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Viral video alert: lanky nurse caught on hidden camera by student dancing to 80's music. Comment section: "first" "who does his hair omg" "rock it granddad!" "his hair what about his teeth??" "I remember when this song first came out :) he's got good moves!" " is no one going to discuss the teeth really" "Honey, i'd rather discuss the turtle neck in not only 20xx, but in may as well"

i haven’t answered this cus i was gonna draw a response but i haven’t yet i think about this everyday. A different student was each of the comments. 

You’re killing me. Your humor is right down my alley.

And yes! Aizawa definitely gets more attractive as the manga goes on. At first he comes off as this really scraggy looking hobo. Very unattractive, please crawl back in your sleeping bag and save us all the grief of having to look at you.

But then after the sports festival, my theory is that Horikoshi FORGOT how to draw him because he was in a fully body cast for 30 chapters. He emerges from that bandage cocoon looking pretty great. He still looks a little scruffy, but LOOK HE SHAVED OMG.

 And eventually his hair looks like it belongs on the cover of a fashion magazine.

Then his gorgeous eyes.

To be honest, the same exact thing happened with the artist who draws the smash comics, too. (But that’s something that’ll have to be discussed in another post lmao.) In conclusion: Aizawa eventually starts boosting his ratings by shaving slightly, using new shampoo and paying for more expensive eye drops.

Sweet Strawberries

Pairing: You/Reader + Kang Daniel

Genre: Soulmate! AU + College! AU + Fluff + This is half story half bullet list

Concept:ย Your soulmate has a specific scent and it tends to linger where ever theyโ€™ve been.ย 

Summary: Your department always smelled like sweet strawberries and you had no idea why.

AN: Also idk college works cause Iโ€™m just a highschool kid (junior! 2 more years!!) so just roll with it okay?ยฟยฟ Also help cause I did research for this au and got hella confused?? Also tried to make this gender neutral as much as possible! Inspired by @101soulmates

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You never really believed in soul mates, true love or any of that. You honestly thought it was all fiction, something out of a Disney movie. Of course all your friends would gush about their fated one, saying stuff like she had a scent to her or I cant sleep if they canโ€™t or even everything I do with them is just vibrant, which you thought they were all just blinded with love. You just stuck with your studies, you didnโ€™t need a special someone, but it would be nice of course.

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“Have some fire.
Be unstoppable.
Be a force of nature.”

dating mark

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  • ok to start off ((thought of this looking at the gif hehehe)) facetime/skype sessions when he has a busy schedule or his day is packed
  • that means all members videochat with you bc they are always around him
  • and other members sometimes interrupt alL THE TIME
  • “hey y/n, guess wh-” “you’re chatting with y/n again, omg hi girl your hair looks amazing”
  • he would def randomly grab a guitar and serenade you tbh
  • the day before he asked you out; he anonymously got you flowers, your favorite ofc
  • so he came over to your house the next day bc he had a day off and ok ok this is how it went
  • you: “ok ok sit down story time, so someone sent my flowers yesterday”
  • mark *just trying to hide everything*: “so do you know who?”
  • you: “no ofc not they sent it anonymously”
  • he grabbed one of the flowers you got yesterday from behind his back, that’s when you pointed at him
  • “you?”
  • he nodded, “yes i” - “y/n let’s go on a date”
  • “you mean right now?”
  • “yeah why not? let’s go”
  • so you guys went to get ice cream :))
  • lots of back hugs from you because whenever he wear a hoodie or sweater he looks so cuddly 
  • and whenever you would sleep on the couch or on your bed he would lay down next to you and pull you onto his body
  • many ily’s ofc
  • random calls
  • random raps about you and how beautiful you are
  • whenever you were stressed about school, he’d hold you
  • you were shaking and couldn’t even think, so when Mark embraced you, you started breathing again
  • and instead of studying you two would cuddle on the couch and he would keep kissing your cheeks and ears
  • long night talking with Mark would be so amazing
  • like he would tell you so many stories about the others
  • and you wouldn’t even care tbh
  • because you loved to listen to his voice and the happy pitch included