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Cen I've only ever played DPS. What kind of healer should I play first? I'm thinking resto druid but idk I'm not confident lol

omg! resto druids i think are strongest right now and consistently really good ! so if you want to and you think you can, go for it 100%!

i personally can’t play mine at all i just can’t work with hots it’s like the wooorst to me LMAO. i wish i was good at it!

personally i learned to heal on a priest and i loved every step of it. i think being the most classic healer it’s set up with a really good healing learning curve and all the spells are very straightforward, and there’s not much CD management or anything that goes into it. especially holy. output, output, output.. that’s my recommendation. c:

Honestly my coworker Kim is a total fucking riot. Like Friday night some of us went bowling and the waitress/bartender brought over my food that I’d ordered. I said thanks and I guess I must have looked at something in the direction of where the waitress was headed and Kim fake-slaps my arm and goes, “You were checking out her ass!” It took me a few seconds to get what she meant and then I was like, “No I actually wasn’t” lol and she looks disappointed and says, “Well why weren’t you?! She’s actually got a nice one.” So I start laughing and am like, “I know… I noticed earlier because she’s cute and I am very gay. Kind of ahead of you in that area, dude lol.” Then Christian started telling me about her friend who’s gay and was a bridesmaid at her wedding and I’m like OMG YOU STRAIGHT PEOPLE ARE LOVELY AND ACCEPTING BUT STOP TRYING TO SET ME UP LOL!

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Oh, I am in full I MUST DO NOTHING BUT TALK ABOUT IT mode, so don't worry. And I'm fine with you posting too. :P I'm not a very private person. Hahaha So yeah HI my name's Ash and I stan hard for Vanessa. Absolutely my favorite character. After that, I think it might be Patti Lupone, as both hers, and also the Creature/John Clare. Vanessa had the best arc, hands down, but Clare's was also pretty spectacular, I think! I loved that it ended with both of them.

goOD ME TOO AHHHHH lol *waves* Hi!!! Vanessa is my fav too, from ep 1 basically. and i love how the whole show centered around her.. it took a minutes but all the flashback episodes were about her and everything was about her and i was not expecting that at all going in…. (they definitely set up the pilot to make it seem like the most important lead character was ethan) but omg the creature’s arc really picked up in the third season and i was like woah now i did not sign up for caring about this dude lol. honestly i think one of my favorite arcs was dorians because he enters the show and you think something like oh wow he’s impressive or whatever and by the time the show ends for him ur just like what a loser and its rare that negative character development is used so well. (he’s not my fav by a long shot i just think thats awesome.) and honestly i wish we had more about lupone’s characters cause i wanted to see more about her… and how she literally could see into their minds… or maybe that was just the staging of the scene… but the blending of magic and science (though it was old school) is one of my favorite things and doing it in the 1890s without going full steampunk is even better 

lol maybe ill stop there cause if i get the chance I’m gonna end up rambling about this show forever 

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can you give me pop punk recs i need new shit

Yess?? omg? 

Okay so I might give you a few by each band because i cant choose ya feel

songs by Mayday Parade: Lets be honest , Keep in mind, jamie all over, Hollow and also the rest of them lol

Go Radio: goodnight moon, go to hell

Front Porch Step: drown

Man Overboard: Love Your Friends Die Laughing

Cartel: Faster Ride, Wasted, Matter of Time

The Wonder Years: Cardinals, Passing Through A Screen Door, Stained Glass Ceilings

Issues: Hero, Flojo, COMA, life of a nine, hooligans

Set It Off: Horrible Kids, Arrogance, Bleak December

Jamies Elsewhere: the illusionist

Emarosa: People like me, a hundred crowns, ill just wait

A day to remember : you be tails, the downfall of us all, all signs point

the story so far: all wrong, nerve

Im gonna end the list here but def come back if you want more i love sharing music fjksalkdasd i feel so blessed that you asked me

I put links to them all because im a loser

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I ordered a Terre Mere brush set from Hautelook after you made a post about them having a sale and got it for $25 instead of its original $235 price and just got it in the mail today and omg thank you so much it's so freaking soft and makes my makeup look 10x better I'm so happy(:

oMFG I SHOULDA GOT A BRUSH SET LOL  but i will next time

like i really love their stuff and like i cant afford them when theyre not having a sale on hautelook but when they do….like its lit….all their stuff is so high quality its insane 

@phynali: OMG newsvibe is so cute I love it!!! And josco has been used, except I think it’s ‘joesco’. The ship isn’t that big, so there isn’t really a set ship name for them lol. But all of these are gr8

I was gonna say westvibe for Joe/Cisco and flashvibe for Wally/Cisco but I think Barry/Cisco shippers use that (though I’ve mostly seen Barrisco so Idk)

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"Sit still!" Carm is losing patience while Artist!Laura draws her. "I have better things to do." "Come on..I'll make it worth your while." C watches Laura's toned forearm as she makes small detailed strokes.. her cute, determined look as she gets the details right. She can't resist. In a flash she is at Laura's back taking away the pencil, leaning down and nuzzling into Laura's neck. Laura's eyes close as she hums "You are unbelievable." -HHanon

eeee i got it! finally, lol.

