I’m gonna draw all the red doots I can think of until I get my new stuff 

They look worse the more I look at them so just have them-

Cover page for “Eyes of a Dragon” by Murkymuse; the premise is that the first seiryuu, Abi, is actually a woman instead of a man

This is gonna be a big project of mine and I’m going to make a comic of the fanfic chapter by chapter (hopefully in full color) 

shamelessly used google translate


Hey everyone! Here is a whole bunch of stuff I have been posting up on Facebook for a meme that’s been going around. It’s supposed to be a 5 day challenge where everyday I post 3 art pieces, from sketch to full out masterpiece. As you can obviously tell, I choose to share the masterpiece route. Ha ha, nope, these are just a bunch of concepts I have been working for Pokemon and personal work. I hope you all enjoy this mess!

Thanks for looking! :)