Caught in the Act- Michael Clifford/5sos imagine (smut)- part 2- straight version

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Pairing- Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings and Y/N

Words- 1050+

Summary-  The boys continue to have fun with you after they catch you touching yourself to a movie

NOTE- I can make an extra part to any imagine/smut in my masterlist.  Just ask


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Ashton’s muscles hold you in place as he pushes through the bedroom door. 

“Where do you want her?” He asks Michael. 

 "Floor,“ he replies, simply, "we’re going to fill that mouth of hers." 

You blush. Why does that sound so good? And "we’re going to fill that mouth?” As in all of them? Yikes that was both nerve wracking and exciting at the same time. 

 You were lowered to the ground and Ashton stepped back. Four boys leered down at you and you gulped as tops came off before they started undoing their belts. 

“That mouth is going to look so good around my cock,” Calum groaned. 

 "Suck me good and you can ride these fingers until your hearts content,“ Ashton added. 

 Luke didn’t need to speak. His long thick cock was promise enough. You just about drooled looking at it. You didn’t know where to look. There was too much to choose from. Michael got the party started. He strolled forward with his hard length in his hand and looked down at you.

 "Open up baby,” he smirked. 

You got to your knees and opened your mouth. He pushed in to you and the smirk wiped from his face as you forced him to the back of your throat. The other boys moved in until you were trapped in a circle of hard Ons. You moved from Michael to Calum while stroking Luke and Ashton and alternated like that for a while. You had no idea where to go next and you had their lengths flying in your face every two seconds. It was chaos of the best kind. 

 "Okay those of you who want to fuck her stand back,“ Michael ordered. "Those of you who want to finish in her mouth. Stay where you are." 

 Him and Luke don’t move but Ashton and Calum step back. 

 "And they say muke is dead,” you tease as Luke pushes his tip to your lips. 

You part them and grant him access as one hand goes to Michaels length and pumps and the other runs down Luke’s toned body. 

 You could understand why so many girls were gaga over these boys. You considered yourself lucky enough to be dating Michael but now you were getting all four of them at the same time? Some people would say you’d peaked and you weren’t convinced they were wrong.

 Luke steadily grew closer to his climax and it was a sight to witness. A sheen of sweat trickled down his abs and he wiped his forehead on his hand before bringing it to the back of your head, guiding you down his length at the pace he needed. His moans were low and came from deep in his chest. And when he came his face scrunched up, storing every inch of the feeling as it soared through his body and out his tip for you to choke on. He smirked as you pulled away and swallowed.

 "Fucking hell y/n. Michael can’t ever accuse you of just being satisfactory.“ 

You blush but before you can reply, Michael has lined himself up at your lips. 

"My turn kitten,” he grins.

 It’s easier with Michael. You know what he likes and what edges him the quickest. It’s not just about his penis. Michael gets off between a mixture of sucking in his length and taking it as far back as possible and sucking hard on his balls. He once came over your face while your mouth was wrapped around his balls. 

 You alternated between the two, knowing that it was driving him wild. His breathing became coarse and his hands rested on the side of your face as he watched you cause him to unravel. You got a full throat of his arousal as you pushed him to the back of your throat one last time and he came apart. 

 "Fuck kitten,“ he hissed as he let go. 

 When he stepped back you looked up to four eyes watching you intently.

 "I think she deserves another couple of orgasms for that,” Ashton grins. 

 "You volunteering?“ You asked him, cockily.

 He stepped forward and knelt down in front of you.

 "Would you like that baby?” He smirked as his index finger trailed down your naked arm and back up before crossing just above your chest.

 "I think my kitten wants those long fingers somewhere else, Irwin,“ Michael chuckles. 

 "Her wish is my demand,” Ashton replies and you cry out as he pushes you back on the floor, your knees apart. 

 His finger runs down your body and your back curves off the ground as it finds its way between your folds, teasing at your entrance. Then he slips it in. His long thin digit finding places inside you you’d never felt before. You’d never been fingered like this.

 Michael always made you come but he was better with his mouth. Ashton didn’t seem content with one finger though and he added another, curling them up so they tickled the front of your walls. His thumb pushed down on your sweet spot while he “fucked you with his fingers,” as he put it. 

 It was other worldly. You’d never been so close through fingering so quickly. You wanted to close your eyes and soak it up but the other boys demanded that you look at them. Calum was especially satisfying to look at as he was still hard and extremely desperate for you. He skimmed your body over and over with his chocolate eyes and it made you feel like a prize to be won.

 Ashton’s fingers began to speed up, not satisfied with the steady pace he’d been keeping. Now he was relentless and your body wriggled around on the floor as shots of electricity started to spark inside you. When you came it was like a blown fuse banging inside of you. You fell apart and nothing around you mattered. The only thing you could focus on was the relief. 

 "Fucking hell she just-“

 "Damn that’s hot.”

 Ashton and Calum were speaking but it took a few seconds for the blood to drain from your ears and the ringing sound to subside. It was only then that you realised you had made a mess. You’d never squirted before in your life and Michael looked a tiny bit miffed.

