i really, really, really need a kylux au where ben solo never joins the first order. instead he becomes a jedi, a member of the senate (like his mother + grandmother before him) and promotes peace in the galaxy. he also, incidentally, ensures that political prisoners don’t escape.

enter general hux.

he’s been captured by the resistance and has to be taken to trial. ben solo is the one chosen to escort him to naboo. they bicker, they fued over their differing political stances, and there’s a lot of unsolved sexual tension - because, damn, they can appreciate a good looking man when they see one.

The Wedding Planner

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

The Wedding Planner

Prompt: Hey xx Could I make a Bucky x Reader request where bucky and the reader are considering getting married after like a really long time, and they feel practically married anyway so they’re pretty laid back about it. But when they tell everyone Steve is like “OMG ABOUT TIME I’VE WAITED SO LONG” and all that then leaves the room and comes back with a stack of books filled with weddings and tuxes. pls omg like a lot of fluff pls thank you.

Note: OMG that is such a cute prompt!

It was during lunch that you and Bucky had decided to tell the others about your wedding. You had talked about it last night, and it wasn’t as much of a proposal as it was a late night ‘we should get married, right?’ After all, you spent so much time together you practically felt married already.

“So um,” you started, looking around the table at the others who were eating sandwiches from the deli downtown. “Buck and I are thinking about getting married sometime.”

“About time.” Tony muttered.

Steve dropped his sandwich and looked up with wide eyes.

“Are you serious?!” he asked excitedly.

“Well yeah.” Bucky nodded, placing a hand on your thigh. “We just figured-”

“Nobody move, I’ll be right back.” Steve got up from the table and dashed out of the room. You and the others looked around in confusion. You looked to Bucky, who shrugged. He had no idea what Steve was so excited about. It was just a wedding.

When Steve returned, his arms were full of wedding magazines. He set them on the table in front of you and Bucky. You looked them over and flipped through the pages. There were books of wedding dresses, tuxes, beach destinations, honeymoon spots. Steve seemed to have everything.

“Steve, why the hell do you even have these?” Bucky asked, laughing.

“Didn’t you notice me subtly putting them in the bathroom and in the library?”

“No,” you answered. “No I didn’t.”

“Well it’s a good thing you’re going to be my best man, huh?” Bucky chuckled. Steve smiled. “Punk,”

“Jerk,” Steve replied, smiling warmly.

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omg guys this is such a long story but basically tumblr terminated my account for no reason (READ THIS for more details) and after 11 long days, i was able to get this blog back!! so if you followed dashingmark please unfollow, i will only be using this account! 

everyone that stuck with me throughout this entire ordeal please know that i am eternally grateful and i don’t know how to express my gratitude other than to shower y’all with thousands of virtual good vibes and kisses and hugs. i love you guys so much! ♡

tobyaudax asked:

ChiChi for the character ask thing, please?

  • What I like about them

Contrary to how a lot of people feel towards her, I actually like that she’s incredibly protective of her family, especially her children; and her tendency to think about the things that actually matter (the house bills, her children’s futures, her family’s well-being, etc). I especially love that she doesn’t bite her tongue, regardless of who or what she’s talking to (i.e. Majin Buu), and will stand up for what she feels/believes is right, like Gohan’s livelihood in the beginning of the series, something Goku didn’t particularly focus on.

Also, the fact that she mellowed out by the end of the original Dragonball/Z series when everything she’s been through should’ve made her even more of a protective mama bear.

  • What I dislike about them

I don’t necessarily dislike anything about Chi-Chi, rather I despise some of the things that was done to her character as it pertains to Toriyama’s writing and the anime’s exaggerated portrayal of her. I hate that she was reduced to a housewife (even though it’s canon that she still trains, given the fact that she taught Goten how to fight). There’s nothing wrong with being a housewife mind you, but she’s confined to just that role after Dragonball and we never see her do anything else other than yell at Goku and, by extension, Gohan. Honestly, Dragonball could use more female fighters. Practically every woman in the series was reduced to a housewife, and I don’t think that’s fair.

  • Favourite moment

When she slapped Majin Buu across the head for “killing” Gohan. Even though it was stupid, in a sense that she was killed as a result of it, it was pretty damn bad-ass of her to do. She didn’t care. He killed her baby and he was going to pay for it.

  • Least favourite moment

The moments during the Saiyan Saga when she pointedly ignored (and berated) Goku and his condition and only tended to Gohan after their fight with Vegeta. I completely understand her reaction. No one knows Goku better than Chi-Chi, but I still didn’t like the way she treated him during that time.

