The way that we are
Is the reason I stay
As long as you’re here with me
I know I’ll be OK

don’t sleep shouto

[ part 1[part 3]

Aaaaand there’s part two!! The next one will probably be the last (and it’s totally angst!! ;w;). Now, to the scenarios!!

  • Seidou and Akira dancing (idk why I did this one. I don’t have an excuse).
  • Akira and Seidou as children playing together (omfg THIS ONE WAS TOO CUTE FOR ME).
  • Akira and Seidou taking care of a bunch of orphan puppies and/or kittens (ONE OF THEN IS MARIS STELLA AND NO ONE CAN PROVE ME WRONG. Seidou likes dogs better, but he is okay with cats too).
  • Seidou and Akira get caught up in a storm and must stay sheltered together until it passes (I’m such a genius that I actually forgot to draw the rain and the wet parts of their clothing lmao).
  • Seidou drawing Akira (I just… needed something in that blank space…It doesn’t even look like her! ).

So I got a request on my sideblog @dailyhenrycavill​ for some lockscreen photos of Henry as Clark Kent. I’m not too proud of these which is why I’m posting them here instead of there. They should fit properly if you have the six plus and any size under. There was only one good HD still that I could work with so I’m hoping just one pic in different colors will please some people. Please LIKE/REBLOG if you use.