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Confession I keep telling myself I'm bi but like 90% attracted to guys and 10% to girls but I'm starting to think I'm just a straight person who wants to be a special snowflake and that I'll tell people I'm bi and be part of the lgbt community but never date a girl and idk how I feel bc idk i think i could like them if i found the right one but i never have and i crush on guys so easily its all so confusing omg

i’m so sorry pal. sexuality is weird.

maybe you’re bi-curious, or maybe you’re just bisexual with a preference for guys. it doesn’t sound like you’re ‘trying to be a special snowflake,’ it sounds like you’re experiencing human emotion and sexuality in your own unique way. maybe someday you’ll meet a girl and she’ll sweep you off your feet, or maybe it’ll be a boy, or maybe it won’t be anyone. the point is that you’re happy, right? 

if you feel comfortable with your bisexual identity, then keep it. you don’t even have to be public about it, if you don’t want to. your sexuality is your business, and nobody else’s. don’t let the haters get u down. <3

sleepover friday

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Gom kagami taoko waking up to their pregnant wife sneaking off in the middle of the night to go to store to get some food (she had midnight cravings and didn't want to wake them up)

haha omg i tried

Akashi: He expected you to have cravings since you were pregnant, after all. Since he really loved spoiling you, he made sure to it that the fridge was fully packed with stuff you normally crave for, so I really don’t think that there’s need to go to the store. The moment he felt like you were gone from his side, he immediately knew that you were off to the kitchen. He followed you, smiling as he saw you munching on the bar of dark chocolate he ordered from France. “Did you like it, darling?” he asked before placing a kiss on the corner of your mouth where he eventually tasted the bittersweet crumbs of what you were eating.

Aomine: He was about to snake an arm around your waist when he noticed that you weren’t actually beside him anymore. “Babe?” he called out, lazily opening his eyes before grumbling about where you possibly went. It took him a scant five minutes to finally get up and look for you. By then, you were already home, holding a tub of vanilla ice cream in front of him. “Where’d you get that?” he asked, rubbing his eyes, making sure that you were really holding a tub of ice cream. “I went to the convenience store to buy this,” you explained, plopping yourself beside him. “Then can I have a spoonful?” he asked. You just shook your head before shoving the spoon of ice cream to his mouth.

Kise: Like Aomine, he was just about to wrap an arm around your waist when he suddenly realized that you weren’t beside him. He immediately stood up before looking for you all over the house as if he didn’t come from a slumber. He tried calling your phone but it seemed like you left it. He was already in the brink of tears when you came back with Chinese takeout with you. “(f/n)cchi?” he called out, voice cracking in the process. “Is that you?” You immediately made your way to him before whispering apologies, explaining that you didn’t want to bother him since he was already tired from work. “Ehhh, is that so? (f/n)cchi, I will do anything for you!” he exclaimed before wrapping his arms around you, clinging on to you like a koala.

Kuroko: His eyes widened in surprised when he felt like the weight beside him was already gone. After realizing that he was right, he immediately sat up. He calmed himself down before starting to look for you all over the house. When he noticed that your shoes were gone from the shoe rack, he didn’t hesitate to go to the front porch and wait for your arrival. He wanted to go out and look for you but he honestly didn’t know where to start since Tokyo was such a big place. After ten minutes, you were back with a bag of potato chips with you. “(f/n)-chan, where did you go?” he asked you, a pout appearing on your husband’s face. “I just went to the convenience store, Tetsuya. I’m sorry if I have woken you up.” He smiled at you before grabbing your arm, eventually pulling you inside your house. “We’ll buy some more of that later. I don’t want you to going out past midnight just for food.”

Midorima: He tried to come himself down the moment he discerned that you were anywhere but beside him. After not find any signs of you in the house, he started to tremble as he attempted to think of possible places you probably went to. He kept on pacing back and forth,  making an effort not to have some kind of breakdown in the middle of the night. You were pregnant for Pete’s sake! Where could you possibly go in an ungodly hour? Suddenly, he heard the door clicking, which made him walk towards the main door. “Where the hell did you go?” he asked, irritation evident in his tone. “I just went out to buy pickles,” you looked at him innocently, showing the jar you just bought from the nearest grocery store. “You weren’t crying while I was gone, were you?” you teased as you stepped in front of him. “I was not, as a matter of fact! Anyway, I’ll be going back to bed now. Good night, (f/n),” he said in that stern voice of his. “Wait for me Shin! Let’s eat these first,” you giggled.

