Could you maybe write something where Hermione and Fred first meet? When she’s in her first year or something like that..? Btw I LOVE everything you write!!

You guys are so dang nice to me, omg, let me love you.

* * *

“Who is she?”

“I’m not sure, but she has to be a first year.”

“But why would she just be listening in on us?”

“You’re asking like I have an idea…”

“Katie! Angelina!” the ginger twins popped up behind the two third-year girls who had been glancing from their charms books to the girl with bushy brown hair who was occasionally watching them, seemingly taking in their every word from her chair by the window in the common room.

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AfterMax part 12

(part 11)


When the bat appeared in Max’s hand he nearly dropped it in surprise. He could barely see it through the brightness - its very old wood with marks carved into it, and nail heads poking out among gouges in its surface. Its handle sat comfortably within his grip, feeling, somehow, like it belonged there.

Alcor had known Max was in danger, and had given him a weapon.

Max had no idea what good it would do, but the first thing he did was smack the tip of the bat against the floor beside his chair. The brightness of the room began to flicker and fade, and the door immediately burst open. Two figures tackled Max and tried to wrest the bat from his hand, but in the struggle the weapon hit the back of the chair, and the belt holding Max in place retracted. He sprang forward out of the seat, grabbing the edge of it to spin himself around. With the added momentum he swung the bat at one of the attackers, then he spun around again to hit the other. They both fell easily.

Shouts could be heard through the door, which hadn’t fully closed. Max ran to Journey and hit his chair with the bat, freeing him.

Journey gawped at the weapon. “…Okay, I definitely wasn’t expecting anything like that. What did you do?”

“Alcor gave it to me.” Max crept up to the door and peered through the crack.

“Nice. Maybe I should ask him for one.”

Max couldn’t see anyone on the other side of the door, just an empty control room. He turned back to Journey, only to see his friend taking the gloves from the hands of the first two attackers.

“There’s magic in these,” Journey said. “Maybe I can use them.”

Max pulled the door open and led Journey out of the horrible bright room. There was another door to their right, and they ran for it.

After four steps they ran face-first into another magical barrier. Max’s free hand went to his face; nothing seemed to be damaged, but it still stung like mad. Journey looked at the gloves on his hands, then back up to the invisible wall, an eager grin spreading across his face at the challenge. He rubbed his palms together and placed them against the barrier, then spoke a few well chosen words that Max remembered learning in class. The magic holding the barrier in place sparked and fizzed out.

“You make that look easy,” Max said as they sprinted to the door.

“You just need to pay more attention in class,” Journey retorted.

Upon flinging open the door, the two found themselves facing a long hallway filled with henchmen. The tall man stood at the front of the pack. The door slammed shut, and wouldn’t open again.

“I’m sorry,” said the man. “I don’t want to have to do this, but it seems you have chosen damnation, so I cannot save you now.” He turned away, and disappeared through his horde.

The henchmen collectively took a menacing step forward.

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May I ask for a scenario, where you get into a playful argument with jr and tell him he's not allowed to touch your for 2 hours, but he whines up giving in and touching you ...a little smutty..or more (I've never request smut so I don't want to seem so naughty ^^)

(Don’t worry you don’t seem naughty! I’ll put the ‘smut’ part under a ‘read more.’ But omg who are you let me love you, my Jinyoung feels are through the roof uhu.)

“Jagiya~” Jinyoung calls out to you. Before you could even turn around in your seat, his arms are wrapped around your waist and his lips gently peck your cheek.

Playfully, you tried to shrug him off. “Yah! Get off of me! I’m concentrating!” You sat at the table, bringing your phone closer to your face as you continued watching your video.

Pouting, Jinyoung tried to sit on your lap and see what you’re watching. “Ay, is that us on stage?” He smiled as his guess was correct as you tilted the screen towards him. “Yah, that was a really good performance. Your Jinyoungie did well, right~”

You stuck out your tongue at him and tried to push him off your lap. “Well obviously I’m not watching this to look at you~ I see you all the time and I get tired of your face~” You stood up and moved yourself from the kitchen to the dorm’s living room couch.

“How could you get tired of this face?” Jinyoung whined as he followed you to the living room. As you sat down, he sat down on the floor in front of you, arms across your legs, facing looking up to you like a lost puppy.

As the performance video was finished, you quickly switched to the drama that you started yesterday. Jinyoung popped his head above your phone to see what you were watching.

“Yah~ Why don’t you just watch our performance again? You can see me blow kisses to the camera~ Which are meant for you~”

You squinted your eyes and let out a chuckle from your boyfriend’s greasiness. “I’m so done with you,” you muttered, slapping your forehead. He went from the floor to your right side on the couch and slung his arm around your shoulder.

This wasn’t annoying to you since your relationship with him was full of sarcasm and cheesy comments. But you wanted to see what he’d do if you tried something different.

Grabbing his arm, you sat up and dragged him back to the kitchen table. “Stay,” you stated as you headed back to the living room. Once settling down on the sofa, you raised your feet up. “You’re not allowed to touch me or disturb me until I finish this drama episode.”

