taehyngs asked:

Emma!!! 👼💕 I posted a pic on peach already but I need to say this again ;; I LOVE THE NECKLACE SO MUCH OMG asdfasdf!!! It's so pretty and I love how minimalist it is. The material it's made w/ is also so pretty and I love the colour so much!! 💖💖💖 Rose gold my fav omg ;;; Thank you sosososo much bb, I don't know what to say but tysm - I'll definitely wear it a lot and will send you pics of outfits I make w/ it hehe. :~) Totally matches my aesthetic!!! As expected my ult knows me best 👸💕

omg im so glad you like it!!!!! they had like 5 options for color choices and i was really debating which one to choose 🌸AND I SAW IT ON PEACH!!!! with your lovely taehyung photos in the background… taehyung’s true gf right here im gonna cry!!!!! next year ill definitely be more on top of this and get you something that is even more fitting for my ultimate bias ;uu; 

and responding to your other message like you’re welcome!!!!! it’s only fitting to tag his actual gf in all of the posts ;uu; I KNOW I LOVE THE SIDEBAR GIF it’s one of my favorites of him he looks so good and smiley and precious… 😭😭😭😭😭