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anonymous asked:

gomi omg u lucky girl!!! your son looks soo good!! i can only find bad quality ones usually D: do you have a second name for him? (as a unique name for that specific chopper plush)

waaahh! it’s tricky on the internet to find good quality stuff, for sure! i got him at a pretty big convention so there were a lot of import dealers there! 

it’s funny cause i read choppers intro on friday night of the con and saturday i was walking around in the dealers room, saw him and didn’t even ask a price. i knew that lil’ dude needed to come home with me~

as for a name? hmmm i usually just coo at him… i do call him doc tho. wow guys i am literally 8 years old ffffffffff

secumsempra asked:

my favorite tv show at the moment is the 100! its soo good omg

I watched the first season and it was soo good. I need to see the second season. I didn’t think I would like it but oh my goodness….

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