Okay so I wanted this to be a nature theme cause Jack LOVES NATURE!! And I’m an amateur when it comes to painting so give me a break if some thing’s look terrible or not as detailed XD

Congrats on the 15 million! Jack like omg you’re growing too much for me to handle! STOP! No wait! I mean……keep going and change the world! Yea! Go do that thing even though you’re a let’s player but not only a let’s player a special one. :) Love ya Jack! I hope someday I meet ya! <3

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I just went thru ur entire blog (instead of homework) and I love u and this made my heart happy. Also for your consideration: obscure southern phrases. My favorite bein "cold as a witch's tit" and other such stuff (I'm texan IDK what constitutes southern slang 😅) ps ur art is beautiful and the tags you leave for other artists are so nice

aw omg thank you so much!!!!! im so glad you think so its so nice of you to send such a nice ask :’)) i m laughing really hard at “cold as a witch’s tit” omg??? the south is truly amazing

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victuuri playing i am bread and victor just staring at the screen swearing in Russian™ while yuuri just snorts in the bg.... our wedding will be bread themed (i LOAF you ;)) -spouse#50

if you guys haven’t seen michael and gavin play i am bread you haven’t lived

“So we’re trying to become toast,” Yuuri explains, and points at the screen. “So we have to make it to the toaster.”

Victor has never been much for video games—he wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for the fact that Yuuri is sitting distractingly close to him, his ankle continuously brushing against Victor’s own. “This is seriously a game that people pay money for?”

He nods. “Phichit and I used to play it all the time. It’s good for bonding. Okay, come on. You can control the top half of the bread.”

A few minutes later, they are invested.

“Yuuri!” Victor shouts as they’re about to tumble off of a wall. “Yuuri, hold on. You’d better–Yuuri! You let go!”

“The grip ran out,” he sighs, and takes his hand off of the keyboard. “I’m sorry.”

“We were so close,” Victor mumbles, pulling Yuuri onto his lap and lacing his fingers on his torso, burying his face in the back of his shoulder. “So close to finally becoming toast.”

“So you admit it’s a good game?”

“A great game. Let’s play again.”

[ KOUHEI;; Uwaaaah!! I don’t even know what to say for my beloved followers… ; - ; 
You guys have no idea of how happy I am to have you guys as my senpais, this kouhai
is the happiest little shit when they’re having fun and interacting with you all… I would’ve
abandoned this blog a long time ago if it werent for you guys. The lil’ Kouhei and Amami
have grown a lot since december of last year and you all are an amazing part of all of this. ]

I met such wonderful people here that it’s impossible to not make special mentions, so here
we go:

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So when I read Rivals 2: The Suffering this morning, it already had 76 comments. When I read it again tonight (while rereading parts of Rivals 1 and realizing HOW MUCH suffering Viktor must be going through) it had 292 comments. Do you read all of those comments? Like, how do you even get through all of them?! (thank you for the fic btw, second chapter is going to KILL me - Viktor's already in love with Yuuri and he's going to have to hear Yuuri say "I hate you"?! OMG)

Of course I read all the comments! I think what a lot of non-writers don’t realize is that A03 emails each comment to the author directly so I get a notification every time I get a new one and read them almost immediately. It takes me a lot longer to reply because answering all the comments can take 8+ hours sometimes but I read every single one of them almost as soon as they’re posted 

Cheese Balls! (Hoseok/Reader)

Prompt: Hi! OMG! I love all the stories on here and all the admins! I would like to request some fluff of either Yoongi, Hoseok, Jungkook (or all of BTS if possible), when their gf has one of those big jug things of cheese balls and keeps them hidden in her closet so no one would steal them and he finds it, and when he asks her about it she pretends she has no idea of what he’s talking about. Was that too detailed? Anyways, I totally understand if you can’t do this request. Much love

Genre: fluff, slight humor, drabble,

Words: 1k

Author: Admin Nan

Summary: You loved your cheese balls.

