Imagine if Yongguk, Rapmon, T.O.P, and Chanyeol released a rap track together.

  • Glamour:You’ve been shortlisted as one of GLAMOUR’s Sexiest Men of 2011. Why should our readers vote for you?
  • Darren Criss:“Well first of all there’s been a terrible mistake. If you only knew… Well, I would encourage voters to vote for people with genuine sex appeal, and I would lobby against me immediately. That’s a bad idea – you don’t want to put that out in the world. Because I’ll meet people and they’ll think that I’m really sexy and I’m kind of a nerd, so I wouldn’t be able to live up to their expectations.”

Have you ever caught yourself thinking in the middle of a party, “Shit, I don’t think I give enough of a fuck about [Patti Smith/Bukowski/other overrated liberal-arts-college-graduate darling] to be here?”

These moments don’t happen to me much anymore, but out of nowhere I flashbacked to a couple while taking a walk at lunch.

So many missed opportunities to a) spill drinks on zealous pseudointellectuals, b) fart and/or belch loudly during a lull in the conversation, or c) begin singing the “Good Times” theme song. So many lost chances to alienate strangers as mental self-defense.