“I don’t know how I got here I knew it wouldn’t be easy but your faith in me was so clear .It didn’t matter how many times I got knocked on the floor but you knew one day I would be standing tall. Just look at me now ,cause everything starts from something but something would be nothing, nothing if your heart didn’t dream with me , where would I be, if you didn’t believe. -Justin Bieber


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SO I MET MATTY AFTER THE SHOW and there was like at least 150 people in line and he took pictures with all of us in under 45 minutes omg but like after the selfie he was about to kiss my cheek but i didn’t know so i started pulling away and he grabbed my hand and asked me how was i and i said i’m good omg and he said that’s good and looked at me like that i :((( i love him so much oh god

I know it’s not great (sorry), I’ve never made one before :P Hope u guys like it tho ^-^
Jack, if you see this I just want you to know how much you’ve done for me, I literally look forward to your videos everyday - thank you for being one of the most consistent things in my life xx



OH GAWD!!! ((O  [ ] O)) i didn’t think i was gonna make it!!! GWAH!!! thanks for helping me stick it out at the end @countofeight !!!! SO! (O  w O) heheh! i had a lot of fun with this, as always! XD HAHA! and i coincidentally took a bunch of pictures of snapdragons earlier this week! so wow! lucky! LOL! i don’t know who wrote this weeks winning micro fic because it was sent by an Anon! but here’s the original text!!!! (EDIT! the Anon has been revealed to be @ineffablehux !!! thank you so much!!! i happy enjoyed this piece! <3)

Ren tucked the flowers behind Hux’s ear, threading them through his hair, which had been braided back in complicated patterns. “Snapdragons,” Ren stated, “it’s this country’s national flower.” “Desire,” Hux murmured. Ren looked at Hux. “What?” Ren’s voice sounded choked. This close, his breath tickled Hux’s ears, which had probably turned pink at this point. “S-snapdragons,” Hux stammered, “they represent desire.” “Ah, well, I’m sure that’s not a sentiment you’re familiar with, is it, General?”

BUT I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!!! which… i mean… you may not have answers too, of course, Anon, i mean… it’s just tiny fiction! LOL! but still!!! this seems to be an canon-verse story, since they mention planets and Kylo calls Hux “General”, so are they runaways in this?! cuz when else would Hux’s hair have gotten long enough to braid!? and they don’t seem to be “together” yet but if they ran away together this sounds like an EXCELLENT slow-burn story! HEHEHEHEH!!! X3

and that’s what i love about MFM! it makes me think think these kinds of things! LOL! LOL! so please come forwards if you’re willing to Anon! (^ O^) i’d love to say thank you!!! but also, as always, thank you SO, SOOOO much to everybody who took part! it’s always so much fun!!! it’s still Sunday for me in terms of sleeping, but Monday is here for most of you and it will be 3:30 PDT soon!!! WOO!!! (O  w O) looking forward to another fun week!!!

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myspace is still a thing // zhak + jacob

Jacob couldn’t help but be as thankful as possible that his ex-husband had pulled through and gotten him a scholarship. After thinking it through completely, Jacob had decided to accept the blonde’s generous offer and take the scholarship. He was practically running himself into the ground working at two different jobs in order to get a jump start at paying off his student loans from Undergraduate that were piling up rapidly. 

As he made his way to Zhak’s apartment, he sighed. Jacob hated feeling like he owed people favors and now he felt like he owed Zhak everything for saving him from becoming a slave to his mounting debt. And the whole owing his ex-husband a favor feeling was really starting to get to him. So, he trudged on and hoped that he could talk to Zhak tonight about why he did what he did for him. Because it wasn’t just a common courtesy to pull that huge of a favor for someone, especially an ex. Jacob figured that Zhak probably wanted something from him. As he approached the familiar apartment, he knocked loudly, a nervous smile on his face.

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anonymous asked:

Can I request the Gom+kagami+hanamiya+kasamatsu reacting to their child's first word, bonus if their first word is 'dada' ( your blog is amazing to say the least, it always makes my day. Keep up the good work, senpai >//<)

this makes me unbelievably happy, thank you sweetheart <3 omg senpai again my heart can’t take this

AKASHI: He wouldn’t care what his child’s first word was. The fact that it happened to be ‘dada’ brought tears to the emperor’s eyes. He never expected to feel this level of joy inside of him and couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face as he took the baby in his hands, cradling him or her lightly. You would watch them from afar with a blissful smile.

AOMINE PERF HUBZ: When you told Aomine to encourage your child to say his or her first word, he would act as if he didn’t care. He would shrug it off and continuously throw glances at the baby, waiting for it to say something. When you walked away, the baby gargled, “Mama”. Aomine felt his heart melt in happiness with this historical moment. Happily, discreetly, he would take the baby in his hands and smile. You observed the two of them from the doorway, knowing that if Aomine knew you were there he’d close up again. Then he paused and frowned, “Wait, why didn’t you say dada first? Hey, kid, say dada. Don’t tell mom you called her first.”

HANAMIYA: Never. He would never admit to the huge grin that spread across his face when he heard his kid’s first word escape his lips. You would be hidden in the shadows, arms crossed as you watched Hanamiya who had a stupid grin on his face as he urged the baby to say it again. “Come on, say it. Call me again. I won’t tell your mom, promise.”

KAGAMI: This huge tiger would be a sobbing mess. Tears streaming down his face and a huge smile on his face, he would tighten his hold around the baby who had just called for him. Cooing and waiting for it to sleep, Kagami wouldn’t leave the baby’s side until he was sure that he or she was comfortable on the nursery bed. “Kagami, it’s time to sleep.” You would call with a resigned look on your face but Kagami pleaded for five more minutes. Just five, he said for the third time.

KASAMATSU: Smiling softly, he would hold the baby in his arms, humming it softly to sleep. While you rarely ever heard him sing, Kasamatsu would have no problem singing the baby to sleep. Murmuring nursery rhymes quietly, the baby would comfortably fall to asleep. It was no surprise that he would start getting so attached when the baby called for his or her ‘dada’ first. Kasamatsu would be like a mama bear protecting its cub.

KUROKO: Kuroko, who seem to be more stoic, couldn’t hold back the tears that spilled from his sky blue eyes as his lips curved into a proud smile. You would hand the baby to Kuroko who was making grabby motions. Kuroko was already skilled in handling babies and would lift the baby into the air, making him or her giggle. The giggle plus ‘dada’ completely made his day and he would tell everyone else about it, bragging. what a loser gotta love him

KISE: Squealing, he would be super excited when the baby called out for his ‘dada’. Despite the fact that he was in public, Kise would be shamelessly holding up his baby Lion King style and parading him or her around the restaurant with a grin. You didn’t even have the heart to stop him because people loved the way Kise lit up like the fourth of July, eyes bright and a giant grin on his face.

MIDORIMA: As he made a funny face, you realized that he was trying to suppress his crying. He held the baby proudly, patting it on the head and softly stroking the back. You grinned, watching him coo the baby into calling out for him again. Midorima wouldn’t even try to hide his smile though. The proud smile on his face would be a clear sign of a proud father.

MURASAKIBARA:  Murasakibara didn’t even try to hold back his tears as he started sobbing aloud, holding the baby tightly against him. It looked as if he was carrying his lunch but the baby would just gargle and squeal, lifting their tiny fists into the air. “Call for dada again, _____-chin.” He stared at the baby, waiting and encouraging him or her to call out for him again.