Touken Ranbu Graphics (1/?)
↳Yasusada, Hotarumaru and Sayo

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             ❝  well,   aren’t  you  SMALL  ?   are  you  going  to  tell me  that  you’re  another  child  of  the  detectives  ?   full  of  surprises,   she  is,   but  this  would  truly  set  her  off  the  mark  !   ❞            there  was  an  evident  grin  etched  upon  his  profile,   feeling  somewhat  smug,   as  if  he  had  already  figured  out  the  identity  of  the  unknown  female  opposing  him  –  he  might  have  been  good  at  figuring  out  what  people  TRULY  desired,   but  when  it  came  to  guessing  who  a  complete  stranger  was,   perhaps  he  shouldn’t  have  said  anything.             ❝  you  even  have  that  look  in  your  eye  that  she  does  !   y’know,   when  i  apparently  talk  too  much  and  it’s  her  silent  way  of  trying  to  tell  me  to  shut  the  bloody  hell  up.  ❞

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natsudragabitch  asked:

GoM + Kagami having their kids come from the future and end up giving away the fact that they and their current crush/gf (however you wanna do it) end up having kids together.

AKASHI: He almost laughed at the absurdity of it all. A child? From the future? It was true that he had been paying much more attention to you, perhaps it was a crush, perhaps it was love, but children? He turned to you and was instantly swept away by the amazed sparkles in your eyes. His lips twitched as he pulled you closer, “Then should we try to attain our supposed future? Would you like to be my girlfriend, ____-san?” You blushed and nodded, thanking God for this kid.

AOMINE: “Hah?” His eyes widened significantly. “Wait, since when do I have a fucking kid?” You chided him for his language and bent down to speak with the kid. “I swear to God I’ve never even had sex yet!” You broke into a smile because all this time he’s been bragging about his awesome skills in bed. When he realized, he smacked himself in the face. “Look, you want to test this out, let’s test it out. Maybe we’ll even see this kid in our future someday.”

KAGAMI: Blinking incredulously, he wondered how the kid suddenly appeared in the middle of his kitchen and began explaining how you and him got married. He blushed at the descriptions and how Kagami had cried in the wedding video. He could imagine that. He quickly stuffed the salad bowl to his face. “Here, eat. Let’s talk later.” You smirked at his embarrassed expression. “So you’re gonna cry during our wedding?” He glared at you but couldn’t hold back the reddening of his cheeks.

KISE: With glittering eyes, he bent down and asked the kid plenty of questions. “How did you get here? Did I and ___-chi get married? Did we make lots of beautiful babies!” “Kise!” You scolded with a blush. The kid explained that he was yours in the future and your lips parted. You were going to have a kid. With Kise. Oh Lord. He instantly hugged you, “Ne, see. We’re going to get married and have lots of babies!”

KUROKO: When the kid claimed that she was from the future, Kuroko began to doubt immediately. How could someone time travel? Was that even possible? However, when the kid seemed to know the two of you fairly well, his suspicions started to lift. “Hey, how about we get you ice cream instead?” Kuroko offered with a small smile. When you asked him why he didn’t want to know about the two of you in the future, he only replied, “The future’s for the two of us to decide and what we do from now on will affect it. It’s not to be determined because we heard a prediction.”

MIDORIMA: Midorima pushed up his glasses to get a better look at the green-haired brat. “And how do I know you’re not lying?” “Well, you’ve got to figure it out, nanodayo.” You burst out laughing, “He is so yours!” He scowled at you when the realization dawned on him. The two of you were going to be married someday and your child – or maybe just one of them – would have green hair like his, but he had his radiating smile. He sighed and got the kid something to eat instead as you began to chat about all sorts of things.

MURASAKIBARA: The first thing Murasakibara did was offer the little girl some sweets and she looked at it with such curiosity. However, when the girl liked it, Murasakibara instantly opened up his heart to her. You watched them interact and wondered what it would be like to have a family like this. And you would since this little girl apparently came from the future. Though, at that moment, you really didn’t mind. It gave you a glimpse towards the bright future you two seemed to have.