umpteenththousandth time (the movie nights having long since become a tradition). Just cuddling and enjoying each other’s good company on a cozy quiet evening. Cuddles would turn into caresses, and caresses into kisses and the movie go on forgotten…

The trademark tap tap tap of Hanzo’s metal feet broke into this train of thought, robbing him of arriving at that nice little fantasy destination. Genji was talking animatedly as he followed his brother out of the rec-room. Jesse should have known he wouldn’t stay long, he never did. He rubbed at the back of his neck, feeling a hot flush run over his body. Yer a damn fool, McCree. The odds for Jesse’s fantasies lining up with Hanzo’s future, were pretty damn close to none -he knew.

But maybe, just maybe, he’d be that lucky.

By Valentines Day i mean Singles Awareness Day. (☞ ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)☞  And now I have McSad headcanons about how Jesse day dreams about the future.


I’ve had these asks in my inbox a while ago. I wanted to reply but I kinda didn’t have the time and now I am busy with studying and… well… i’m sorry for taking so long. I’m super busy with university stuff right now and despite not having any lectures, I have to study a lot. I’ve written 31 pages to summarize the math script of this semester within the past 4 days and my handwriting is really small, so… eh. ;w;


@kagamin3ko thank you so much! I really don’t consider myself a senpai, but some people kept calling me senpai and I’m… just not used to people looking up to me like that. I appreciate it a lot ;w;

@space-star-kitten OMG your 2nd favorite?! That probably changed by now, considering how long I took to reply, ehehehe…? But I’m happy you think so, thank you <3

@sapphirescarletta123 OMG you are so lovely! I am sorry I haven’t drawn much lately, I hope I can draw some more ErrorInk and a lot of other things soon again! I have so many things I wanna draw, yet there’s no time… also your art is pretty cute as well! Keep it up plz! 

And of course, I am feeling hugged, dear anon! Thank you so much. I wanna hug all of you guys in return. qwq


Thanks to everyone for following me, all of you really! I’d love to make something cool to celebrate that I’ve recently hit 2k followers but… once again, I’m too busy and I’d hate to make promises I can’t keep. But I’ll think of something. I hope .w.


guys I met Bastille yesterday with some other people in their M&G before their concert in Madrid and let me tell you how it went because they were so nice to every one of us like omg.

first they shook hands with all of us, then I took my jacket off cos I was boiling (literally) and Dan saw my t-shirt.

Dan: wow did you do that?! your t-shirt.

me: yes!


Dan: *comes closer and takes a pic of the tee*

Dan: but how much time did it take you?!

me: about… 3 and a half hours I think.

Dan: wow, that would take me like 3 days *laughs* it’s so amazing.

then they talked to us and there was a boy who brought some drawings (like me) and Dan took the time to look at them and he was sooooo nice. then I showed my drawings to Kyle, Woody and Will and they were like “wow these are so cool!” “amazing!” “girl these are soooo good!” and then Dan came and screamed “WOW SO COOOOL”. they asked me if I wanted them to sign the drawings (I did 18, one for each Wild World song, but I couldn’t do Shame as I didn’t have enough paper), and when I told them I wanted to give the drawings to them they just were like “wow thank you so much! these are so cool!”.

after that before they (and we) had to go, I asked them to sign some bigger drawing I had (the one in the pic). when I first handed it to Dan he went like “wow this is so cool! you’re soooo good, girl!” then told me “I love the style, I love it so much” and then we took some selfie. I handed the drawing to the rest of the guys and I can clearly remember Kyle saying “this is so awesome” and then Will and Woody saying something like that.

we had to leave then so they said goodbye to all of us. Dan hugged everyone but before hugging me he said “girl you’re amazing, thank you so much!” and I think life stopped for me in that second.

honestly I love them so much, they just gave me the best day of my life.

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29. Giggly kiss! :^)

full kiss prompt list ( @atelouus​​ )

        he always did manage to make her smile the most and laugh the loudest, no matter what. there was something about luke that always brought the best on her. the person mina was when she was with him, the person he saw in her… that’s who she always wanted to be, someone she’d be proud of. he was like a ray of sunlight in the blonde’s life, ligthing up even the darkest parts of her, LOVING her when she couldn’t love herself. she remembered once thinking how she would follow him anywhere and how much that thought had scared her but it almost felt natural now. to have him around, to wake up to his good morning texts, the smell of his pancakes, those lazy afternoons on her apartment… it really didn’t matter much what they were doing, she was always happy as long as she was with him – and minako could only hope she made him as happy as he made her.

