[MV] JJCC(제이제이씨씨) _ BingBingBing (Oneway) (빙빙빙)


OMG OMG OMG the making of!!!!!! its soo good shes always so adorable like ahhh its asdfghjkl

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I don't really know what I want to cosplay this year but I have decided to make at least 3 costumes this year (usually I make 2 bc im slow) I might make lady oscar, but also!!! I may get a new gaming computer soon and I'm excited!!!!!

YAS you go!! i think this year im also making more cosplays than i normally do so :o im in it with you

and OMG!! i got a gaming laptop for christmas and iTS SOO GOOD like I CAN ACTUALLY RUN GAMES NOW! and i can run them on the highest settings!! its so beautiful i actually am so amazed and im so excited for you !!!