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bless baekhyun for having such nice selcas to choose from.. this is not even half of my face but it looked so plain without a snapchat filter sO. im trash for that filter lol bye ✌🏻️

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✘ — EVER since aiden had told him about their mother wanting to meet up with them, max had dreaded the day. spending his entire life painting his parents as the V I L L A I N S of the story had him wondering how exactly this night would go. when they had to go to public places as a family or hold parties at their house, their parents treated them with faux affection that people probably believed, but the twins knew how forced it was. max had spent his entire life protecting himself and aiden from this exact predicament, but he couldn’t help but feel hopefully. he wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. he wasn’t sure that he cared.

LOOKING at his reflection, max thought he looked presentable enough for the evening ahead. he wore a simple white button-up with black skinnies and black converse. he wanted to look casual but good enough, which was what he was suspected he was really afraid of. not being G O O D, because somewhere deep inside him was the boy who longed for his mother’s affection. sighing, max picked up his wallet and phone, shoving both in his pack pockets before searching the apartment for aiden. ❝ aid ?? you ready to go ?? ❞ max called from the kitchen, pouring himself a drink of water to calm himself.


“Izzy x Lydia & wedding planning power couple”

They meet while planning Isabelle’s brother’s weeding and hate each other immediately.

Isabelle is organizing the wedding because she damn well can, and it’s her right as her brother’s sister and his fiance’s best friend. The wedding planner sort of has to be there because she has contacts, and it’s always useful to have a person who knows who has the best prices and who can be strong-armed for a specific date or a certain kind of hard-to-find flowers.

Isabelle tries to argue that she doesn’t need a wedding planner at all but (of course) Alec insists. Apparently, the fact that it’s “my own wedding, Isabelle, for the love of God,” makes his decisions sort of definitive.

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rules: tag 10 people you want to know better

name: marie
birthday: november 5th
gender: female
zodiac: scorpio
sibling(s): 1 brother
favorite color: black
pets: 1 canary c:
wake up times: 10-10:30am
love or lust: love
lemonade or iced tea: ice tea
cats or dogs: dogs
coke or pepsi: coke
met a celebrity: i don’t think so??? i don’t remember LOL
smile or eyes: smile
light or dark hairs: i like both tbh
short or tall: prefer tall but in the end it doesn’t matter
chapstick or lipstick: chapstick
city or country: mix of both? :o
last song i listened: ohio - hyukoh
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Random Acts of Sprite Editing [ 2.0 Beta ]
External image

I noticed you had a small sprite for Ziemia which made me somewhat surprised. I don’t see many people who do their own sprite edits at times. However I decided to atleast try and make an animated sprite edit for you you to use if you would like. It was honestly really fun and easy and I hope you enjoy it.

[ Because my sprite edits are attempts,and I’m new to animation,you’re free to use this if you want. However please enjoy ]

Bonus still version:

Favourite song of each album

I was tagged by the lovely Noah aka @blissfullybellamy 😎 

1. Favorite song of Showbiz? Fillip, I mean come on it’s amazing
2. Favorite song of OoS? Citizen Erased
3. Favorite song of Absolution? FURY
4. Favorite song of BHaR? Exo-Politics (I feel like I’m the only one who has Exo-Politics as a favorite)
5. Favorite song of The Resistance? UNDISCLOSED DESIRES (THAT SONG IS PURE BEAUTY)
6. Favorite song of The 2nd Law? Can’t choose between Big Freeze and Panic Station
7. Favorite song of Drones? MERCYYYY

Not tagging anyone, because I feel like everyone already did this. If you haven’t done it yet; consider yourself tagged!

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☆ rules: tag 10 followers you wish to know better
☆ birthday: January 19
☆ gender: Anything whatever!! I don’t care but physically I have a female body so yeah
☆ relationship status: Taken
☆ siblings: 1 younger brother straight from H E L L
☆ favorite color: Indigo (secondary faves are: black white gray pink purple gold red and any blue)
☆ pets: one sweet mix breed, Angel
☆ wake up times: I vary a lot, but for work, it’s usually 6:00AM
☆ lemonade or ice tea: Coffee? No??
☆ cats or dogs: Both, although cats dislike me and dogs like me?? Idk
☆ day or night: Night
☆ coke or pepsi: Coke AYYY (don’t do drugs kids)
☆ text or call: Text
☆ met a celebrity: Yeah, Maria Chuzema, and some other lady I met bc of rich relatives throwing a party (I am extremely forgetful I cry)
☆ smiles or eyes: Eyes…I love to stare into them.
☆ chapstick or lipstick: Chapstick…unless it’s black lipstick
☆ city or country: Country, I don’t like people a lot, and I appreciate silence… (The only issue is centipedes : ))) )
☆ last song i listened to: That earthbound OST Toby Fox made that people are using as Chara’s…its Gud.

I tag:

@smol-irish-husky-wife @greekisnotonfire @caninesdomain @misaimed-archer @hinat @whoever wants to do this TBH, my memory really isn’t helping here with urls, I’m sorry

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I had this in my drafts for so long omg i forgot to post it im so srry!!!

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Instructions: You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and post the first 10 songs without skipping, then tag 10 people.

  1. Serious Times - Gyptian
  2. Pour it Up - Rihanna
  3. Paradise - Big Sean
  4. Color On The Walls (Don’t Stop) - Foster the People
  5. Shut Up U - WA$$UP
  6. Female President - Girl’s Day
  7. Stay The Way You Are - Supreme Team ft. Crush
  8. Blessings - Big Sean
  9. Body Language - San E ft. Bumkey
  10. Maxstep - Youniqu Unit

The Rules:
1. Go to this WWW.RANDOM.ORG/LISTS/                                                          2. Pick 15 characters from any Fandom or whatever you’re into                        
3. Tag five or more people                                                                                  
4. Have fun

1. Mom/Dad: doyoung (proof he’s my daddy)
2. Your sibling: donghyuck
3. Your Grandma/Grandpa: ten
4. Haunts you: jaehyun
5. Your boyfriend/girlfriend: mark (he mah son)
6. Your ex: hansol (smh hansol why)
7. Your best friend: jeno (he has great music taste)
8. Proposed to you: yuta )
10. The random person you met at the bar: kun (cause he a snek)
11. Your Rival: taeyong (imma fight his ass)
12. Gave you your first kiss: taeil (laskdlaksdj)
13. Drunk and singing karaoke with: jaemin (he too young)
14. Played 7 minutes in heaven with: johnny (wink wink)
15. Gave you your favorite dessert: winwin (he does seem like the type to buy you sweet stuff omg)