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“Love is a scary thing.
It’s trusting someone with everything that you have and they could decide to crush it at any moment.”
-Tyler Joseph

Happy 2nd anniversary!!!!! You guys are so amazingly cute. I wish that you guys have a long amazing life with lots of fun. What’s it like having Tyler Joseph as a husband? It must be fun, cute, and dealing with his mancrush Josh Dun. Anywho. I love u guys both. Sooooo much and I wish to see Tyler and Josh live someday and meet them and eat at Taco Bell and sing the TB Saga just cause.

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omg im actually fucin nutting rn I love "Dancing" so much ur like the only person on here who writes batb fanfic and bless ur soul that u do.

Thanks 😗 I worked hard on it and I’m glad you liked it so much!!! I’m happy to be here to satisfy the need for BATB fanfics lol.

Drunk [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Could u pls do one where the reader is younger and has never been drunk or had sex and rick has always been the closest to her and watched out for her. So one night he lets her get drunk at his house while he stays sober to watch after her and she gets wasted and horny and tells him shes a virgin and comes onto him but he keeps saying no bc she’s too young. But she starts taking off her clothes and seducing him and he gives in. Thnk u so much! 💕

OMG, I LOVED this request. Enjoy anon! ❤️

Words: 2,246

Warnings: Smut, Loss of virginity, seduction, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex, swearing

A/N: Ohhhh dear lord, this is some filth right here! 

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I follow a lot of otayuri art blogs and they're all lovely but you are without a doubt my favorite. Your art is just so sweet and pure it makes me feel all fuzzy. Keep it up you beautiful soul you.

OUIJPASO;KLCONLE THANK YOU SO MUCH AHHH this made my night omg <33333 ;O;

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I loved the first chapter so much!!! I just want to let you know that not only did I have an alarm set for the event but one of my friends texted the Yuri on Ice groupchat (chat for those of our friend group who love Yuri on Ice) as soon as she woke up to let us know the chapter was posted! The hype in our friend group is real. We talk about the fic almost as much as the actual show. 😂

omg that’s so cool, I’m flattered! 

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This name is no joke. I'm addicted to this scan, EVERYDAY I access the site to check if is there any release! Every single day! When I see some new and amazing chapter, I read it right away. Then today I accessed the site and there was... There was... A FULL VOLUME TRANSLATED!!! Omg, I'm crying, I love you guys so much!! Thanks for you hard work, my whole day got better :D


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Could I please request what the Karasuno team acts like when sick? P.S. I love this blog, thank you for all you do! <3

omg thank you so much!! You’re so sweet!! I hope you like them. I know nothing about the other second years so I didn’t add them I hope you don’t mind!



· He hates being sick

· He will become miserable and surprisingly pouty and sulky

· He’s still obedient and doesn’t disobey his mother and stays in bed and lets her feed him soup and porridge (mostly because he’s terrified of her when she’s mad. Where do you think he gets it from?)

· He doesn’t get sick very often at all so that’s why it’s such a big deal for him when he does – he isn’t used to it and literally feels like he’s dying

· He doesn’t like to take medicine unless absolutely necessary, so even when he takes something standard and weak, he’ll be knocked out


· Denies it when he’s obviously ill

· Will sneak out past his parents with a scarf pulled over half of his face so they don’t see

· Still tries to go to school and gets scolded by everyone

· Doesn’t like having to be taken care of since he feels burdensome but still appreciates it a lot

· Likes to be covered in blankets with some of his favourite tea and a movie playing that he doesn’t have to focus on too much to enjoy


· Poor bab will 100% get the sniffles at least 2 times in winter

· He gets sick more often than others but it’s not really bad and he usually doesn’t have to stay in bed till it blows over

· His family are pros at curing all sorts of ailments because of this

· When he notices his throat getting tickly or his nose blocking up, he’ll go make himself some soothing tea and drop anything else to relax so he doesn’t aggravate his condition with stress

· He knows how to take care of himself and will probably most likely always have throat lollies and over the counter pain killers and cold medicine on him for emergencies

· Like Daichi, he doesn’t really like taking medication and prefers natural remedies like lots of tea, honey and lemon and will take those if they’re available


· What is sickness?

