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shah i have a question. (its the anon who was planning on writing a kid fic) how old are all the baby!bands? are they all the same age or are bb pete and bb gabe older than bb mikey? and bb top, what about them? did we ever discuss ages??

yooo i like to think that they’re all 5/6/7 years old in kindergarten or lower elementary. and bb gabe is a year older than pete and mikey. EVERYONE’S A BABY EXCEPT FOR ART TEACHER GERARD AND MUSIC TEACHER FRANK

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I've got a little over 500 words and nothing important has happened yet but gee is basically mikeys legal guardian, hes 7, so baby top are going to be like... 6?, and gabe is teaching pete and mikey spanish via dora the explorer. thats really it so far because i'm lazy and a tiny bit unmotivated, but its fun to write and i have no idea how long its going to be. - bbanon

BBANON HEY. No pressure omg just write whenever you feel like writing. And ayy baby top anon and i are here to support support you and also give ideas if you ever run out of juice just let me know i bet baby top anon’s head is exploding with ideas and also i think the BABY TOP TAG will be useful BC BABIES