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(1/2) no but can we talk about the show where they mention lamb skewers for the first time like?? why did yg get all stuttery?? why did jimin ask "what kind of question is this?"? why did jk have to reassure him that it was because of lamb skewers? but most importantly: does jk keep bringing the joke back just to tease yg for getting flustered??

(2/2) heres the link if you haven’t seen it, starts around the 23.10 mark: dailymotion. com/video/x3273qp_eng-150521-bts-jung-joon-young-s-simsimtapa-2-2_music also youre one of my favorite people on this site~


i’ve talked about this moment before with a friend, like it was an innocent question but the way they paused after “we asked jeongguk” and the way they like chuckled before continuing “with suga” and jimin’s “what kind of question is this?” cause they kept pausing and laughing made it seem like they were gonna ask something different from “if you were going to spend a one day vacation with suga” (also the way the members react) and yoongi literally gets so flustered and he literally stutters and then jeongguk’s just like “hyung i wrote the answer that you’re thinking of” and immediately yoongi looks so relieved 

like omg that moment… he was literally stuttering i’ve never seen yoongi react like that before  

but yes i question this all the time jeongguk brings up lamb skewers, like wHY why does he keep bringing it up, what happens when they go that jeongguk never shuts up about it  

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Ok but imagine Louis child, Liam's, and Harry and the missus baby all meeting up for the first time together omg

Can you imagine? Oh my, god. Louis would keep a tight hold on Freddie because he’s one year-old and excited to see new babies but he hasn’t quite grasped the idea of being gentle. And both Harry and Liam are holding their little babies and sitting beside Freddie so he can see them. His fingers stroking their heads or grinning and giggling when both babies hold onto his fingers.

“Are you gon'a protect them, mate?” Louis would grin, “are you gon'a make sure they’re all safe from people, yeah?” xx


He’d hit the end of his rope before he wanted to and he hadn’t accomplished everything he’d hoped to this year, but he’d done more with his life than he’d ever thought possible. That had to be enough. He traced the outline of a key into his bloody, burnt palm with a shaky finger, closed his eyes, and wished Neil Josten goodbye.

Oh my God, wish I was dead
Wish I could turn off the noise in my head
Oh my God, wish I could breathe
Enough air in my lungs to muster a scream
Oh my God, wish I was numb
The weight on my back didn’t feel like a ton
Oh my God, wish I could pray
Believe in the words your religions all say
Oh my God, wish I could swim
Cause I’m gonna drown in depression again
—  The Pretty Reckless, Oh My God