· This child will rarely get sick so when he’s feeling lethargic and has a pounding headache he gets really confused and miserable

· He becomes really quiet and sulks when he’s told he needs to lay down and rest

· He gets even more miserable when he’s told it’s because he’s been eating icy poles in winter and feels betrayed

· Probably has a fever dream of kissing Tanaka dressed as Kiyoko tbh


· Comes to school and denies being sick even though snot is dripping from his nose

· Asks Kiyoko to take care of him only to be attacked with cold compresses by Suga

· Has a dramatic scene with Noya about being separated due to illness as if he’s going off to war. “Take care of Kiyoko-san for me” *cough cough*

· Flirts with the nurse’s assistant in the sick bay with the snot still going

· Actually makes like, really good tea


· Lowkey sick all through winter

· He doesn’t sleep much so he’s already got a compromised immune system

· Like Asahi, he always has cough drops and pain-killers and cold medicine in his bag.

· Uses them all the time because they’re convenient and he doesn’t have time for self-care

· Gets yelled at by Tanaka who aggressively cares for him with tea infused with honey and lemon (it’s actually really good? Enno is impressed but lowkey worried he’s hallucinating)


· He becomes really quiet and lethargic as well, everyone is worried about him

· He doesn’t realise he’s sick and denies it when he finds out because he thinks he’s invincible

· Probably cries when he’s told he needs to rest and can’t play until he’s recovered

· Is pacified when someone wraps him in blankets and gives him tea and puts on old matches for him to watch

· Usually takes a full week to recover fully because it’s really hard for him to just lie down and not do anything


· Again, probably doesn’t even notice he’s ill until he like collapses or smth during practice

· Doesn’t get sick very often and when he does, it’s usually more due to working too much rather than the weather

· Is better at relaxing and lying down till he’s better than Hinata but he definitely doesn’t enjoy it.

· Is pouty because he’s mad he didn’t take care of himself and he’s always telling Hinata off for the same thing

· Aggressive self care


· A baby when he’s sick

· He’ll whine and pout and be cute so he gets what he wants

· Still lowkey feels bad for making his parents do things for him but he’s sick so it’s okay

· Has no problem staying in bed with his favourite movies until he recovers.

. He still hates being sick and feels miserable throughout the entire thing


· Being sick is inconvenient but he appreciates the break from everyone else he gets because of it

· Drinks lots of tea and walks around in pyjamas till he’s better

· Once he’s better he changes his sheets, showers thoroughly and sprays disinfectant spray in his room so it’s safe for Tadashi when he visits – because he will visit as soon as he’s able no matter what he’s told

· Gets care packages from a worried Tadashi. Secretly sort of likes being sick because Tadashi’s care packages are the best.

· The type to have it all but a good immune system – very susceptible to illness. He’ll be the one to get sick if it’s hot outside and he walks into a really cold air-conditioned room

DWTS Season 24 Week 2 Recap

**DISCLAIMER: This will obnoxiously be at the beginning of every recap, so feel free to skip over it when you no longer care. I started writing these recaps for my mom way back in season 9 after I went to college and we weren’t watching together anymore. I love sharing them with you, but keep in mind that tumblr is not my intended audience as I write. So if you are confused about anything or have any questions, feel free to always ask and I can try to clear it up for you! Happy reading! :)

My weekend went by very fast considering it was three days… OMG I’m so excited for tonight! Mostly just for Bonner and Sharna, but I guess a couple others too! I’ve had their song on repeat for the past 5 days! I think and hope this week will go much better for them. And I already expect good stuff in their rehearsal package because they went out dancing at some sort of country bar or something this week to get ready for their dance and I’ve seen very cute pictures and videos! The only other couple I come even close to being as invested in is Rashad and Emma.

Forgot there’s going to be an elimination tonight. Curious who it’ll be. Hopefully Chris and Witney.

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