omg so many amazing and adorable scenes

Jughead Jones the Third

Oh my gosh. I have loved Jughead from the beginning because tbh who wouldn’t? That boy is a beautiful character and the fact that he’s played by Cole Sprouse is an added bonus. But episode 4 killed me for so many reasons. 1) with there only being four episodes so far I am still unsure of who I ship with who because tbh anyone works with anyone on this show. But the little looks ‘Juggie’ gives to 'Betts’ are adorable and give me life. 2) Lets all just appreciate Ronnie for the beautiful human being she is! You slay girl. And when she shuts down that biker gang it was amazing. And that scene with Hermione Lodge shutting down Cheryl omg. 3) I’ve had enough of Grundy and Alice Cooper. Just enough. 4)Betty! Sleuthing around solving mysteries to try to help Archie and standing up for herself to her mum! 5)Kevin, get some you kiss that biker boy. 6)Archie what you playing at? And finally 7)MY PRECIOUS SON IS HOMELESS!? HE FOUGHT SO HARD TO SAVE THE DRIVE IN BECAUSE IT’S HIS HOME!! AND THAT PIC OF HIM AND HIS SISTER 😭 AND HIS DAD. THE FACT THAT HE LEFT HIS MARK ON THE WALL WITH THE CROWN. So he played Rebel without a cause for Betty which ties in perfectly with the episode. Jughead can typically be considered the 'rebel’ character but instead of being the rebel without a cause, Jughead is the rebel with a cause: saving the drive in and that’s beautiful. This episode made me feel a lot of feels but all in all it made me fall more in love with the characters (apart from Grundy and Alice Cooper they can go die) especially precious Jughead Jones the Third. P.s this smile at the end 😍

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