anonymous asked:

so i got curious and started looking for Rocket's age and for some reason I got into this page and DJFDKFALKF DID YOU SEE YONDU IN THE COMICS LIKE THE FIRSTS COMIC OMG XD BECAUSE I JUST DID AND HOLY HELL

There are a lot of comics, but I’m assuming - are we talking about the really old comics where Yondu has a big fin and wears a loincloth and is an archer instead of having that super cool whistling-flying-arrow?

External image

This one?

Because yeah, I did, and I’m still cackling every time I see it. XD

linda2r  asked:

Hey! I really love your art! You have such a unique and cute style! I had a really bad week.. can you please make a comic where Jaehee ( Baehee ) comforts a crying Mc? That would give me life! <3

my first Baehee comic omg… I had lots of jaehee comics but I would scrap them all ;__: I hope this will make you feel a little better. I want Jaehee to hug me in a blanket burrito too ;w;