taemin in college
  • double major in criminology and japanese, minor in latin 
  • whenever he tells anyone his minor they’ll always ask him to say something and he’s just like spouting random stuff like “water, vengeance, rock duck, veni vedi vici, amen” (”did you just say amen?? was that a prayer??” / taemin: *sweating* “yeah”) 
  • tbh saying amen is just a reflex from when he was an altar boy 
  • rides a longboard around campus
  • occasionally his cap will fly off while he’s cruising and he’ll have to backtrack and awkwardly trudge after it (”omg pls don’t roll away hat i’m coming back for you”) 
  • he spent a really long time practicing ollies in the quad and now he randomly kicks up his board on his way to class like nbd he’s just super cool
  • his backback is HUGE 
  • he just keeps EVERYTHING in there so he’ll never forget anything (jonghyun: omg just get yourself a planner or something and keep notes / taemin: no. never. it’s better this way) 
  • honestly getting things in that bag is like playing tetris and you never know what he’ll pull out of there??? onew’s homework (”omfg i was looking for that everywhere”), a bag of chocolate chips (onew: this is my compensation), multiple chargers, rolls of tape, ah there’s his syllabus, oh his rosary!!! 6v6
  • he’s that kid who ALWAYS loses his student id and people post in his class facebook page like “taemin i found your card again” 
  • works at the bookstore and when he sees minho coming in, immediately turns around and walks in the opposite direction bc he loves him and all but minho buys in like bulk and he does not get paid enough for this no siree 
  • does not own a single uni sweater/shirt himself despite the 15% discount his friends abuse 
  • until jong gave him a giant uni sweatshirt for christmas that he… rang up for him?? but it’s actually pretty comfy and he wears it on exam days bc the long sleeves are comforting and could absorb tears if it comes down to that 
  • whenever key walks into his dorm he’s always watching some anime (it’s usually one punch man lately) and he always insists it’s ~studying~
  • also his room always so messy omg like boy do you unpack by opening your suitcase and just chucking your clothes all around like a tornado??? 
  • hurricane taemin 
  • but seriously there’s no floor showing 
  • minho: where do you study in your room?? / taemin: i just kinda *motions at the mess in a vague manner* / minho: that gives me literally zero answers
  • he studies a lot with key at the cafe jonghyun works at (for the free coffee / jong: literally you guys only come here for my coffee and not for me / taekey: … well yeah / jong: you’re both banned forever bye) bc he likes the buzz of other people talking 
  • can’t really focus when it’s too quiet  
  • does really well in classes despite sometimes missing a few bc he just straight up forgot that it was during a certain timeslot (key: how / taemin: things just happen!!! it’s totally plausible that you’d forget sometime!!! / onew: we have 5 weeks of school left) 
  • people sometimes forget that he’s also a crim major also but he’s genuinely interested in forensic science and piecing together what happened and how 
  • almost always knows the answer when the prof ask a question but doesn’t really participate unless called on and he could talk for a WHILE once he gets past the initial stuttering start 
  • honestly every time he has to present in class considers taking a shot to loosen his nerves because dear god he hATES public speaking 
  • he can’t bc asian glow is so real 6///6
Steamy Slip

Ayyye. My first Scenario on here. I’ve been having unexplained Taemin feels. thank you to Admin Daze (Not on this blog) for being a huge help with this.

- Gongju J

Characters: Taemin x Reader

Genre: Fluff/Suggestive

Word Count: 1250

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“Taemin, I’m here!” You call out as you enter the boys’ dorm.

“I’m in here!”

You follow the sound of his voice and see the bathroom door cracked open with steam coming out from the hot water.  When you walk up to the door you peek inside and see Taemin standing in front of the mirror with one towel tied around his waist and another drying his hair.

When you notice he isn’t dressed you move away from the door.

“Oh, sorry jagi!”

You hear him chuckle, “It’s okay. Just come in here.”

You drop your things outside the door and slowly make your way into the steamy room, leaving it open without realizing. He continues to dry his hair as you find a seat on the closed toilet lid, waiting for him to finish up. You begin to feel the heat of the steam leftover from his shower.

He stops moving the towel and turns to you.

“Are you enjoying the show?” He asks.

You blink as you come back to reality. “What?… I’m not watching you!” You turn away to hide your eyes and your flushed face.

“Whatever,” he laughs, “get over here.” He takes the towel he was using to dry his hair and wraps it around you. Next thing you know, he pulls you up from your seat, right in front of his wet and warm body. By now, the heat has completely overwhelmed the majority your senses and slightly increased your heart rate.

He leans down and your lips meet his.

He begins invading your mouth with his tongue, exploring every part of it and loving every second, Caught by surprise, you groan into the kiss and close your eyes. He gets a feeling of satisfaction, deciding that you deserve more so his hands trail to the curve of your back, pulling you in closer, making the towel fall to the ground before his palms snake around your waist. The kiss deepens from how close your bodies are, not more than a couple inches apart. Your hands press against his wet body as they slide a little lower. You aren’t sure whether it’s sweat or the steam, perhaps it’s both. He takes a step back, hitting the wall, and you take a step forward as well. His hands slide underneath your shirt, gripping at the skin of your waist then smoothing it out. He follows by drawing light patterns with his tendril fingers. Oh, how much you loved that.

You pull away to speak, placing both of your hands on his bare chest. “When did the others leave?”

He simply looks down at you and slyly grins. “They haven’t yet.”

“Taemin!” Your hands rubbed his chest lightly and he grabs a hold of one of your wrists.
“Don’t worry,” he inches closer once more, voice falling to a whisper, “Just don’t be so loud.”