        the click of the camera and the giggle that followed seemed to catch the male’s attention, who had been strumming his guitar and a bit too distracted to notice that she had reached for her camera until now. a gasp as he turned to face her. “ aah, are you sneaking pictures of me, mina? ” the playful smile on her lips was a good enough answer – even if she had tried to hide it, it was still obvious. “ when am i not? i just can’t help it, you’re too cute~ ” and as if one hadn’t been enough, the polaroid was brought closer again so she could take another one, this time with him facing the camera, a few locks of hair falling on his face. ahh, so handsome… it didn’t seem like luke was bothered by it or she would have stopped – sneaking pictures of each other had become a habit; her photo album was almost filled by now. a smile from him and another picture was taken – probably blurry, considering the blonde couldn’t stop giggling.

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I AM FINALLY DONE WITH THIS! Omg you have no idea how long it took me to work on this, three days! Why? Work, then the background wasn’t working because I tried to draw one myself but that just made everything real slow for some reason and fucked everything up. So i just used an image of NYC from google. But yeah enjoy a Casey and April riding away from some Purple Dragons or something. 

This was actually based on a scene in the TMNT Mutant Nightmare 3 opening, seriously why does no one talk about that more?

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Sorry if you answered this before, but about how long do most of your drawings take?? :oc

Hmm no I actually haven’t been asked this before omg, it really?? varies honestly depending on how long i’m able to focus on something @_@ the initial drawing, like this usually takes me a little less than an hour? If I only clean it up a little bit it takes about 30 minutes, but full painting can take 4+ hours or even days, the bruabba pic took like 3 days or somethin but there’s a lot of getting up and doing chores between working, i should time myself sometime.. aaa.. thanks for askin!! I’ve never really had thought about it myself… 

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Ahh! I love you blog so much!!! Your art is so cute! I'm jelly of the way you draw jimin tbh like I can draw at all, I can to circles, Chinese symbols, & stick figures & that's all I got hahaha! So how's your day been? Sleep well? Eat well? Good bad? Early/late? - Rae U^ェ^U 💖💖

K: hi rae!! <3 omg thank you for loving my blog and art hehe >//< still gotta practice drawing him tho huhu but thank you! practice and practice~ well, i ate buttered shrimp today!! ((my fave like i ate SO MUCHHH)) and im about to sleep since its 10:30pm and i have early class tomorrows! my day went well anyways! i hope yours did too? how are you?

omg i’m 21 today ahhhh but happy birthday to my fellow pisces sis @ rihanna  💖 sad gals 4 lyfe :*) but like my friends took me to the club at midnight last night and it was an absolute nightmare. too many ugly normie guys in cheap dress shirts. i’m just so used to scummy bars where every guy skates and has long hair, which is what i love and what i live for. but i’m going to an art museum today with my 💘 man’s 💘 and my girls :)))) we’re day drinking all day too. i already had like 3 mimosa’s and it’s only 11 lmao

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Your last gifs the Junhui fanboy omg second gif the eye connect between wonhui askajajhfkl so cute!!

I FEEL YOU!! the amount of screenshots i took that day whenever one of them looked at the other :’) i’m so sad lmfaoo but anyway enjoy my screenshots!

this was when jun was randomly brought up but look at wonwoo’s smile :3 

this was when jun didn’t know what collarbone in korean was so wonwoo showed him ;; 

no words. i’m dead. just lay me down in my coffin. yeah thank

okay no i lied. THIS killed me. basically junnie was dancing along to some song, then looked at the members in the bg and died from embarrassment so he hid his face. now look at the way wonwoo looks at embarrassed junnie, isn’t it beautiful ಥ‿ಥ 

all i have to say is.. T E N S I O N

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share ten facts about yourself, then send this to your ten favourite followers (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚* (Tell me, how can I not send this back to one of my favorite mutual><3)

Thank you so much @yukination, @harashins, @kuroosukii <3

1. I enjoy going to uni at night a lot more than I did during the day
2. I try to avoid taking afternoon naps, because I feel like shit afterwards
3. Whenever I’m feeling anxious, I watch anime to distract myself
4. I have a younger brother 
5. I watched Howl’s Moving Castle for the first time this week and I LOVED IT SO MUCH
6. I published my first short story when I was 16
7. I once won a gymnastics competition held by my school (that was a long time ago though, now I can’t even stretch without feeling like my limbs are being ripped off lol)
8. If I could, I would only drink coconut water and watermelon juice for the rest of my life
9. I have a weakness for sweets, especially chocolate
10. I am constantly feeling sleepy