Yoongi’s Nose Crinkle Appreciation Post

requested by @jimin-bean

omg okay

hes so so cute

how can someone as cute as him

SPIT FIRE sorry this one is so whitewashed smh

look at this bunny

i just wanna boop his nose

only thing i want in my life tbh

just wanna boop it once

such squish

how is he 23 wut


(picture credits to @fymyg)


Jarvis Cocker & Candida Doyle DJ at a fundraising event for Médecins Sans Frontière - February 27th, 2016 (x)

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ok ok ok but just imagine going to a pool on a hot summer day w banshee and like you two would be playing marco polo and hed be it. so being the lil shit he is hed use his powers to locate u and hed sneakily corner u and hed say 'marco' and his lips would be so close to ur lips and then youd whisper 'polo' before he kisses you and hell yea 👌👌👌 sean cassidy is cute also could u imagine how much sunscreen hed need? probably a whole bottle 😂😂


and imagine if he got burnt, all the guys would totally try to slap him while sean is like dying lmao

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he towers over me but never makes me feel smaller than him. he laughs v hard at everything even when its not that funny but seeing him light up like that makes me all fluttery inside. sometimes when we're eating dinner together i feel him staring at me and when i catch him staring he doesn't look away he just softens his eyes and smiles at me and oh gosh he makes me feel so special

omg how cute!!!!!! im so happy for u He sounds like a keeper!!!!

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Namjoon has the cutest smile and his dimples are just to die for OMG

I knowwwwww he’s so cute tbh I love everything about him