Just Like the Book

a Luke Hemmings imagine

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a/n: sorry this is kinda shitty.. my concert is tonight and i just wanted to post something for you guys and then this happened…

People swept past you, as you breathed in the warm air of Los Angeles. You were sitting outside a little coffee shop, reading one of your favorite books. This was probably the fourth or fifth time you read it, but you just never get tired of reading it. The book had some sort of connection to you. You always felt something while reading it. It wasn’t until this moment in time you knew why you felt that way towards a bunch of pages with words typed onto pages. The book reminded you of your life. While reading the book for the fourth or fifth time, you began to think about him.

The last time you saw him was about eight years ago, when you graduated from high school. You promised each other that you’d stay in touch, yet this was just another promise made to you, which had been broken. You bet he probably has long forgotten about you, but that wasn’t a hard thing to do. Sure, you graduated in the top five of your class, but no one knew who you were. It was you and Luke against the world back then, now you don’t even know what country he was in; he also said how much he wanted to travel the world.

If only he had known how much you had fancied him back then. Maybe, just maybe, things would be different now. Oh, the things you’d do to see him again, just one last time. He was your better half, and he always made you smile. It was almost the exact plot in your book. The characters were best friends for years, and then they grow apart. Later, just randomly on the streets, they meet again. In the end, they live happily ever after.

Despite the fact that you were comparing your life to a book, and there aren’t really happy endings in reality, you still dreamed that this would happen in your own life. Yet, you knew it never would. Who knew what you would do if you saw Luke out on the streets?

Breaking you out of your re-occurring daydream of you and Luke as the characters in the book, you heard your name being called, numerous times.

“Yeah?” You asked confused as to where the mystery person was coming from. As you looked up from your book, you saw a semi-familiar face.

“Y/N? Oh my gosh. Is it really you? No, it can’t be? But it is!” An overly excited voice came out of the man standing in front of me. It was as if the mere thought of finding you, sent a thrill through his body. You knew his voice anywhere, but you knew it’d be too good to be true. But sure enough, if this voice didn’t give it away to you, his bright eyes sure told you who had spoken your name seconds ago.

“Luke, oh wow! Hi, how have you been?” You smiled, standing up to give him a hug.

He wrapped his arms around you tightly; he was always the best hugger in your opinion. He breathed in, as if he were trying to savor your scent to have it last.

“I’ve been good, I’ve been good. How about yourself?” He asked.

“I’ve been good, yeah.” You smiled at him.

“Man, when was the last time that we saw each other?” He questioned, though he knew the answer.

“Graduation.” You both suppress a laugh because you answered at the same time.

You sat there for a while, talking about this and that, your lives, and just completely filling each other in on what you’ve missed in the past eight years. About an hour or so later, his phone rang, disrupting our conversation. He excused himself for a moment to talk. Trying not to eavesdrop, you thought about everything. You still have feelings for him. Is it normal to have feelings for someone for almost fifteen years? You tried to just forget about it. You snapped yourself out of your thoughts, and saw Luke coming back with a big smile on his face. What you also saw was Luke holding hands with a girl.

“Y/N, I’d like you to meet Cora. My girlfriend.” He smiled larger, which didn’t seem possibly. You inspected his smile a little, and it seemed off, but you weren’t going to question it.

“Nice to meet you, Cora. I’m Y/N, an old friend of Luke’s.” You shook her hand, trying your best to be happy for him. “Well, Luke, it was great seeing you again. I’ve actually got to go, um, bye guys.” You smiled softly and turned around with your book in hand. You walked away from the couple. You walked away from your best friend, the person you used to tell everything to. He’s gone, and out of your life now.

Luke’s POV:

That was her; that was my best friend. We talked like we never grew apart. We used to tell each other everything. Except that I had a major crush her. She would never know that. Besides, I have Luke. But something was missing with her. I honestly think it was just the fact that she wasn’t Y/N.

I felt a little nudge and I turned to Cora.

“Go.” She smiled.

“What do you mean?” I asked confused.

“Go to her. She likes you, you like her. Go. I want you happy, Luke.”

I smiled at her words and gave her a huge hug. I honestly didn’t know where to go from there, though. I started running, hoping I could find her. Sure enough, I did. She turned around at the mention of her name, and smiled at me. This felt right.

It may have taken a few years, but Y/N and I are with whom we belong with. As she tells me, it’s just like the book.

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Name: Brittany
Nickname: Bubbs, Britt
Birthday: December 23 2000
Starsign: Capricorn
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5 or 165 cm (last time i checked. Probably grew)
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual 😊
Favorite color: dont have one! It changes honestly, theyre all so pretty. But for the sake of it, lilac.
Time rn: 9:10 pm
Average amount of sleep: Depends. During summer, bout 9 hours (heaven). During school, about 6 😩
Lucky number: 2
Last thing I googled: “5'5 in centimeters” lmao
Word that comes to mind: stress
Happy place: I have two, lmao oops. The movies and theme parks.
Number of blankets I sleep under: 1
Favorite fictional character: Spencer Hastings
Favorite famous person: the cast of GMW oops. I am lame. ALSO JOSH DUN, TYLER JOSEPH, AND THE MEMBERS OF PTV
Celebrity crush: josh dun, tyler joseph, jenna joseph, vic fuentes, peyton meyer, uriah shelton, theo james, chris evans, william levy. (Oops)
Crush of same sex: Jenna joseph and Hannah Snowdon
Favorite bands: twenty one pilots, pierce the veil, neck deep
Last movie I saw: Weeeellll, technically Pirates of the Caribbean but I didnt get to finish, so im just gonna say “To be Fat Like me”
Favorite show: The Fosters, Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth, Chasing Life, Scream, I am Jazz, Catfish, GIRL MEETS WORLD, Friends (I have no life)
Favorite movie: dont have one 😩 Id have to say either The Hunger Games series or the Harry Potter series but also the Divergent series. THE DUFF. Im sorry I can’t even decide bc i love movies. There are so much more.
Dream trip: Honestly i wanna travel so much but rn i just really wanna go on a road trip to Orlando with my family and then friends, and i wanna go to Universals and Disney for a couple days. Stay at a hotel.
What im wearing rn: A dark grey crop top with an open back/black tank top underneath and black skinny jeans.

