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What's your favorite Evanstan moments & I really enjoy your blog so much. It keeps me happy😊💞

omg sorry ive been gone all night >.<

favorite evanstan moments tho gosh lets see…..ok so a lot of these are not exactly both of them together but one in reaction to the other

1. THEIR HUGS BUT ESPECIALLY THIS ONE chris just nuzzles into his shoulder omg and he’s so hAPPY and we cant see seb’s face but u can bet he’s smiling just as big

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AND THIS ONE OMG HIS HAND IN SEB’S HAIR he just loves to nuzzle seb’s shoulder my goodness

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2. THIS ONE ISTG SO MANY THINGS chris touching the left boob all over but also teasing him and not letting seb answer aND THEN SEB LITERALLY WAITING FOR PERMISSION FROM CHRIS TO ANSWER AND CHRIS G I V E S IT rip me


4. seb’s mom loves chris more than seb and he’s okay w that

5. them doing fight scenes together and seb being v srs and chris being a meatball

6. the whole press thing at the NYSE bc they just look so adorable the whole entire time pLUS THIS

7. that time seb looked at chris like he was the only thing on the earth

8. that time chris looked at seb like he was the only thing on the earth

9. :):):):):):):)

10. classic adorable sebastian doesnt wanna disturb chris


12. blatant checking out the left boob

13. seb so just wants chris to manhandle him

14. and last but not really this is just getting rly long literally everything they say every time they get asked about the other :’)

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Pls what would be like oral sex from and to eric PLS i need it so bad you sweet pumpkin ;^^^^^;

Giving head to eric would include

  • you teasing him so much omg
  • his hands in ur hair 
  • ‘’fuccck babe’’
  • such deep groans from him
  • he’d try his hardest to thrust into your mouth
  • but youd keep your slow pace teasing him
  • he’d get so frustrated god bless him
  • his breath would be so shallow
  • he’d end up fucking your face tbh

Eric going down on you would include

  • him gripping your thighs so hard
  • hickeys on ur inner thighs holy shit!!!
  • he’d get of on seeing you like this
  • he’d us his hands alot aswell I think
  • ugh he’d look up at you so much
  • that tongue wow
  • clit cliT CLIT!!!!

He runs a hand through his hair, a small sigh escaping his lips as he took a sip from his soft drink. This wasn’t a vacation, this was punishment. Going from living a luxurious life to being stuck in a cheap room in a ship “It beats me, how I went from living in one of the best neighbourhoods in Penssylvania to sleeping in a shitty room in this cruise. Going from a hundred to zero real quick”


Father Crowley.