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Imagine him dressing up as a greaser when he's on a motorcycle. He's got the hair for it. I want to see him like this so bad now. *drools*

Omg yes, his hair is long enough for the greaser hair now! He’d look really great! I’m not sure if they’d ever do this though…I wish I could just draw it out, I just want to see Ian riding his motorcycle, period. @ self calm down

I mean, this only makes me dread him shaving his hair again even more 

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Some childhood pics for my Voltron/Big Hero 6 AU! In this AU, Shiro has been adopted into the Holt family at a young age; I wanted to draw what he and Matt would look like in their childhood days ;w; Also baby Katie/Pidge! I think Shiro adored Katie the moment he met her and he wanted to hold her all the time! Matt would fight with him often over this X’’D Katie ends up being very spoiled LOL

(Hhhhh forgive my sketchy additions, I’m too tired to properly color them up’’’’’’ Please click the images, tumblr destroys the quality as always!!)


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Okay so. Please tell me I’m not the only one who sees this. I just cannot be the only one.

But if they ever do a reboot of Star Trek: The Next Generation like they did with the Original Trek, they should TOTALLY consider Aidan Turner for Commander Data. 

You know, Commander Data, above.

….And…you know. Aidan Turner, above. *screams*

Like. Am I the only one who sees it??? 


Part 2 of my intersession doodles;;; lol there’s so much dirk… his hair was just easy to practice i guess. All the Jake’s are from something I’m writing! He just fit i guess.

Part 1 : Part 3

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Life goal: touch daddys hair....or preferably pull it while he's taking me hard and fa-okay I'll stop 😂

Omg imagine running your fingers through his soft hair and moaning his name as he goes faster and faster, your fist closes around a handful of his hair as he growls your name and leans in to kiss your neck, leaving dark bruises on the sensitive skin. His tongue traces patterns on your skin as his hands explore your body and you hold onto him as his muscles tighten and you know he’s close.
He moans, his breathing quickens and you feel a familiar pressure build up in the pit of your stomach. You whimper quietly, desperate for relief and he leans in and moans in your ear,
‘Cum for daddy, baby.’