“WHAT!” he shouted from the kitchen. “Why not~ How can I survive without you for two hours~”

“We can stretch it to four hours if you keep this up, mister~” You grinned. “If you can survive for two hours, I’ll give you as many hugs and kisses as you’d like~”

“Can I at least sit next to you?” He yelled.

“Nope~ You’ll be tempted to touch me~”

“Yah! Jagiya, you’re horrible!” he whined as you heard him bang the kitchen table.

This was quite unusual for you, actually. You were glad that you were able to watch your drama without Jinyoung disturbing you, but you missed just having him on your side. Pausing your video, you decided to see how he was doing in the kitchen.

Like a sad little puppy, Jinyoung’s upper body was sprawled across the table as he stretched his arm far away from him checking his phone. Noticing you though, he perked up with a smile. “Has it been two hours already?”

Before he jumped on you, you stopped him. “No, I was just checking how you were, that’s all.” He pouted, going back to his lazy position on the table. “But can I at least sit next to you~ Please~ Jagiya~”

Giving in, you sighed and nodded. “But you still can’t be touchy with me.” Enthusiastically, he followed you to the living room, but made sure to stay a good distance from you. 

Still into your drama, you weren’t aware that ever so often Jinyoung inched closer to you. The more drawn into the episode you were, the closer he was to you. 

To your surprise, you heard breathing really close to your ear. In your peripheral vision, you noticed a close-eyed Jinyoung right next to you, shocking you a bit, but you pretended not to notice.

However, it was hard to ignore him once he brought his lips so deathly close to your ears. “Yah, I told you not to touch me.”

“I’m not touching you though~” he whispered into your ears in a seductive tone. Throughout your months of dating, you’ve never heard his voice like that. Stiffening up a bit, you tried to ignore him. “Jagiya~” he whispered again sending chills down your spine. “Are you sure you’re not craving my touch?”

Not even wanting to stare at him, you paused your video and closed your eyes. You didn’t want him to know that you were growing weak at the sound of his voice. “Jinyoung, there’s a few minutes left of this episode. Please wait a bit longer..”

Throwing your phone to the other side of the couch, Jinyoung held on to you and turned you around. Landing with a big ‘thud’ on the floor, you landed on top of him, your faces right above each other. “I don’t think I could wait a little bit longer anymore.”

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Chapter XIV: Mandalore’s Revenge

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Hey can I get a match-up. I'm 5'7, hella chubby, brown hair and a INFJ. I'm socially awkward, insecure af, a worry wart, with too many self esteem issues to count and I cry a lot. But I'm also a complete meme lord, and I can bake + decorate cake pretty good. I love to learn about anything but my memory is complete shit. But some how I can make a website from just code. (I made a Bill Nye fan page and it was beautiful) Ps You are great like holy cow <3

I UNDERSTAND HOW YOU FEEL. You are so precious though omg let me love you please– Immediately I thought of Pidge. But that’s only because I saw the word ‘code’, but I still ship it! (TBH I’m feeling a lot of Hunk now that I think about it)

Pidge is a take-no-shit kind of human, and I feel like that would be something that you admire of them, since you ache to feel like that for yourself. They would be over in a heartbeat to comfort you, and beat away any insecurities you have with scientific proof that you’re better than anything you bash yourself with. They would love it when you bake, and constantly be around you when you do. They would sit at the kitchen island, kicking their feet and stealing licks of the frosting you’d whipped up for the cake. You’d be concentrating on your work at hand, and they’d muss it up by smearing their finger, or drawing on you with frosting. Anything and everything you baked would be devoured in seconds. They would love to help you out, but they love watching you more. And honestly it was your knowledge of coding, and your eagerness to learn that really roped them in, and got your relationship rolling. They’re always there to praise your work, and help you overcome anything your stuck on. 

They’re especially proud of your Bill Nye fanpage.


Then I asked for a photo and he said yes, and asked me if I was going out for party, but I said no, I’m not from Madrid, so I said I was comming to a friend’s house. He asked me where I am from, I said Galicia but he didn’t know, so I said Portugal, because it’s next to the country, and he said he knew where is Portugal. Then he hugged me again x,D And because I couldn’t say anything normal, while they were leaving, I said with a distance of few meters “I FOLLOW YOU SINCE YOUR VERY FIRST CD! SINCE I WAS 14 YEARS OLD!” He laughed and he said “See you tomorrow!”. I don’t remember if I said “I love you” during a hug, I just said “OH MY GOD” and “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT”. HE IS LOVELY. I LOVE YOU, BRENDON ;_;

Ed stahp
  • S1 Ed: Wow that's a Mr. Penguin, so cool let me befriend you with riddles of foot eggs
  • S2 Ed: Omg let me love you and I will love you until you learn to love yourself also you're not getting those clothes back what is personal space your mommy is dead want some spicy mustard?
  • S3 Ed: Hey thanks for the prison break and the nice suits and giving me a job and feeding me but ugh stop calling me when I'm trying to murder why are you so self centered
  • Me: (ಥ_ಥ)