From miyavi_ishihara instagram:  Thxx Sui. Imma bite you.#TokyoGhoul

Ishida’s comment:  (MiyaviさんのLIVEにお邪魔して参りました。格好良すぎでした…)

Aw man I’m so excited for Halloween and to see all the people dressed up as Harley Quinn and not make them feel bad about their costume cause I’m not a dick :)

shirosfinebooty  asked:

You seem to pop up on blacklists a lot so that means I really need to follow you under the assumption that you're some kind of exquisite shipper trash.

I am the trashiest multishipping trash you will find in this fandom. You ship it? I post it. Some more often than others, but everything makes its way here eventually. Are people hating on your ship? hmu and I will aggressively post about it, even if I’ve only lowkey shipped it before, that’s literally how I became part of the kallura crew.

Also, I’m the only voltron blog I know of with a dedicated tag for shirtless Shiro art. It’s #dad’s abs - feel free to peruse its wonders and delights. It’s well-stocked, let me assure you.

Welcome to the party <3


WOW! I just realized today I’ve had this blog for 1 year exactly!! I was thinking of doing something special but now I can’t come up with anything!! So I guess I’ll just write a big thank you.

Thank you to everyone who has started following me and who still is here! No matter if you’ve been here for this whole year or if you started following me today I appreciate every single one of you and I love you all so much!!!! <3 Ah, I can’t believe that it has already been a year!!!

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So here’s a Dylan throwing kisses for you all!

I might be doing something special later, like a follow forever or something I don’t know. But it will be tomorrow though, hope it’s okay. I love you

i’m gonna be “that guy” and post my timetable because my classes look cool (slash scary) but like this semester is gonna be Intense and there is a chance I may die