now accepting applications to date me

-must love cuddling

-must love nerdy things and video games

-must like star trek more than star wars (equal appreciation is also accepted)

-must be confident and have decent self esteem, so u can pick me up, and so i can pick u up when we’re down

-must. hate. goldfish crackers. (actually thats just a recommendation)

-actually communicates


>likes to cosplay

>will buy me things (of course, this will be equally reciprocated)

>appreciates that im an introvert

>loves gamegrumps

>is taller than 5′7″ w/dark hair

submit ur resumes!!!1!

Okay, so I was poking around in the tag a bit and didn’t find anyone talking about this so I need to point out something that I noticed in the Reclaim your Throne trailer.

No big deal, just the guys chilling in the car while the roof goes down. But wait…



important things we learned about jack zimmermann during the april updates

  • loves to be called pet names
    • sweetheart, honey, handsome
  • needs to clarify that he would probably be really good at curling
  • carried around a massive bottle of gatorade as a frog
  • … passionate
  • figured out how to work skype, somehow
    • picture bitty trying to show him ur welcome
  • subscribed to Bittle Fam Drama Jam 2k15
  • can draw!! but maybe only with crayons??
  • loves eric bittle
  • shows on face

Things I want to see:
-bitty and jack very rumpled and very obviously immediately post make out
-sleeping together. Spooning. Cuddling. Bitty fitting perfectly in jacks arms.
-making out
-lil dates for coffee or grocery shopping or smth. Jack coming back to samwell and helping bitty shop
-jacks dopey lovestruck face
-bittys dopey lovestruck face
-my boys being in love

Hi my name is joe fox’trot metareference johnson and i have short brown hair like fox fur (that’s how i got my name) with light brown streaks and warm brown eyes like flat beer and a lot of people tell me i look like my big brother john johnson (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!) i’m also a hockey player, and i go to a very gay school called Samwell in Massachusetts where i’m in my first year (I’m eighteen). i’m a hockey bro (in case you couldn’t tell) and i wear mostly hats. i love dick’s sporting goods and i buy all my clothes from there. for example today i was wearing a hoodie. i was walking outside the Haus. a lot of lax bros stared at me. i put my middle finger up at them.

Bitty decided, with definite surety, to come to Samwell because his older cousin had told him about how supportive her athletic team was of her coming out, and how great the hockey department was, from what she’d seen (she was pretty sure a few of the members were crushing on each other, but she’d never blatantly say it - you never know who’s closeted, and accidental outings could be the worst). Of course, Bitty looks up to and trusts his slightly older cousin (Bitty likes to emphasize that it’s barely any age difference) with the matching brown eyes and the blonde hair that the two of them used to intertwine with his own to compare colors. So he makes his final decision based on her affirmation that the college is wonderful. After all, who wouldn’t believe a bright, enthusiastic smile like that permanently etched one on the face of a certain Camilla Collins?