The Final Final 📝

I have one more final and another damn paper before I’m done with school and I figured, “maybe I should try to not fail?” 🤔 So a group of my friends and myself met up earlier to study (and talk shit) and I gotta say, it kinda helped. Let’s hope I feel the same way when that test hits my desk tomorrow morning 😂

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Thank you. thank you for all of this. thanks to you I can daydream about my favorite characters half of the day , and feel like I'm high without using drugs. it's a beautiful experience :')


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OTL... you draw bnha and hq!! ?! *sobs tears of joy* where has your blog been all my life?? TvT I love it!!

Haha yes, I actually started this blog drawing HQ!! and honestly it’s the reason why I’ve met so many wonderful people~

I did fall out of the fandom tho’ and have no idea of what’s going on except that now they wear an orange uniform?

Oh I sketched Tanaka-senpai so many times, but only posted a tiny drawing once.

survived the first part of the Very Fancy Event! it was not as awesome as I hoped it would be in my head, BUT the people that did come had a great time, everyone looked v cute, i posed for group photos, and nothing caught fire. success?


Hayden Christensen on his lightsaber training

tried to draw some of my favourite bnha babies (and ships ahah) for the first time! somebody teach me how to draw kiri’s hair pls

okay but guys imagine yousef, who got all flustered when sana caught him dancing on saturday, the last time he saw her, who genuinely like and respect this wonderful girl, who has for a while now, sitting behind his computer, taking a deep breath, and finally deciding to send her a friend request

Jason: *Pulls Clark aside at a gala event* Do you have ANY idea what the smashed bullets that hit you are being sold for on eBay?

Clark: *Shrugs* 20 bucks?

Jason: Thousands, Kent… I have a business proposal. When you get some free time, we can go somewhere and unload a couple rounds. You could buy your Ma like, four new Tractors.

Clark: *Adjusts his glasses* Ma could use a new tractor…

Jason: Great. Give me a call then, huh? *Slips him a piece of paper and walks away*

Bruce: *Walks up behind Clark and hisses in his ear* You will NOT go out into a field and let my son shoot you, understood?

Clark: He gave me a grocery list…

Bruce: What…?

Clark: Dear Lord, that boy likes cheese.