Murasakibara: He honestly didn’t know how to react the second he perceived that you were gone from bed. However, after noticing that you were already missing for twenty minutes, the titan started to panic (not evident, though). “(f/n)chin?” he started calling out as he went to every room in your house. He started to sweating, getting more and more worried as each second passed by. After some more minutes, you were back with a bag of canned peaches with you. “(f/n)chin?” He welcomed you with a huge pout on his face before noticing the food you bought outside. “Don’t you want my candies?” he asked in confusion, not getting why you preferred peaches over the sweets he had in his storage box. After explaining to him that you were craving for peaches for days already he just pulled you into a tight hug before mumbling, “remind me to buy you tons of cans the next time I buy sweets.”

Kagami: He was near to flailing the instant his arms found the empty side of the bed. He swiftly looked for you all over the house as his sweat came in bucketful amounts due to nervousness. After ten minutes of calming himself down, you arrived with a pound or two of bacon in a paper bag. “Taiga, is that you?” you called out before walking towards him. “(f/n)…” his voice trailed off, relief washing all over him as you were finally back. “I’m sorry for waking you up. I was just craving for bacon but then we didn’t have some so I went out to buy this,” you explained, hoping that he wouldn’t get mad at you. “It’s alright. Say, what about I cook this for you?” he offered before giving you a kiss on the forehead.

Takao: He lazily sat up as he felt the urge to go to the comfort room. He then noticed your absence which made him call out your name with his sleepy voice. To his misfortune, you weren’t in your house, making him start to worry as he walked back and forth, trying to calm himself down before making any other move. “(f/n)-chan?” he whispered-shouted as he heard the door opening. He hurriedly walked towards the main entrance, expression softening as he saw you safe and sound. “Heeeey, where did you go?” he pouted. “And what is that?” your husband pointed at the paper bag you were holding. “Ah, these…these are lemons,” you smiled before giving him a peck on the lips. “Sorry for making you worry, Kazu. I went to the grocery store for these. I’m craving for something sour but we didn’t have anything sour in the fridge,” you sheepishly explained, trying not to pinch his cheeks as the pout on his face grew bigger and bigger. “Well then, let me slice them for you (f/n)-chan!”

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First of all I wanted to say that your art is too cute omg. It makes me feel so relaxed whenever I see one of your art pieces! <3 anyways idk if you do commissions so I wanted to ask how much for a commission if you do them?


i can do commissions, it’ll prob be around $15-$20, depends on what you want yeah.

asdfghjjkl okay so like

just now, I came out of my room to use the loo and the mom was like “ SO HOW DID UR WRITING GO” cause like, i told her i write and she was like oh thats cool BUT SHE DIDN’T KNOW WHAT so I was like oh, it was good i think im kinda done for now. and then she asked sO WHAT DO YOU WRITE and i was like shit sweating and i was all stammering because some people I told like my RL outside of online friends think its a little weird, so when I kinda told her/explained what I did and she was like OMG THATS SO COOL and she went off on I should do this professionally if i love it so much, and if i have so many people who like it and stuff and maybe the transformers people (hasbro) would want to hire me to write for them someday and i just kinda blue screend like asdf i just like it as a hobby and she was pretty much went all shia lebouf on me JUST DO IT DONT LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS And i just

im kinda glad rn that she was so nice about it but still embaressed like

yes i write a giant transforming robot who likes cats and hates large bodies of water.

aaaaah idk maybe im just being dumb OTL

@new followers

&&. okay on this blog I want to give you new followers some fair warning. As a way of developing my writing of darker themes I did a small prompt to send me your muses fears and I will write what Malzahar would show them in a Malefic Visions. These end up quite gruesome or disturbing and there is death, blood, at one point I had an Ekko tear apart his own leg trying to fight something trying to drown him.

So if you have specific tw tags please like this post or reply to it with them so I may make a tag bundle for when I post more. I want to make sure you are all safe and comfortable on my blog alright. They will always be under a cut and tagged with my system which you can find on my rules page. If you would like one send an ask and it will go into the queue to be done (I have heaps omg)

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Hi aricania,

I don’t usually post msgs w/ users here (I usually choose to post privately) but please pardon me because I felt that I have to for this XP I’m really glad to be receiving such messages, 

First of all i feel really honoured to be able to get you to start watching them!! I’m really glad you started!! Wise choice XDDD 

Secondly, I’m also shipping them so hard!! I’ve never seen such a real wgm couple to be honest. I might not have watched a lot of wgm couples but this pair really gives off a huge difference as compared to the other pairs. Maybe because I started global first then the local so it feels like it’s a jump in level…. 

