Omg i just remembered the time I was at work early and I was waiting on time to come in okay and I was on my phone reading a 2p Italy x Reader fanfic like almost two years ago and it was gettin to the good good and like a person who works there (it’s like a lil past 6:30 am) started walking over to the table I was at and I F R O ZE. I was like omg she is gonna ask me what im readin i ain’t about to tell her im readin anime smut and like i was still flustered mentally from the smut and she just asked me some random unrelated thing (I don’t remember what it was but like it was small talk) and I had to push myself to talk because the SMUT HAD ME SPEECHLESS. after she walked back over to where she worked i was just dyin man like wtf was this

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omg root getting shaw a puppy my heart is exploding, shaw giving it a name for when it is real big and strong but now it's just a smol baby

Yeah, I already have the name picked out, and the nickname root will give her that shaw will Hate :D idk if I should say or not though cause spoilers. Maybe I’ll say in a note if people wanna know now!