I tag: peachypansy, jehzeus, heaven-0ver-hell, upinsmvke, bluecheerry, minymilocat, kaleidoscopepilots, strawberrysad-ness, speak-life, yinyangmunyang

xamijou asked:

“I expected you to be done with this this morning already. Have you been slacking? You know what happens when people don’t work their hardest, don’t you?” (Hi there~!)

Akihiko looked up at his master, wincing as his voice sounded through his senses like a screeching alarm. He had been at this house all day, scrubbing floors, dusting ceilings and washing down walls. The man was exhausted, and still the other wanted more. 
What would happen indeed?. He’d already had bread privileges taken away, and not too mention hot water. What else could possibly be worse than luke warm porridge and icy showers? Nothing, that’s what. 
Letting out a raspy sigh, he knelt before the brunet. 
“Apologies, sir. I had hoped to have everything done in time. There just isn’t enough hours in the day.” 
Usami thought he’d drop it there, just so he didn’t over step his marker. His owner certainly did have a short fuse.

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          THE WITCH OF THE GRAVES knows of the other’s arrival before she even steps within sight distance of each other. the forest had conveyed their whispers in a small burst of synchronized energy, one that seraphina had registered in the signatures left behind on her fingertips. she’s prepared. hidden by gnarling branches & shivering leaves.

                                                            ❝  this is not the way out.  ❞

anonymous asked:

have you had your first kiss yet?? I think I'm going to have mine soon and I'm nervous

unfortunately no i haven’t had mine yet so i cant really give you too much advice 😣 but if you think it’s going to happen soon i assume that means that there is someone specific that you want to kiss? which is great!! it’s perfectly normal to be nervous about something like that, but i think you should just try to think about the person you want to kiss and all the reasons you like them :) if you can replace all the nervous thoughts with good thoughts about that person then i think it might help you feel more ready 😊 i hope it goes well!! and if you want to tell me more about the person then i’d love to hear about them!! 

i just want you here;


No matter how many times Falkner went back to that house, no matter how accustom he was to approaching that door and getting greeted by the one he found himself so fond of, his heart always managed to begin a fluttering akin to hatchlings flapping their wings for the first time. It was a rare suit of emotions reserved for a single person, able to bring out a blush and exclusive smile every time. 

This visit was no exception. In fact, Falkner was even more worked up this time than usual. The emotions were far from negative, though. It’d be his first time seeing his boyfriend after almost a month, after all. Between running a Gym, training his keepers, caring for his birds and helping maintain Violet City, Falkner had hardly any time to see Morty and the same seemed true for the Ghost trainer. 

It didn’t help that Falkner had spent some of the summer flying around the region. These busy times resulted in a distance that neither was fond of. They weren’t strangers to it, being located at separate gyms, but it wasn’t something that was easy. So, when Falkner had finally returned from travel and freed some time up with the gym, Morty was the first to know. 

The soft thundering of Pidgeot’s wings drew out a gust of wind as the trainer and bird duo touched gently to the ground. Navy hues widened as his heart hiked a beat upon his feet returning to the ground. He stood before the house, a single hand stroking his Pidgeot’s feathers before he set out towards the door, a warm sensation bubbling within his chest.

“…Morty?” Falkner called out and nudged the door open. It wasn’t until months into their relationship that Falkner was able to freely let himself into Morty’s home. It wasn’t that he was uncomfortable with doing so─ it was simply a manner hard to break for the traditional creature.

“Morty, I’m here.”

anonymous asked:

hi can I ask for advice? I really want to ask out this really close friend of mine I was in love with them for a really long time but I never thought they would go for someone like me but I don't want to ruin our friendship it doesn't matter if they want to date me I would still be their friend but I want to ask just to know their answer but what if they don't want to be my friend or things get weird should I do it? they are irreplaceable to me I don't want to lose them

I have not been on tumblr like all day sorry!

This is one of those tricky situations you see on TV and in movies all the time and you know, you hope that you could tell them and they’ll be like yes let’s date or if they don’t wanna date you they’ll still be friends

But we are talking about real people in real life here and I am not an optimistic person so I’m sorry if my advice is bad haha. 

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oh my god did i make u uncomfortable im really sorry i just wanted to start a conversation so sorry it sounded weird why did u blocked me dont do that please i love ur blog i never want to make u uncomfortable u know that i am a cute little cinnamon roll please

What noooo omg i didnt block anyone what is this please??? ;-; im using tumblr from my phone and it keeps doing weird stuff like unfollowing people i follow im super sorry!! And no you didnt make me uncomfortable 😭 i was gonna answer your ask but idk what happened 😭😭 omg i feel so bad now im sorry (((again)))

OMG IM SO SORRY I HAVENT UPDATED IN MONTHS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH okay so, im keeping this blog up and running, but I might only check in every now and then.

my personal tumblr is stardustbeam

my art tumblr where you can totally request drawings or just ask me stuff is stardraws117

im def gonna update more often, but probably not as often as id like what with school and stuff lke that eating up my time.