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U asked for stories & I have a fun one. Brought my dog (small poodle) to the veterinarian some weeks ago & she (the veterinarian) asked me to put him on the ground bc she wanted to check if he walked normally since she thought maybe he had problems in his legs. I did & he walked around the room & then jumped on a chair like a cat (yes, he does that a lot) & we spent the rest of the visit with me sitted in a chair and my dog sitted in the other 1 next to me lol. I just love my dog so much srsly

OMG that’s so cute! your dog sounds amazing 11/10 would love to see him.

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Just so you know, your "First Kiss" Mercy76 art broke me. It's too cute. Too cute I tell you! I can't stop staring at it! Ahh, perfection I tell you, perfection! Bur srsly, yiu are so talented and amazing. Everything you draw comes out perfect. I love everything about it. The shading, the colors, the expressions, the minor details! Everything!!! Sooooooo.... do you ever sell prints or merch? Because I could seriously go broke buying all your stuff 💙💛

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OMG AAAAAAAAAA THANK YOU SO MUCH XAVI !!!! <333 It’s been awhile since I last tried to draw anything digitally since my laptop was gone for like forever and I actually forgot it was Mercy 76 week gdi Sab.

And to answer your question, I do plan on taking up commissions !!! I’m fuckin broke as hell you have no idea lol. I need to setup a paypal account first tho so… yeah haha :) Hopefully by the end of this month !

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I think you would be a ostrich villager!! I'm specifically thinking of Flora and Blanche like a pastel lil ostrich

om g i love the ostrich villagers! that’s so sweet of you to say asdfghjkl ♡ and !! flora and blanche are so cute omg??? thank u thank u! ♡♡

srsly though can we take a second to appreciate the ostrich villagers? like the little feather tail on their tiny toosh and their long noodle legs are soooo cute

okok anyways!! thanks again gahh ♡ i hope you have a great day! 

tell me what type of animal crossing villager i’d be!

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what? its not like im crying or anything?? no srsly this was so good. extremely adorable and cute. how are you so talented? putting the cuteness that killed me aside, but the actual idea of this was so awesome! it’s short, but says a lot of things and is totally amazing. also about the romantic song, how about ed sheeran’s thinking out loud? seems pretty romantic to me haha :“)

Ahhh Thank you so much my sweet beautiful Unicorn💜  You’re too kind to me honestly. Yes! omg I actually had that song in my head but then I didn’t write that down because I was thinking would Even go even cornier than that? Wouldn’t he use like the most cliché and overused love song in the book? Like come on this is Extra Bech Næsheim here haha 💚


Rammstein - Interview USA Revolver TV, 20.4.2011
aka “hey gimme two Rammstein guys but i’ll speak to only one of them and totally ignore the other one”.

Poor Schneider. He’s like :
“Ya~y i’m intervie~wed!”
“Hum.. hey, i’m here ?”
“Are you gonna ask me a question or not ?” (1’20)
“SRSLY STUPID BRAT wut der hölle ! You fuckin ask me a fuckin question ?!” (1’36)
“I think i’ve become invisible” (1’58)
“Dude i’ve killed you hundred times in my head during these two minuts”

  • People who are not religiously muppet fans: URGH, Muppets Most Wanted was so bad! I mean it wasn't heartwarming or cute The Muppets are ALWAYS supposed to be sweet not make us laugh!
  • The Great Muppet Caper: [Exists]
  • People who are not religiously muppet fans: OMG this new muppet show is ruining my childhood!!1! We need this off the air because Muppets are family friendly not adult! Sign my petition because KERMIT IS NAKED!!!!1!!1
  • Muppets: [have been making subtle adult humour and saying words like 'hell' for DECADES]
  • Muppets: [many do not wear clothes while doing so]
  • Muppets: [also has an original pilot called 'Sex and Violence']
Hobbitcon 3

