Hello!// I got rpgmaker two days ago (it’s on sale now!) and I’m planning to make a short sample game to try and get myself adjusted with the program (images may be subject to change)

it’s a story about a girl and a black cat.. and it will be a healing sort of game, probably (the feelings I’m aiming for in terms of the story is similar to this song)

vn maker wasn’t on sale so I didn’t get it yet; but I’ll work on the other game I have in mind later too! I’ve been looking up to gamemakers in the past but now I do a lot more (PLUS the music composers who offer works.. they’re really a lifesaver;) I keep staring into the void and I swear this is only like a ten minute(?) game I’m trying to make this isn’t an easy task

Everyone have a nice day!

BTS Reaction to: Having their first kiss with their crush

Anon asked: ”I love you omg!!! But I wonder how you write so fast… I probably have sent you a shit ton of requests already, but you grant all of them everytime. Thank you 💕 By the way, if you don’t mind, can i request another reaction? Can you do a bts reaction on having their first kiss with their crush and it turns out her lips were cold because she’s anemic and all. Love youuuu ~” 

Author’s note: Thank you so much! Gifs aren’t mine. x


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As soon as Seokjin’s lips touched yours he felt how cold they were. He pulled back instantly as he frowned. Right then he realized why. 

“Oh. Sorry for pulling back.” 

You giggled as he pressed his lips against yours again. Feeling butterflies in his stomach as you two kissed. 


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He wouldn’t care that your lips were cold. The only thing he cared about was kissing you and that’s exactly what he did. His hand was on the side on your face as his lips moved against yours. Yoongi had waited so long for this moment so he wouldn’t let anything stop him from kissing you. Not even when Jungkook barged into the room. 

“Oh shit, sorry.” 

You giggled as you saw Yoongi’s annoyed expression as he told Jungkook to leave so he could get back to kissing you. 


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Just like Yoongi Hoseok wouldn’t really care about it. He was way to happy that he was finally kissing you that he couldn’t bring himself to care that your lips were cold. They were still really soft. Hoseok felt butterflies erupt in his stomach as you flashed him a shy smile. He brushed his thump over your cheek as he stared at you with loving eyes. 

“You’ve no idea how you make me feel Y/N.” 


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Namjoon would be shocked when he felt your cold lips against his own, but he wouldn’t stop kissing you. Your lips were way to soft for that. Namjoon felt his cheeks heat up as soon as you pulled back. You giggled at the sight of his pink cheeks and poked his dimples. 

“You’re so cute Joonie.” 

“I can’t help it, you’re too adorable.” 


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He’d be so flushed and shy. His cheeks were pink as you leaned in for another kiss. Jimin smiled against your lips as he enjoyed the feeling of your lips against his own. The kiss was everything he ever wished for and he didn’t care that your lips were cold. Kissing you was way too nice to stop. 

“Your lips are really soft Y/N. I really like kissing you.” 


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Just like the others Tae would be too excited to finally be kissing you to care about your cold lips. He’d warm them up anyways. Taehyung would pull you closer as he moved his lips against yours, kissing you softly. Once you two pulled back he’d flash you his boxy smile as he whispered, 

“I really like you Y/N. That kiss was great.” 


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Jungkook would flinch when he felt your cold lips against his own before he’d recompose himself and go back to kissing you. He really enjoyed the feeling of your soft lips against his own and didn’t care about the fact that your lips were cold. The kiss would warm them up eventually. Once you two pulled back you smiled brightly at each other. Just like in the gif. When you tried to tell him how much you liked the kiss but stumbled over your words, Jungkook would chuckle and fall even more in love with you. 

“You’re so cute Y/N.” 

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So, I've been thinking about this. Karen is maybe seven years old. Tricia is maybe a year younger than Karen. Firkle is like, one or two years younger than both of them. Ike is like, three? so they're all older than him. I like to think that Tricia just acts like she's older than all of them and bosses them around because she's a brat sometimes.

Omg cute

Yeah idk how old everyone is???? Ike is like 3 but he goes to kindergarten smart boy,

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omg, how can she claim all that about books that were WRITTEN BEFORE HERS??? How is that humanly possible? Can Cassandra Clare mind read? *dramatic gasp!*

I have no idea what the author was on while claiming plagiarism to be honest

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OMG Karina noooo how did you get food poisoning?!

well let me tell you a story

so I am a BROKE ass CHEAP ass university student,,,,so I come back from the gym and there’s a pre packaged salad in my fridge so I’m like okay this’ll work

right so I look at the expiry date and it expired yesterday so I’m like oh nbd nbd - but it looked a lil’ rough so I ended up tossing half before eating the other half

it tastes fine honestly it was all good

so I start to feel nauseous and I’m like ok maybe it’s just the meds I started so I brush it off, but then it gets worse so I’m like C R A P so I call my parents (who are both doctors so BLE$$) and they ask me what I ate today

and I told them about the expired salad and they FREAK

apparently it’s so super easy to get food poisoning from lettuce because of the bacteria growth or something so I’m like S H I T and now I’m sitting here suffering wish me luck I have a 9:30 class tomorrow and a quiZ RIP

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Your Marion somewhat looks like Deadpool/Wolverine with all that healing of his

Omg this is exactly how it works

  • MC: So since Jimin failed his mission, who must he kiss as punishment?
  • Yoongi: *Tries to raise his hand*
  • Jungkook: *Knocks it down*
  • Taehyung: *Also attempts a hand raise*
  • Jungkook: *Holds it down*
  • MC: ...
  • Jimin: ...
  • Jungkook: I mean I guess since no one else wants to I suppose it has to be me. *Applies his favorite lip chap*

If they all had journals I would definitely want to read them all. Also, I didn’t draw Jacob or Evie because I haven’t played or seen how they act (And I also haven’t really seen Arno but I just went with my French instincts)

For the french people: Je suis vraiment désolé pour ce stéréotype sur les Français, à propos de la baguette et du “Sacrebleu!”. Mais ça me fais toujours autant rire.