Today I made croissants.  Real croissants.  With dough I laminated myself.  Butter block, yeast dough, and a whole lot of folding and rolling.

I learned two things:  1) making laminated dough from scratch isn’t as scary as I was lead to fact, it’s really only time-consuming; 2) homemade croissants are addicting in the way that commercial ones can never be.

I don’t think I’ll be eating anything else for the rest of the day….*woofy*

(forgive the picture, I only had my phone with me)

anonymous asked:

would u date me? I'm 14. My parents built a very strange machine designed to view a world unseen. When it didn't quite work my folks they just quit then I took a look inside of it. There was a great big flash every thing just changed my molecules got all rearranged. When I first woke up I had realized I had snow white hair and glowing green eyes. I can walk through walls, disappear, and fly. I'm much more unique than the other guys and I'm here to fight for me and you.

i have been waiting for this moment since i was nine

As long as it doesn’t take you three seasons to finally kiss me, I’m completely down for it.

winifredmathiasen asked:

I wanted to say your graphics for Kingsley are amazing! You don't have to post this just wanted to say that. I'm using my time to just look everyone's blog.

I actually am going to post this because I’m fairly certain this is the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me and I need solid documentation and witnesses. Thank you!!! I hope everything is going good so far??! Keep up the good work, love!

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haha thats a game called dengeki bunko fighting climax!! its actually coming to the west i think? its loads of anime franchise characters fighting in a big beat em up p much its fun you should check it out!! mikoto can do that to kirito AND kirino just think of the trash removal potential

omg! it looked like one of those fan-made fighter games. i’ve seen so many of those.

I am waiting for more TW .gifs.

Where you at, bro?

Do I need to follow more Teen Wolf blogs?

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I'm scrolling through tumblr and I see where you've reblogged a lot of Buck Brannaman posts. I'm sitting here watching his DVDs right now because this guy is fantastic and basically saved my life omg those posts made me so happy. I'm going to reblog all of them now haha :)

Yay Buck! I’m glad I could make you smile! =)

omg ok so i just made three of those cool graphic design edit aesthetic things (idk what they’re fucking called) and i think 2 of them are p decent.. im not gonna post tho bc they’re not THAT decent but they’re ok for me i guess

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Those confessions made me so horny omg I fingered myself whilst my best friend is asleep next to me😩😍

damnn! haha 

Send me more slutty confessions!! DO ITTTT

tevinterwolf replied to your post “I’ve been seeing a post go around that’s talking about how people have…”

if it’s the post I’m thinking of, i do think it makes an interesting point about the fragmentation of community, which i am concerned w/, but i think there’s a way to avoid said fragmentation while still giving people the words they want

I’m sorry this is super late omg I haven’t been on my computer since I made those posts. Honestly my biggest issue with that post was just that it was kinda ace/arophobic? almost every term they used to show ‘bad’ labels came from the ace and aro communities. And they put quotes around romantic and sexual when talking about orientation like there’s not a difference for some people or like it’s not a real thing I guess and that really bothered me.

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Never stop making those cg edits with tumblr screencaps please

Ahaha omg it’s been a while since I made those. I haven’t been actively looking for quotes but I’ll probably make more eventually xD
~ glad to know u like them as much as I do!

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For dokyum's sign you spelled aqaurius wrong ;;

aH I’m cringing, I was half asleep when I made those omg pls forgive me 

slowlyfantasticwolf replied to your post “slowlyfantasticwolf answered your question “Halp”Maybe because is…”

Really? It worked for me…What’s the last post showing? Because if you have too many posts in a row they only show the 3 last posts you made.

Really? OMG those bastards. I’m a fucking fan blog and I usually blog everyday multiple times a day. Of course there is going to be more than three posts from me with the same tag. Why only show the last three? What happens to the other ones? They just never get shown in the tag? That’s dumb. Ugh.