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The Book of Mormon?

Listened to It | wtf is that | LOVE IT | meh | um…hate it | heard of it | yes!!

Rate: 1-10

Favorite Lyric: who cares what happens when we’re dead? we shouldn’t think that far ahead

Favorite Song: i am africa or tomorrow is a latter day

Favorite Character: mckinley!!!

Best Moment: omg there are so many, but i love how arnold starts hyperventilating after he finds out there are no doorbells on the ugandans’ doors

Something that makes me angry: orlando reprise is too short and not on the cast album

Gives me the chills: the whole i believe song

Overall opinions: it is so weird but i love it

20 Days YouTube Challenge

1. List your favorite YouTube channels
2. Post five of your favorite viral videos on YouTube
3. Funniest video(s) you watch on YouTube
4. Confusing video(s) you watch on YouTube
5. Scariest video(s) you watch on YouTube
6. A YouTube video(s) you keep re-watching
7. YouTube video you wish you had never watched
8. Favorite couple on YouTube
9. Post or list your favorite vlogger(s)
10. Post or list favorite game channels
11. Favorite prank video on YouTube
12. Best OMG moment while watching YouTube
13. Cutest pet video on YouTube
14. Favorite wedding video on YouTube
15. Favorite music channels on YouTube
16. Favorite dance video on YouTube
17. Favorite baby video on YouTube
18. Most annoying YouTube video
19. Latest video you recommended
20. What would you do with your time if YouTube didn’t exist?


So here is that #trending video from yesterday that @ducklingcosplay took. SHE GETS THE BEST MOMENTS OMG.

Me picking up mmmmmm'Lady (@kit_starry)x3 I knew I could do it!

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Percy Jackson Challenge (I made a new challenge which i personally prefer you should check it out!)

1 - Your favourite PJO book?
2 - Your favourite HOO book?
3 - If you were a demigod, whose child would you be? 
4 - Who is your favourite male character?
5 - Who is your favourite female character?
6 - Who is your least favourite male character?
7 - Who is your least favourite female character?
8 - Camp Half-Blood or Camp Jupiter?
9 - Logan Lerman or Jake Abel? 
10 - Your opinion on Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth Chase? 
11 - Your favourite scene in The Lightning Thief movie? 
12 - Your favourite part in The Lightning Thief book that wasn’t included in the movie?
13 - Sea of Monsters movie: Yes or No?
14 - Your ideal movie cast?
15 - Your favourite quote from the series?
16 - Your favourite Olympian?
17 - Your favourite minor god?
18 - Your favourite Greek myth?
19 - Your favourite hero?
20 - Your favorite mythological creature?
21 - If you were stuck in an island forever with the condition that only one god could visit you, which god would it be?
22 - A scene from the books that made you happy/laugh
23 - A scene from the books that made you sad/cry
24 - Your favourite mortal
25 - Your favourite prophecy
26 - Favourite Ship
27 - Best kiss
28 - OMG moment A.K.A Best Plot Twist
29 - Saddest character death
30 - Demigods or Titans?

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You Met one direction? Omg*_* where?:) I love one direction :)

yeah :) i met them at a signing. it was the best omfg. i gave harry a turtle teddy and i said “can i have a hug” he went “course ya can!” and went to hug me but some security guard went “no hugs” and he looked dead sad so i walked away and he leaned over when the security guard went and shouted “OI WHERES MY HUG” and everyone was so jealous and omg it was the best moment of my lifeee. also got a hug off louis :)

i also met harry when i went to see his house (yeah, i know its bad. i just really wanted to see him) and someone complimented his tattoo i went “harry do you like mine?” and showed him the bird on my collarbone he went “yeah and your boobs” and i died lololol


This was after the concert, so everyone looks tired lol, but omg it was the best moment of my life.

I never thought I’d actually be able to hug Jared. 

Also Tomo is the nicest guy ever!!! Before the show I went on a backstage tour with 3 other girls and Tomo was our guide. We spent like 25 min with him and he was so fucking nice omg, he just kept teasing me haha. Shannon came to say hi in the backstage tour as well and we hugged him and asked him some stuff. Jared hadn’t arrived then :( so I only saw him afterwards. 

I’ll share the photos with Tomo when they send them to me, Remi took them with her phone so I’m waiting for her to email them.