Heart flutters extremely much more when I look at them, their interactions and all….. Sometimes it can be such simple actions but they make it to be so natural and sweet. The efforts that they put in for each other is even beyond words….. :PPPP 

Shoutout to all the others who have not watched and are thinking of watching, go watch right away~~ HAHA ^^ 

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9:34 and I'm watching u answer all these lol ok

omg @everyone i have like 300 messages in my inbox rn and i can’t answer all of them bc i have post limit and i dont want to spam so if you don’t see your message answered im sorry!!!! but i am reading all of them and enjoying it and thinking about you guys!!!

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buttsmuck mcgee, so charming. hello, jade, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you. B) how are you?

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i am rose strider, i prefer they/them pronouns (if you would), and… well, picking one music artist is difficult. let me think on this.

               omg noo but hello!! im doing good,
               contemplating whether or not i want to wash
               my dogs off or not :/ but yeah i can use those
               pronouns!! its nice to meet you rose!! and
               yeah take all the time you want :)

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My grandpa is in his early seventies and he's a Scorpio with Leo moon and he takes a lot of pride in his hair bc he still has all of it and it's v soft and my nan is always telling him how nice his hair is and they're both pointing out his hair every time someone comes over and it's great because they both love his hair and I'm v happy for them and I want this kind of love. I wanted to share this 😂

THIS IS SO CUTE OMG and honestly stories like this make me so happy because my surviving grandparents are divorced and out of their 4 kids only my aunt is still married because my mom and my other 2 aunts are all divorced so this gives me hope that there’s actually someone out there to be happy and grow old with idk

Girl At gym
  • <p><b><p></b> <b>G:</b> Hi, I'm running a little late today. I went to that Brazilian place you where telling me about and had all the protein.<p/><b>Me:</b> It was awesome right?<p/><b>G:</b> OMG it was so good. I couldn't even wake up this morning because I ate so much.<p/><b>Me:</b> Told ya. I love that place.<p/><b>G:</b> You talk so low but your voice is soothing. How do people hear you lol.<p/><b>Me:</b> Well it makes people focus on my voice. I teach little kids and to them I'm a giant and I don't want to intimidate them.<p/><b>G:</b> *Gets really close...This is better. Now I can hear you.<p/><b>Me:</b> 😯<p/></p><p/></p>

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I always love to look back and remember that in the first trailer, I thought Ryouma was the main antagonist and Marx was the protagonist and that the game would have the same cutscene of helping you up AND LOOKING LIKE HE WAS THRUSTING INTO YOU JFC

I WANTED TO GRAB ONTO MARX’S HAND TOOOOOOOOO OMG let me ride with you hot oniichan~~~~~~~~

but omg I was designing casual clothes for both Brutus and Madora for both Nohr and Hoshido and that means yukata or somesuch in Hoshido…….. which means no underwear.

Since Nohr attacking Hoshido before the choice scene is treated as really sudden in game, I always imagine them to still be in their Hoshido casual clothes at the choice scene (even though realistically to not be a burden on the battlefield they’d have to change).

So I imagine Madora picking Nohr all tearful because she’s leaving her brother, and Marx holding his hand out to her so she can climb up and ride with him….. And she desperately wants to but…….. Instead of grabbing his hand, she motions for him to bend down and he does and she gets on her tippy toes to whisper in his ear that she isn’t wearing any panties and he goes red in the face and Camilla is like what’s wrong? and marx is about to tell her and she’s just like dONT SA Y IT OUT LOUD

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Yes. Preach. Omg. I thought I was the only one left who doesn't want lust but an actual relationship. Its sad how its rare to find people like this anymore. People who will insult you has never been loved or in love for sure. You're not alone!

Ah thank you, I thought I was the only one who was thinking this.
And I guess people just see it as me having a go at them for doing it, which isn’t the case at all.

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harry and louis as mermaids with seashell crowns? i would die of happiness! have a lovely day

OKAY SO THIS IS A THING THAT HAPPEND They were so nice and incredible and I’m Ngl I cried after. I had what I wanted to say all planned out and ready but when I got up there I blanked and just said “omg you’re so tall.” THEY WERE FUCKING GIGANTIC I DONT THINK YOU UNDERSTAND. I gave them my note and drawing( p.s Dan and Phil if you’re reading this which you aren’t but if you are I didn’t sign my note mines the one that says p.s Tasha says hi. Tasha’s tumblr is


) anyway I tried to give Phil my phone (which was actually my moms phone because mine has a huge crack through the screen I’m so clumsy sometimes) and he said he’d drop it and gave it to Dan. I took my picture and almost left without my poster bECAUSE I WAS ABOUT TO CRY I DIDN’T WANT THEM SEEING ME LIKE THAT. But anyway it was amazing and it’s still so surreal to me it all felt like a dream LONG BORING NOTE IM SORRY