Oh boy it’s been an AMAZING weekend and i apologize in advance for the grammar and any spelling mistakes that this post will include (i am so ver y tired)

okay so first of all, the actors have been incredibly kind and it was all in all just a great atmosphere! Not a single actor was rude or made stupid comments or something. I kinda feel like they don’t fully realize how much the people idolize them, which is really cute i think!

there were sooo many great things and highlights of my weekend, so i will definitelly forget something while typing this down! but anyway…

  • Graham McTavish in a kilt!!!!! (boy he has nice legs)
  • Luke Evans singing like 10 times oh my god my heart melted
  • the disco in the evenings!! the people there were so funny and drunk lmao but they were still polite and there was no groping or stalking of the actors
  • also i high fived john callen at the bar during a party
  • adam browns audition story!!!! omfg he is so fucking funny
  • sylvester mccoy??? the man is just a highlight for himself!! his panels were hilarious, he was walking through the audience the entire time
  • PORNOBALKEN (r,i,p)
  • seeing all the drunk and hung over actors omg you dont know how hilarious it was
  • mark hadlow cAN SING SO WELL HOLY SHIET
  • the  costume contest!!!!!!!!!! jesus christ there were so INCREDIBLY DETAILED COSPLAYS omg i loved all of them
  • possibly 5 hour extended edition of botfa (REST IN FUCKING PIECES ME)
  • we’ll get to see more of batteling dwarves and how Bifur lost the axe in his head!!!!!
  • John Bell is the cutest okay protect this boy at all cost
  • also my photo with Graham McTavish omg he smells nice and hes HUUUGE

I’m so annoyed right now! I saw earlier on twitter that thing with yeol saying that love isn’t something only between a woman and a man (and I agree with him) and now everyone is like “omg pcy are you hinting at something” or “my bakeyeol heart”. People can say those kind of things without being gay you know? Plus if he had said the opposite of it I’m sure everyone would called him not so cute names. 

Alden Lesson Of The Bae Compilation

The undeniable charm of Alden Richards made us giddy with Lesson of the Bae segment of That’s My Bae, so I decided to compile some of my faves… Here they are:

Hangin Pa Bae 

another ver.

pabebe wave + kilig? hihihi

Damn, that smile!

Manly ver.

Maintain Lang Bae

MLB + Pabebe Wave

Para Sa’yo Bae

Punas Pawis Bae

Wag Na Cry Bae

Pabebe Wave pa more!

Sapak Sa Sarili

I couldn’t resist that smile.. srsly!

“Ikaw at Ako” + Pabebe Wave

Here’s MY FAVORITE!!!!!

He’s super cute, OMG!! I love him here very much!!


What? What did he say?

I hope you liked this, our Pambansang Bae is really capturing my heart from day to day but he belongs to Yaya na… ALDUB FOREVER! lol

© Eat Bulaga (I made the gif, take out with full credits) 

Yours Truly, 


♡Blog Rates&Compliments♡

So i’m about to hit 4k followers (which is so crazy cause i’ve only had this blog for less than 2 months and I wanna scream bc ily all so much im gonna cry), so i’d really like to do some blog rates! Also, i’m super bored atm  ೕ(•̀ᴗ•́)

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Naruto Gaiden 8

Well, after a shitty day this chapter really made my day 😊   I fucking love it ! 😍😍😍

Srsly, Naruto’s speech was awesome. His talks always touch my heart.
And those flashbacks, omg !! were beautiful. Sakura really is a super mama  😊 😊  besides, she looked beautiful with long hair and young Sarada , looked so cute    😍 😍

The best parts of this chapter (IMO), besides that awesome Naruto’s talk was these:

Omgg!! Extremely cute !! *sobbings*  😍 😍


Sasuke ! my bae ! Is defending his waifu !! He has so much confidence in her!  😍 😍 I love this panel so much !! 

Overall, this chapter left me like this:

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I can’t wait for next week ! yay !!