so i did an expense report for one of my co-workers, which is kinda part of my job as creative assistant (i do these for everyone every day) and she randomly gave me a bouquet of sunflowers for helping her and i’m a little in love now

how long does it take jess to watch a two hour long movie? two days, apparantly.

caulmhood  asked:

13,14,16 (from that ask thing u reblogged)

13. What’s something that made you smile today? There was a really pleasant old couple that came into breakfast and the old guys was cracking jokes left and right! 

14. If you were to live with your best friend in an old flat in a big city, what would it look like? omg! This is begging to live my life long dream of living in the Friends flat! *drools*

16. What’s your favorite pasta dish? hmm pasta. it’s a tie between pasta salad and beef stroganoff! 

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