 "Okay now it’s a competition,“ he decided. 

 "Baby we aren’t stopping this game until all four of us have made you squirt." 

"One down. Three to go,” Ashton winked, getting to his feet.

The looking better/feeling better paradox

I started lifting weights/working out because I wanted to look better. The paradox is that since I started almost a year ago I..

…Have never gone so long before shaving my legs cause you know.. gym showers..

…Have never been so sloppy shaving my armpits cause.. gym showers..

…Have never waited a day more before washing my hair just because I know there will be very sweaty workout tomorrow

…Have never walked so much around in training/jogging outfits cause you know… in case of a sudden workout

….Have never turned down the opportunity of buying a new dress cause I wanted new gym shoes instead

….Have never sweat so much ALL THE F*CKING TIME because more muscle apparently makes your sweat glands go crrraaaazy


I have also never felt this healthy, happy, beautiful and strong, so I’ll keep going in spite of said armpits, sweat, hair etc.. 

Soccer Calum Blurb

Ok ok so soccer Calum is probably one of the sexiest things imaginable ok don’t fight me on this one. I think Cal would be a total jock and commit to the whole parties every night and not take school seriously at all and almost have a bit of a bad boy edge too because he’s probably short tempered when he plays (omg I’m sweating). However, he’d see you in the halls and MAKE SURE that you guys make eye contact and he’d wink at you because what girl wouldn’t want that but you wouldn’t act on it because you don’t need a f*ckboi in your life. But knowing Calum, he’s persistent so one day while you’re on your way to your next class, he’d stop you in the hall and ask to hangout after practice. So you’d go sit on the bleachers with your homework or like your favorite book and wait for him and whenever he’d fight for the ball or score or even slide tackle (which is a foul 99% of the time) he’d look to see if you were watching and for once he wouldn’t have that cocky smirk he always has. It would be a GENUINE grin. You would just laugh because he looks soooo adorably goofy and you’d just mouth “good job” or “nice one” and when he’s walking off the field to the locker room he’d purposely take off his shirt and look at you and give you his signature smirk and wink (he needs to not). Once he’s finish changing he’d walk you home and on the way there he would just ask you about yourself and, to your surprise, he would be SUCH a good listener and whenever you had something to say you had his undivided attention and his eyes would light up seeing yours light up about your favorite things or funny childhood memories. But getting to know him you’d realize he’s not a f*ckboi at all, just misunderstood. And it would become routine, waiting for him, then walking you home, but sometimes he’d wait for everyone to leave and make you get on the field so he can teach you how to juggle the ball even though you don’t do sports bc no to exercise but Cal doesn’t care because it’s fun spending time with you like this. But you’d also be the one to encourage him to work harder in school you would help and promise “snack breaks and kisses” if he really tried which only makes him try harder. Definite pet names would be “baby” maybe even “babygirl”. And even though he loves to show you off to the world he respects you enough that he would keep the PDA to the bare minimum bc nobody needs to know what y'all do behind closed doors ayyee…joking he just seems like the type to cuddle until you both fall asleep (aww) and he’d only turn up the heat in public if he thought someone else was staring at you bc you’re his girl. I can not stress that enough. Cal is definitely low key possessive but high key jealous. And at the games he’d beg you to wear his jersey and he’d always look at you to see if you were cheering him on because Calum is low key needy AF and a little insecure and CRAVES your attention. But when they’re losing he’d just blow up at the referee and at half time he’d text you to meet him outside of the locker room bc he needs to see his girl and before you could give words of encouragement he’d just grab you by the waist to kiss you passionately and pick you up and pin you against the wall and he’s sweaty but you don’t even care because you know you’re what keeps him going. He’d get back out on the field like a different person and he’d just look at you and wink with his goofy smile because he’s just really happy to have you because you bring out the best in him but you still accept him and his flaws and you know what this is too much I’m done.

(via The Entire Cast of Broadway’s Falsettos! Where Are They Now?) thought this would be the perfect time to check in with the multitalented original Broadway company, who created the roles of Marvin, Whizzer, Trina, Mendel, Jason, Dr. Charlotte and Cordelia in the comedic and utterly moving musical. Read all about Michael Rupert, Stephen Bogardus, Barbara Walsh, Chip Zien, Jonathan Kaplan, Heather Mac Rae and Carolee Carmello in this edition of Where Are They Now: The Entire Cast of Falsettos!

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Name 10 fandoms and your favorite character from each one and then tag 10 people

  1. Animal Crossing: Rudy
  2. Steven Universe: Sapphire
  3. Katekyo Hitman Reborn: I-Pin (and Lambo!!)
  4. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diego
  5. Pixar: Wall-e
  6. Haikyuu!!: Asahi
  7. Pokemon: Dawn (platinum game)
  8. DC: Nightwing
  9. Vocaloid: Rin
  10. Moomin: Little My

I’m tagging nishimuheta, maaiwile and greekskylark!! tho you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to! ( ^ o ^ )/