I fucking love it omg. 

Laura barely sets her sketchbook on the table before Carmilla pulls her onto the floor of her studio and returns to nuzzling into Laura’s neck. It tickles, and Laura starts giggling and squirming.

“I’m never going to get to finish a drawing of you if you keep doing this, you know,” Laura says once she’s gotten Carmilla to stop tickling her.

Carmilla stares down at her with a smirk. “I sat for enough paintings when I was human to last me the rest of my existence, cupcake. And you are far too adorable when you’re concentrating.”

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For the kink rate... spanking (giving) & spanking (receiving)?


No | rather not | I dunno | I guess | Sure | Yes | FUCK yes| Oh god you don’t even know

Yes yes omg, personally I’m a switch so i love both. But i’m not gonna lie i’ve imagined it, i’ve included it in smuts Tae (lol) But like :) being super mean and setting strict rules and :) spanking them :) when they disobey :) to a point when they’re desperate :)


No | rather not | I dunno | I guess | Sure | Yes | FUCK yes| Oh god you don’t even know

Yes!!! It feels nice :3 Pleasure mixed with pain is a house up my street aaaye

Send me a kink and I’ll rate it!

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Can you do a gif set of Spencer when she was drunk with Wren and when she was drunk in season 7? I love drunk Spence XD

Sure! It might take me a little while because I’m still trying to get all of my laptop and photoshop stuff set up and squared away. But I’ll definitely make it :) 

(I have tons of videos I’m downloading for gif making and omg that will take me forever in and of itself lol)

Thank you for the request! <3

Have a request? Let me know!

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Hey there! I'm not going to lie but I might of gotten a new bias because of the selca ship you did for me! Haha. But honestly, it's hard not to love these goofballs. So I was wondering if I could get a written ship? ㅇㅅㅇ I'm 5 ft tall. (Yay!) Black hair, brown eyes. I'm a gemini and intp. I'm warm hearted, kind and will go out of my way to help a friend. I'm shy around new people. I laugh at almost everything but especially my own stupid jokes! I love making up stories and play the piano. Thanks!

I feel so bad, I can’t remember with what member I shipped you last time.. I have such a bad memory omg So if it’s the same member again you know it’s not a set up lol

I ship you with Inseong! (+ Seungjun)

Originally posted by youjinseong

First of all, he would ADORE your height, compared to him you are so smoll and cute and he wouldn’t be afraid to show that. Your warm hearted and kind personality will make him fall for you in no time, especially since you really care for your friends. He would be supportive and would help you to get you less shy around strangers.You joy would be his joy and would  probably laugh at every joke you make as well and oh man there would be so many piano duets.

I hope you like it and Im sorry if I didnt got your bias~


Some Gibson family spam so I could test out the new nannies. I sent Bell and Cam out for their couples therapy date. These two aren’t doing too terribly bad lately. She has been mad on and off, but I guess that’s off for tonight because she’s being nice. 

They’re at Jenba’s lovely restaurant, but I’m only letting them have bar food to eat because I want to get back to the kids and restaurant meals take like seven hours in this game. OMG, lol! At least I could set them to socialize with each other while I was away, and that did give them a few points on their friendly bar. 

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Heeeey, I read your tags in "why you love sterek" post. I felt so happy & valid because I legit thought I'm an outcast and not welcomed in the fandom without ever watching the show. Now, I'm not feeling so "guilty" about it and I LOVE STEREK OMFGGG<3

Omg no, you should never feel guilty or unwanted just because you don’t watch a show!! D: Fandom is supposed to be a welcoming and safe place, and the sterek fandom is incredibly open and welcoming (mostly because we’re pretty much independent from the show bc who needs canon lol XD but also because sterek fans are usually super friendly and loving). There’s no set of standards you need to meet to join a fandom, and those who try to tell you otherwise need to mind their own business T^T. As long as you like a ship and want to spread positivity within its fandom, then you’re in! Please keep loving and supporting sterek, we’re super happy to have you in the fandom!! ^u^