  • A situation with this character that I want to see explored more

What was her behavior during Goku’s seven year absence as a single mother of two children and what made her mellow out. Also, I want to see her train. I mean, come on, she trained Goten! That’s pretty amazing to me.

  • An interesting AU for this character

Like Krillin, I would’ve loved for her to continue her training as a fighter, and be alongside her family during world crises, fighting baddies. The “Z-Senshi” could’ve used a warrior with some common sense, someone who’s actually thoughtful and would’ve talked the characters out of making majority of the dumb ass decisions they made. (Like the Cell/Android epidemic - that crap really could’ve been avoided, y’know, but no one had the brains to call the characters out on their crap).

  • A crossover

None that I can think of at the moment. There aren’t any anime that work well with the Dragonball universe imo. Though, I’d love for Chi-Chi to meet Izumi Curtis from Fullmetal Alchemist, who also happens to be a bad ass housewife (and a proud one at that).

  • OTP (or OT3+ etc…. just… favourite ship)

Goku/Chi-Chi. They still hold a special place in my heart, to this day, even though I’m not heavily invested in them or the show anymore. They’re still cute, despite the hoard of issues they have.

  • Other ships?

Yamcha/Chi-Chi. I hold on to my headcanon like a leech. Yamcha helped her raise Gohan and Goten to a degree during those seven years, and it rekindled some feelings that she refused to act on. Also, Raditz/Chi-Chi! Ah, I remember those good ole crack days.


Chi-Chi/Videl! Mother/Daughter bonding rocks! Videl is the daughter that Chi-Chi always wanted! I also like Chi-Chi/Bulma/#18. Amazing ladies bonding rocks too. I like Chi-Chi/Piccolo (after she forgives him for almost killing Goku and kidnapping her son). They bond over how much they love Gohan and how much they hate Goku’s dumb antics.

  • NOTP

I don’t have one, funny enough. I’m not opposed to pairing Chi-Chi with other people.

  • An assortment of headcanons!

Chi-Chi learns how to fly before she’s old and dead. She demands that her worthless husband teach her one day.

Chi-Chi doesn’t completely give up fighting. She likes to sneak out of the house and train during the night. Of course, Goku has to come and function as her punching bag. It relieves stress and is her favorite pastime.

anonymous asked:

Your coral is really cute but wow is she tiny 😄 😡😘

She’s not that small! She’s 6 feet tall and kinda mid range for Team Toleration.

Reine: Is about 3 feet tall (technically the shortest), but floats at around 5′6″ - 5′9″

Beni: is smol at 4 feet and 11 inches tall.

Ves: is 5′1″

Hope: is 5′2″

Sapphirine: is 5′4″

Keyite: is 5′5″

Pearl: is 5′11″

Coral: is 6′

De: is 6′2″

Trona: is 7′

Ancy: is 8′

Black Opal: is 8′3″

Chlo: Her height ranges depending on she feels like being (since her ability revolves around changing her size) but it stays within the range of 10 - 50 feet tall.

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Shoots Ryu in the abs with paralyzer gun. Whispers into his ear that his journey is over, then proceeds to make bird noises.

By the grace of the almighty power of his sheer magnificence,
his abs repelled the waves of electricity emitted from the paralyzer
gun. A blinding light illuminated from the martial artist’s chest. That
light, as massive as it was, expanded across the battlefield, annihilating
everything within a 50 mile radius. Justice had been served under law.

It had been a while now and Balthazar wasn’t actually sure what was normal for a human being in term of sleep. Should Castiel still be sleeping? He stayed by his side from the moment he came to bed to now, eyes sometimes watching the human sprawled in the sheets, sometimes looking at the painful absence of Grace in the ex-angel’s body. It was an ugly thing, to see an angel fall so low. To see one you loved and respected in the edge of a primitive life.

He wasn’t sure how to handle it, he wasn’t sure it was a good idea to bring him back. Logically speaking, it wasn’t. Many things could go wrong if it was discovered, but Balthazar couldn’t leave Castiel behind, even not after what his own had done.

Bonds like theirs were hard to break.

Or he thought they were once.

Castiel had proved him wrong.

Like he had done so many times before, but never in such a cruel way.

Finally, giving in, he simply blinked, slowly and gently forcing Castiel’s mind awake. Surely sleeping so much wasn’t good, even for weak beings, even for primates.

“You’re boring.”

Was Balthazar’s idea of a ‘good morning sunshine’.