Hello everyone! Some of you guys know this already, but most do not - starting this Sunday I’m going to be in Gothenburg for one week! I don’t really want to go lmao but I’m being forced by mom. I’d rather stay home and draw and be with friends, but I’ll be going to the Gothia Cup, Liseberg and to a bunch of museums and stuff so hopefully it’ll be fun! I’ll come back home next weekend (hopefully Friday the 22nd), but on the 26th my friend Meta ( @whyyesiampossessed ) will be coming here to Sweden!! I’m super excited about it, she’s absolutely wonderful. She’ll be staying with me until the 7th of August, and after that I’m going to Greece for one week! So, while I may still be rather active on my main ( @xshujin ) and you’ll still be able to reach me most of the time on discord and whatever, I will probably not be able to draw very much ): not digitally, at least! I’m bringing a sketchbook, but I’m not sure how busy I’ll be and it’s been like 4 years since I worked traditionally.. So we’ll see! I’ll be playing a bunch of 3DS, watch Steven Universe and eat as much food as possible, but I’m gonna miss you guys and I’m gonna miss drawing. Have a wonderful week, everyone, I love you!


does anyone else like the idea of the Nick, Judy, Jack trio to be like the Doctor and the Ponds? As in it starts off as a love triangle but ends in them becoming a family and the Doctor/Jack hardcore shipping the Ponds/Wildehopps even though he still makes fun of Rory/Nick?


Pogo day 2!

Reached lvl 5, joined Team Mystic, and me and a friend took over a gym! Sadly it got taken over by Team Instinct soon after though. t-t

We saw SO MANY PEOPLE playing Pogo while walking around omg it’s so exiting!

Pokémon Go is also top on the charts! No surprise there but hell yas anyways! I wonder how long it will be #1!

  • me:omg im so exited about this pokemon go thing, ive never been a massive pokemon fan, but it seems super cool and super fun and a great way to meet new friends and exercise!! i cant wait to get my new phone so i can play it!! when i do, do you wanna go with me?!
  • friend:ive never really been that into pokemon tho
  • me:me too, but i found this awesome vlogger who is super cute and super exited about it and his excitement kinda rubbed off on me and now im just so happy! so ready to go!! i havent been this exited for years! look here's a link to his videos!
  • friend:omg i literally do not care!
  • me:...oh

hi!! omg, i’m super exited to get started. Feel free to message me to plot or  if you need any connections filled!! I’ll be fixing up my account for a bit then i’ll be on the dash!! these are also my tags bye.