He interrupts your sentence as his lips slam against yours again. His lips are plump and soft from the shower and they fit yours perfectly. He places his hands on your shoulders to push you off to break away from the kiss. He then follows by turning your body and pressing you against the wall so that your places are switched. His forearm is against the wall and supporting his body while his other hand is cupping your cheek. You’re both panting from the heated kiss, lust slowly building up in the air. “You’re…” he pants while he slides his thumb across your cheek and back, “so…” He inches forward once again, eyes downcasting to your body and back to your eyes as if he has stripped you in his mind, “beautiful.”

You inhale to respond back, but he dives in for a kiss. Unable to articulate a response, you smile into the kiss and he feels the corners of your lips curve, causing him to mimic your smile back. You don’t notice his incredibly hard erection until he grinds up against you, making you moan and causing your body to fall limp a little bit. You feel his eyelashes fluttering against your skin and you don’t even have to open your eyes to know that he has a slick smile painted across his face.

“You want more?” He whispers and dives back in for more kisses.

God, how much he loves the way you moan, the way you say his name- just the way your voice sounds and you. He wants to give you so much more and you want to do the same. Your hands slide lower his body while one of his goes down the curve of your back and over your ass. The other invades your shirt again. You manage to break away again to catch your breath, so he proceeds to kissing and sucking on your neck.

You close your eyes as you feel his soft lips against your skin leaving you with an even more lustful feeling.

You stay wrapped up in this feeling as your hands touch his chest and crawl lower and lower until they reach the brim of the towel still wrapped around his waist. As soon as your hands grip the cloth you hear a sound outside the door.

Hang on, guys. I’m just gonna tell Taemin we’re heading out.

Your eyes shoot open, but before you can react any further, Taemin takes you by the shoulders, spins you around and places you behind the door. Unfortunately, you don’t have time to release your hands from the towel and you tear it from his body leaving him exposed. The sight of this heats your face up exponentially and the room seems to get even steamier.

Just as you land completely behind the door, it swings open revealing a clueless Jonghyun.

“Taemin we-” noticing his bare maknae, he pauses.

“Don’t you knock?” Taemin asks as he casually grabs another towel from the shelf and wraps it around himself. Jonghyun laughs.

“Don’t you shut the door?” He chuckles. “ Anyway, we’re heading out now. Did you want us to bring back anything for you?”

“No, I’m good. Thanks.”

“Alright. We’ll be back.” Jonghyun says and places his hand on the knob. “Bye, Taemin.”

He closes the door slightly and peaks around so you’re in his sight. “Bye, y/n.” He smiles at you. He closes the door to the way it was before and leaves with the rest of the group. Meanwhile, Taemin stands there laughing to himself.

You begin to blush, insanely, holding the towel close to you, still thinking about your boyfriend who was completely naked just a minute ago.

You see Taemin shrug as he turns back to you. He laughs at the sight of your shock.

“Did you like what you saw?” You just look at him, speechless. He laughs once again at how cute you are. “Well, they’re gone now.” He minimizes the space between the two of you. He grabs your waist and you put your arms around his neck looking him in the eyes.

“Where were we?” His lustful voice wisps past your ears. You find your lips connected to his once again, but with ten times the passion from before. 

His grasp around your waist tightens slightly and he jolts you up so your legs are now wrapped around his waist. He kicks the door open with his foot and carries you into his room. He tosses you on the bed, not breaking eye contact with you as he shuts the door behind him.

SHINee: PDA preference

Key: tbh I think he wouldn’t initiate it, but he low (high) key loves it when you grab his hand in public or when you kiss his cheek when there’s people around. He loves showing you off but he’s always unsure of how to approach…the situation. Like he gets this panicked look in his eye when he sees you talking to someone else but doesn’t know what to do. Will always settle on hugging you from behind and kissing your cheek/forehead. Usually will have his arm on your shoulder when walking. 

 Minho: looks innocent but will tease the hell outta you in public. Like he’ll pretend he’s whispering something interesting in your ear but really he’s begging you to go home in a really deep voice. Always has his hand somewhere on your leg or thigh when he’s sitting next you. When there’s a lot of people around, he takes this opportunity to whisper *ahem* inappropriate things in your ear. Will also make the excuse that there’s too many people around, he just has to whisper it in your ear. If you haven’t gotten the point, he loves whispering stuff and just being physically close in general.

 Jonghyun: (omg bias time) I see him always trying to flirt with you in public. He’ll see a pretty dress in a store and he’d ask you to try it on for him because “Jagi, you’ll look so breathtaking in this, please try it on?” Always needs to touch you somewhere. Not sexually (sometimes) but just the reassurance that you’re there, and also to make sure no one gets the wrong idea that you’re single. Loves playing with your hair when you’re talking to people and not paying attention to him. Not a lot of kisses on the lips, especially when you’re around close friends. But you can be sure he’s always kissing your cheek/forehead and pressing little kisses on your knuckles.

 Taemin: always has a goofy smile when you reach for his hand. Like Key, very unlikely to initiate kisses/hand holding. Unless he’s feeling extra cuddly or hasn’t seen you in a while. Will actually squeal if you put your head on his shoulder if you’re out in public. It might not seem like a big deal to you bc you do it all the time when you’re alone, but this feels really intimate and you bet your butt he’s blushing and tightening his grip around you. Cheek kisses are a must. 

 Onew: doesn’t care who’s watching, he’ll grab you and kiss you whenever he feels like it. He feels as though it shouldn’t matter because he loves showing affection to you and “it’s not that big of a deal.” Always playing with your fingers when you’re talking to someone else. Actual puppy when you’re not paying attention to him. Also likes whispering in your ear (not like Minho tho yikes that lil pervert) even when there aren’t many people around. He just likes it when you shiver every time he does it. Will cuddle anytime, anywhere, 24/7.

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