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how many times did Taylor check out Karlie, OMG! she was doing full body scans, she was sooo into it and Karlie knew and kept teasing, wow.

I KNOW LIKE HONESTLY I CANT STOP WATCHING. Lily set them up and told them both about each other so I would assume that they had been introduced already there before those videos took place and then Karlie kept teasing and Taylor was blushing sifnslfkdkkakd. And then Karlie probably complementing Taylor, like a literal sunshine, and Taylor going “Thank you” just like the Vogue Best Friend Video. I am literally dead. Bye. I have ascended to heaven. Kaylor is so real. Then Karlie watching Taylor with heart eyes? Karlie was definitely teasing Taylor when she was dancing in front of her. Not saying this is anything, back when I had a major crush on this one girl, I kept trying to show off, but not saying that that was what Karlie was doing (she obviously was). They’re meant to be. Bye. Kaylor is real. Bye.